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Forza Motorsport 5 – Nürburgring Released

Turn 10 has released a free track addon for Forza Motorsport 5 as the Nürburgring is now available in the Xbox One racer.

Turn 10 has released a free track addon for Forza Motorsport 5 as the Nürburgring is now available in the Xbox One racer.

The track is released as a free content update including both the Grand Prix track and the Nürburgring Nordschleife, as well as the combined version used during the Nürburgring 24 Hour race.

According to Turn 10, 30 artists have worked for  13,000 man hours to create this track, using laser-scan data for what the studio calls “millimeter accuracy”.

  • Ricoo

    Impressive nice track for free. 🙂

  • Grant Robinson

    The ‘Green hell’ has been a main stay of the Forza series and its fantastic to see this included now in Forza 5. An amazing amount of work has gone into this and it shows. Quality.

  • Birddogg66

    13000 hours? Wow!!! I guess Targa Florio is out of the question then!

    • Mario Strada

      Or the Mille Miglia.

      Actually, I just learned that back in the day the Targa Florio was raced on the short configuration. The long configuration went all around Sicily. Laser scan that!

  • Mar Mar

    A reason to pick up Xbox one. I need a break from sim racing.

  • Alan Dallas

    Too bad they still have messed up Static Lighting.

    • rauf00

      Indeed, whole fun ab. Ring is that the track is changing during day/night cycle. Keeping it static with painted shadows and sun burning like some supernova is a shame. However Forza need it, lot of people were waiting so it’s more than positive.

  • Martin Keets

    The layout is wrong.

    • Alan Dallas

      I don’t think it is. Turn-10 ‘Claims’ they bought a laser scan of it. The track surface textures look weird though in the video. Looks all cracked and crinkly like the asphalt is peeling up.

      • Martin Keets

        I meant the layout.. The Endurance layout should cut out turns 2 and 3 of the GP track and use the other “shallower” NGK Chicane. The layout in Forza 5 isn’t used in real life as far as I know.

      • Alan Dallas

        Aaaaah, I didn’t even notice that in the game play video I watched. You are correct. The 24hrs of Nurburg doesn’t use the GP turns 2, 3, or 4. Just the NGK chicane. Nice catch! 🙂

  • Christopher Trees

    Also in the nurburgring update is the. 1989 Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO, 1967 Brabham BT24, 2013 Formula Ford EcoBoost 200, 1956 Lotus Eleven and the 1939 Maserati 8CTF

  • RacinGameShow

    Lap at Full Endurance Layout:

    • MrMaki

      13.000 hours of so called “millimeter accuracy” and they get the NGK-chicane wrong….
      On endurance layout it is driven by the fast pass :-]

      • chris

        omg yes i cant believe it. Turn10 always finds a way to mess things up. This is a no-go for me.
        Now I know that I was sceptical for a reason! I knew it!
        How did this get through quality assurance? Among all those “car lovers, tuners, drifters and painters” at Turn10 isnt there one lonely soul that has some motorsport knowledge? Its a pitty that there is a “but” following every news coming from that game, because its still missing the needed GT3 field isnt it?
        Looks nice btw but the NGK chicane rips it apart for me. Anyway I turned my back towards Turn10 products after FM4. Too bad for you xbone racers. It will be an easy game for pcars when it arrives..

      • MrMaki

        Haha, coming to think about it: The Mercedes-Arena in this layout is wrong too. There are basicly two endurance layouts at the time:
        – VLN Layout with Mercedes Arena but shortcut at the Conti-Spange
        – 24h Layout all the way around including Ford and Dunlup curve, but WITHOUT the Mercedes Arena, going the old Castrol S insteed.

        …however, both layouts take the NGK chicane through the motorcycle way.

        Well, maybe they’ll fix this. But I wonder if none of the 30 devs ever watched a onboard round of a VLN/24 race O_o

      • Pablo Coronel

        wow you guys know so much about the track, generally i just take the car and race, in rf2

      • chris

        For me its the lack of love for the detail which will never make me take TURN10 serious again. Many can try, few will succeed.

      • Pablo Coronel

        you can love what you do but having a big enterprise who talk about millions, in copys, you must do it just well and professional, the guy who model in Maya doenst must know about the NGK chicane, he must know about model and do a proper mesh to work optimal with the game engine, thats love for the work

      • chris

        I agree, modeling and programming is one side of the medal. Nailing authenticity is the other.

        In FM4 they added a Camping area with hundrets of tents and caravans just before Schwedenkreuz.
        Let me tell you there is literally not a single tent, I have been there. I cant understand this philosophy. Maybe add immersion? Personally this is what kills immersion for me.

        And I cant say it any better than MrMaki in his “putting cones wrong” reply so I leave it as it is 🙂
        I feel like im going in circles

      • Dani .

        That’s because they put cones wrong?

      • MrMaki

        Exactly! A superb example of what is wrong about the whole game industry these days.

        The got the manpower for 13.000h on a single track.

        The got the money for 13.000h on a single track.

        The got the data from laserscans to make it perfect.

        Yet the lack the love and passion to do so.

        Leading to stupid mistakes that could have been avoided, by simply watching a single lap of one of hundreds of videos available on youtube…

        “Putting cones wrong” just shows that 30 developers were not really interested in what they were doing.

    • Justin Schmidt

      i cant overlook the complete useless simulation of the r8 in forza 5. real cars max torque is at around 5700rpm and peak hp at 6300rpm.

    • Chris Wright

      Looks good, sounds like a weed wacker on steroids.

  • RichardHessels

    a.w.e.s.o.m.e !!! makes almost want to buy a console….

  • EZehnder

    So, Turn 10 beats Kunos to the punch. I’m sure it’ll be “worth more” to Assetto Corsa drivers with a better physics and tire model but I was surprised to learn that Forza actually got a laser-scanned version first.

    • Birddogg66

      No way for me to comment since I don’t figure to own Forza it being an exclusive to Xbox.

      • Nicolas Grignon

        imagine this game on PC…. instant win, I just don’t get MS!

      • Birddogg66

        Ya go figure. Some times I wonder if Software geeks have the best business sense?

    • Al P.

      If only Kunos has 30 people to work on a track, they would be done a year or two ago with nurburgring.

      • Nicolas Grignon

        kunos track are maybe laser scanned but unfortunately they are not next gen graphic wise…this Nordshleiffe made in Forza is AMAZING!

      • EZehnder

        I do care about graphics as I feel it’s essential to immersion. In this case (Forza vs. Assetto Corsa), the graphical fidelity of Forza doesn’t make up for the difference in physics. Much closer than Forza vs. rFactor 2, though, where the graphical fidelity is so bad in rFactor that all immersion for me is broken.

  • Dani .

    2 Months of 30 people full work.

    • RKipker

      Really not that bad since they dropped the ball on the initial realease with respect to tracks IMHO… this make 3 free tracks and I’m still not buying the XBone

      I really enjoyed FM4 too…. but no real wheel and I’ve invested $$$$ into the FM4 Fanatec wheel… which is now as “unless as rubber lips on a woodpecker” for FM5

      • Ghoults

        I don’t think they dropped the ball with the release with respect to tracks. They just chose to put only “next gen” tracks into the game. That meant more quality but less quantity. I said it back then and I say it now again I think that pushing for maximum quality and not dragging along those old outdated cars and tracks was a good idea but in practise and in regards to tracks they just ended with too small track selection. Which was probably bigger negative than the quality of the tracks is a positive.

  • Roger Wallentin

    Cool! This is really a must have for Forza!

    If it’s laser scanned this must be a HUGE improvement over the previous FM4 version which was significantly off from reality!

    This is also the first laser scanned version of the Nordschleife, cudos to T10 for that! I have high hopes for Kunos version though! 🙂

  • chris

    “PR Muppet Greenawalt” well said
    I remember when he said FM2 makes you a better real life driver
    Biggest muppet out there 😀

    • Christopher Trees

      I remember in an interview last year that he also said that they weren’t holding back cars from previous forzas to sell back to us as DLC. And that every car was built from the scratch… Maybe for the FORZAVISTA mode but I can assure you that the C6R corvette in game model is still the same as forza 4. The ford gt40 is missing its windscreen wiper in race, naca ducts missing off race car windows in game, the coyote indy car missing front brake rotors in cockpit view. Yep… Quality right there

  • Chris Wright

    You have to say it looks pretty good. We’ll gloss over the audio aspect, however 🙂 But I’m still so over buying consoles, as they’re always a dead end in terms of power and graphic upgrades. You can’t beat a PC in those areas and there’s a much better chance of a PC title avoiding the sort of arcade cheesiness that plagues console games.

    • Christopher Trees

      It’s forza, not gran tourismo. Their sound may not be perfect but bit gives any pc title a run for its money in the sound department. Physics and graphics I can agree with you upon though.

  • Kevin