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Formula Truck by Reiza Studios – Release Date Update

Reiza Studios have released a little update on the release date of their Formula Truck simulation.

Three weeks ago, Reiza Studios formally announced their Formula Truck title we`ve been seen plenty of previews during the past few years.

Even though no release date was given, the studio was confident to release the title “soon”. Now, Reiza has released a little update on the release date as some licensing details are still to be ironed out before the title can hit the shelves:

To all our friends anxiously waiting for our Fórmula Truck Simulator, we inform that the reason we dont have a set release date yet is due to the fact our partnership with Fórmula Truck does not cover authorization for all the manufacturers, drivers and sponsors which take part in the series. We´re working on gathering all these authorizations but this is a time-consuming process which doesn´t depend solely on us. We´re doing all we can so the wait is the least possible!

The procedure mentioned is normal as, contrary to popular belief, a series license does not include all manufacturers and drivers competing in the series, an issue that has often stood in the way of completely licensing a series featuring hard to license manufacturers such as Porsche or Ferrari.

The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features 1000hp racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.

  • Sam Smith

    Cant wait for this!
    Its going to be brilliant!

  • PetrolheadDen

    Good news guys!! Keep up the good work and best of luck on the licensing!!

  • Jim. C

    I’m happy to wait a bit longer, but not too long!

    Looking forward to this. Something a little different.

  • Professional Operator

    Who care about licencing. Even if they get full license grid I don’t know any of these brazilian truck teams, they are not that famous to be honest.

    Too much effort for a license only their compatriots could eventually care about.

    Fictional truck series would be easier