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Four-Way Sonoma Comparison – Video

AdrianF1esp has put together a new comparison video, showing off the same track in four simulations as once!

AdrianF1esp has put together a new comparison video, showing off the same track in four simulations as once!

The video takes us around Sonoma Raceway in Project CARS, rFactor 2, iRacing & SimRaceWay.

To provide some context to the comparison, it’s important to know that while iRacing & SimRaceWay offer finished versions of the track, the Project CARS version is still being developed while the rFactor 2 version is modding work made by the community.

  • Me

    What we really need is the tree critic from a few months back to weigh in here…

  • Max Pautov

    Four Way Somona for rFactor2?
    What is the track of this?

    May be it is a straight conversion from RF1?

    • Rhys Gardiner

      The track maker made it for both rF1 and rF2. He decided to release it as-is for rF1 but is continuing work on the track in rF2 I believe.

  • Richard

    Wow Simraceway is wayyyy too green. Almost makes it look like something from English countryside rather than the bland featureless ‘merican desert

    • Ronald McDonald

      Sonoma RaceWay is situated about 1/4 mile from San Pablo Bay..

      Hardly the Desert, my friend.

      Here is Sonoma in March:

    • Alan Dallas

      Someone has obviously never been to Sonoma Raceway. Oh and FYI. SRW is HQ’d at that track so I think they would know what it best looks like.

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    pCARS looks very well. Even in spite of the fact that still it only alpha. Most awful rF2 looks. In it these in general everything is awful, not only graphics.

  • Anonymous

    I really like iRacing’s skies. Project CARS has the whole proper sun/moon positioning no matter what day of the year you choose which is a crazy feature that probably wasn’t needed. Nevertheless, iRacing got mildly cloudy days right…that’s something!

    • Anonymous

      Selectable race time is, oddly enough, probably my second most anticipated feature in iRacing. Right behind tire model updates.

      • Anonymous

        I mean, I understand wanting 24 hour cycle but I’m referring to Project CARS’ 24/365 cycle. It calculates sun and moon position depending on the race date you select. I think most people aren’t paying attention to that kind of stuff. I did follow the threads and I know they got it pretty much bang on so more power to them.

      • Anonymous

        On the other hand, those are really simple calculations. I don’t see any reason for a sim developer not to make the lighting system that powerful. I would actually think failing to do so is pretty lazy.

        Whether anyone notices or not, a track like Sonoma should have lighting that matches California, if the sun was in the north that’s a lazy error.

      • Anonymous

        Laziness? Most would call it focusing on more important things. The community has spoken, though, and SMS followed through and made it happen. I’m a huge fan of the game and have been following it since the beginning. It’s entirely possible that at that time of the development the guys who worked on the sun/moon positioning had nothing else to work on. I understand software/game development cycles. 😉

      • Anonymous

        No, I mean there are pre-developed program libraries that can calculate the position of the sun and moon incredibly accurately for cheap. I’m willing to bet there are less accurate (but plenty good enough for a racing game) bits of code that wouldn’t even cost money.

        IMO, a bad sun position can ruin an otherwise good track. Imagine if the sun didn’t set behind Sunset Bend at Sebring. Similarly, if players are going to simulate endurance racing they’ll likely want sunset and sunrise to coincide with the race on TV. If you’re going to put in any effort to avoid those errors, you might as well do it right, especially since doing it right isn’t that hard.

      • Marco Conti

        Heck, I want the entire solar system in there, just in case I need to know where Venus is during a LeMans race.

      • Francesco Kasta


      • Anonymous

        Venus will be doing a loop around Uranus. LOL

    • Alan Dallas

      I have to disagree, iRacing’s clouds look like they are copy/pasted into the skybox. They don’t move, and no passing of time of day makes it even more blatantly obvious. It’s all about immersion. Their graphics engine is just too outdated to hang with the likes of AC, rF2 and pCARS in terms of lighting and graphics features. Sure it’s fine if all you’re concentrating on is driving, but if you really want an immersive driving experience proper lighting goes a long way to achieving that. All tracks in iRacing now look over exposed, flat and washed out with no real shadow depth. I’d even say Shift2 looks better, at least it has reflective surfaces.

  • Ernie

    While i appreciate the hard work to do that video comparision, it’s a pity that the very different FOV setting of the iRacing and pCARS video makes it very difficult to compare the tracks. The FOV of the pCARS lap is much higher than iRacing.

    • Anonymous

      Yer that sucks. I wonder why they didn’t bother to match it up with the others?

      I don’t get opportunity to try it that often because of proxy issues but does pCars still annoyingly use horizontal FOV instead of vertical? Only that makes it more annoying to calculate for triple screens!

      Still, a 3 screen setup like assetto corsa or iracing is what is really needed anyway.

      I hope that they don’t commit the deadly sin of still using an incorrect (non-human) focal length like they did in shift, to try and make sure the edges don’t have as much rectilinear stretching. That was a bad, bad idea and means it can never look real!

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Pcars looks worst, not the graphics, but the fact that it feels like driving on a pooltable.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Adrian has succeeded in making useless comparisons more useless. What can I make up from a FOV and camera position like that?

  • John G. Hill

    They’re all amazing. Just imagine if 3 of the companies disappeared overnight, and we were stuck with just one, we’d be fine. However, as much as the visuals matched up well, we have no idea from watching these, to determine which has the best physics. I’m an iRacer, done a little pCARS and both rFactors, but I’d have to have them lined up in a row to see which one was best.

    • Anonymous

      Hate to quibble with you, but we would definitely NOT be fine if all we were left with was SRW, unless you mean it was down to SRW and AC in which case we would be alright as long as you don’t want to race US tracks 😉

      • Anonymous

        Well I am sure the 4th sim in this video would have been AC if the material was available. Still being a Sim Junkie and if the r the p and the i went away and I was stuck with the s I would still make the best of it like the most of us would do.