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Formula Truck – Diesel Smoke Preview

A new preview shows a newly-added feature to Reiza Studios’ Formula Truck title.

Back in August, Reiza Studios announced that their Formula Truck Racing title would be the next in line to receive a big update, bringing the truck simulation to the same state as the consistently-updated Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Now, a first preview has been released, showing off a new feature that will be unique to the truck racing sim as Reiza Studios have added yet another feature to the trusted gMotor 2 engine: Diesel smoke!

  • David Wright

    Exhaust smoke definitely added to the immersion factor in GT Legends – I’m sure this will do the same in Formula Truck.

  • Matthew Arnold

    I’ve not bought Formula Truck yet. Something about it doesn’t appeal to me.

    It kind of feels like its a vehicle they could have added to GSCEx, not a whole separate release. I understand its a completely separate license deal and all that jazz though.

    Ill probably get it anyway as I like the thought of Reiza getting as much funding as possible as they keep making these sims better.

    • Mario Strada

      I don’t play F-truck as much as I do GSC, but it is definitely worth purchasing.. If nothing else to give Reiza some funding. There are companies like Codemaster that seem unable to fulfill their promises and especially this year should be sentenced to community service for selling an old title at full price.

      Plus, these beasts are fun to drive. I somewhat liked the first version as far as driving experience. In fact, I have both installed and I pick one or the other depending on how I feel.

      You have to have a manual shifter though. You cannot drive these beasts with paddles (I mean, you can, but it’s not the same thing). But if you like drifting vehicles the size of your house, this is your game.

      • The Dark

        i agree. f-truck is awesome!

      • RKipker

        You know what I agree, I really liked the first version. Though the current version is very good overall, I really thought the trucks were best in version one

      • William Mazeo

        ” if you like drifting vehicles the size of your house” rofl xD

    • RKipker

      I agree with Mario, support Rieza, they deserve it!

    • vcorp

      I got it and it’s amazing. Play oniline with friends and you can’t stop 😉

    • Steve Shears

      Its great. They deserve support. Who knows..maybe they’ll port to Rf2.


      Honestly I feel the same. I have Formula Truck and think it’s one of the most enjoyable sims on the market but this “Split product” causes itself to fall by the wayside.

      I went on it the other day after seeing this news and wanted to practice online, only to find 3 servers and 1 of them was locked. Everything about it is fantastic but online activity is at an all time low.

      Thing is Reiza Don’t even have a dedicated forum to promote leagues you have to go to RD and it’s so dam restrictive. Talk about kicking yourself in the balls 🙁

  • Mario Strada

    As much as I despise the “Rolling Coal” guys in the real world, I am going to enjoy this feature in the game. I think they should make it adjustable and somewhat randomized as not every truck is going to have the same exact smoke pattern.

  • Paul Menard

    ftruck is great 🙂

  • StarFoxySxv550

    I wonder what rift would be like in this.


    Please with Heat Blur and for 2012 and 2013 Release, too