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Formula Truck by Reiza Studios – First Preview Video

Formula Truck by Reiza Studios – First Preview Video

A month ago, Reiza Studios released a first preview showing a Formula Truck Series truck at Interlagos, Now, the studio has released a first preview video of what seems to be their first full-blown simulation title.

The video shows the 1000hp trucks in action on various tracks, more info on the upcoming title is not yet available. The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.

Reiza’s title will fill a big void in the simulation world as the last approach at virtual truck racing, Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing by Synetic, was released some ten years ago.

Based in Brasil and founded by Renato Simioni and Fernando Oliveira Jr., Reiza Studios have managed to recruit some of the rFactor community’s most talented modders, including The Lonely, SLN, afborro and Niels_at_home.

  • Gulyo


  • shum94

    I’d like to see a real footage of a truck who does that much 360° & doin 360 that fast.

    Graphics looks sharp.

  • Aaron Carlisle

    With you saying that, that leads me to believe that you can create something above their standards of quality, correct?

  • Carbonfibre

    My reaction: whoa, wow… WOW!
    Props to the video editor on this as well. I’m a sucker for the purist look, excellent motion. Feels like premium quality all over Reiza.

  • RoNo

    well im not big fan of the trucks but..those monsters looks good and well made in the video…Jacarepagua track seems to be texture updated too..lookin forward this project

  • BSR-WiX

    i am not realy a truck fan , but i love the solid look. i am sure this will turn in to a great project.

  • Pyronick

    This game ought to be released internationally, on Steam or something. And with English localization.

  • Simosimosimo

    these guys need to work on a F1 project! F1 is the most popular motorsport, this way these guys will become more famous! GOGOGO

  • jimmy

    So this will be like Superleague Formula? A stand-alone title based on gMotor?

  • jimmy

    Graphics are just the best you can beat out of obsolete gMotor2 engine IMHO.

  • KastaRules

    I can’t wait for this one!

  • Gulyo

    No, I can’t … but this is my opinion

  • Floptickle

    About something you’ve never tried. Good riddance.

  • SergeantBoner

    No not Steam!! wtf is wrong with you?

  • felipe

    @Gulio – your mouth is the crap here! 

  • Philip Oakley

    Lookin’ good!

  • felipe

    this is a great series backed by all major manufactures and very safe as you can see with this accident this year

  • Philip Oakley
  • Uff

    I wonder what the “Flag” option is here for: Montoya should have banned a couple of people a long time ago, as they’re really not needed in this blog.

  • Uff

    He may reply the same: Steam is a great platform and works great.

  • felipe

    That´s not a hint. Thats F-3 Sul Americana a brazilian and south american open wheel championship for up and coming talents! 

    Yann Cunha´s car

  • F1Racer

    but could they afford the licence ?  

  • GeraArg

    The truck of Gastón Mazzacane  must have a logo that says “be careful, noob inside”  😛

    Galera, espero que seja um sucesso este jogo.  😉

  • Ivan Akamatsu

    HUauhuahauhuahu boa!

    Mazzacane fala sério ein!

  • Ivan Akamatsu

    What they do need to develop is a mod based on 1000 milhas de Interlagos!

  • Simosimosimo

    no i mean a mod for rfactor! like fsone, rft, etc! those guys don’t need a licence!

  • anon

    I would suspect that is because those other modding groups are not selling their mods, so there would be no monetary incentive to go after them.
    However, if Reiza Studios want to operate a commercial business, I suspect that Formula One Management might start to take an active interest if they tried to develop a Formula 1 mod, even if it was for free, if they didn’t have a licence.
    Bear in mind that Codemasters might also object – the Formula 1 licence will not have been cheap, and they might not appreciate it if someone else tries to move into the same market.

  • F1Racer

    mods don’t bring the money in.

  • jimmy

    I think CTDP is eligible enough to do the job.

  • F1fan

    I dunno why F12010 doesnt look like this game, awesome job guys! looking forward

  • Fabio Pittol

    Acctualy that is a reference to a truck show that happens every pre-race as you can see here:

    However you can see is not the race model and so an “stock” one. That’s why the lighter race truck seems to make donnuts so fast.