Four Eras of Imola Coming To Automobilista

Following the successful release of the Brit Pack DLC for Automobilista, Reiza Studios have announced the next content additions to their title.

Aside from another version update for the simulation that is due in mid-November, the studio is also working on two new paid DLC packs.

One will be called Legendary Tracks Part 1, introducing no less than four decades of Imola as Automobilista players can look forward to racing the iconic Formula One venue in 1972, 1988, 2001 & 2016.

Another planned DLC pack concerns are vehicle addition as the trucks known from Reiza’s Formula Truck title are due to join Automobilista as well, both packs will sell for $5.99 with the trucks being free for owners of Formula Truck on Steam.

  • pez2k

    Good to see the trucks being officially integrated, just needing one install for everything Reiza is a plus.

    • Paul Menard

      the menues seem to lag for me in rfactor based games with more content?

  • Jovica Ilic

    Another great move by Reiza

    • Kev

      Well put. These guys are making all the right moves. I think people underestimate how many decisions go into such a complex endeavor for such a diverse community. Reiza are simply masters at this.

      • Jovica Ilic


  • Mario Strada

    that’s great news about the Trucks. I love racing those, but I don;t love having to maintain a specialized game just for the trucks. It made sense once upon a time, but not today. Not anymore when Automobilista has transcended its Brazilian stock car origin.

  • 2tyred

    Wow cool the best layout of Imola! 60s would have been cooler atmosphere and run-off wise, but the layout is still the same 🙂 Less trees and haybales though and with more run-off by 72 and armco everywhere.

    I asked for this ages ago in AC considering they scanned the modern version it seemed stupid not to do historical ones but they don’t seem overly interested in old content sadly.

    It’s nice to see someone finally doing it! The original Imola has such a great flow to it!


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