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Formula Truck – Release Date Revealed

Reiza Studios has launched the website of their upcoming Formula Truck simulation, opening pre-orders of the upcoming title.

Reiza Studios has launched the website of their upcoming Formula Truck simulation, opening pre-orders of the upcoming title.

Players can now pre-order the simulation, saving 10% on the retail price of $24,90.

The title is said to be available starting late January and will include all trucks that competed in the 2012 Formula Truck Series season, racing on ten different tracks.

The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features 1200hp racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.


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  • PetrolheadDen

    Right on guys!! Best of luck!!

  • Anonymous

    pre-ordered 🙂

    • Andrew Tiltman


  • Big Ron

    My second Reiza-sim for sure. That will be sick.

  • kr1nz

    It will be for sure a fun sim. I’ll probably buy it, for playing while AC doens’t come out.

  • yorch sinclair

    I’m a big Reiza fan, but it seems a litle expensive although I’m sure it worths the price. I think that 7 of the 10 tracks are already in GSC.

    • Anonymous

      20€ is hardly expensive, mate…
      It’s the price of 2 cars in iRacing, if you want another perspective 😉

      • yorch sinclair

        That’s the mainly reason why i don’t run in Iracing (although i think it’s an awesome sim), but 20€ today can be a “respectable” price for the people who has to measure every expense.

        I wish that they had included a discount for the persons who already have GSC, since we own 7 of the 10 tracks included.

        Only my opinion, i know that i will finish buying it sooner or later.

      • SlowOnlinePilot

        I bought one license of FT! 🙂

        I am so sorry that you are not financially solvent to enjoy these racing games. 🙁

        However, you can play the basic membership of iRacing for 75-cents/month! iRacing pays you to race and you can earn $40 in credits each year and then wait for the $49 dollar member renewal offers. That means you only have to pay $9 out of pocket for one year of iRacing. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I understand, thanks for taking the time to explain your point of vue. Indeed, these are tough times and it won’t get any better…

      • SlowOnlinePilot

        My post as a point of view. It is simply the facts being laid out to show that not being able to afford to play iRacing is a myth. 🙂 iRacing would do well to explain it’s service better! LOL

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Then why do I have around a thousand dollars spent there?

      • SlowOnlinePilot

        Your comment makes no sense in the context of who and what we are discussing iRacing… 🙂 LOL

        happy new year! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cool rFactor mod.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      rFactor2 is also a cool rFactor mod. 😉

  • Sigmatc

    No paypal payment option ?

    • Jim. C

      Just pre-order myself using PayPal.

  • Manuel Staggl

    Pre-ordered =)

    • Anonymous


  • Krzysztof Urban

    Already pre-ordered! 🙂

  • Sigmatc

    Pre-ordered my first simracing game 🙂

  • Anonymous

    We’re we not supposed to receive this by yesterday? Delay?