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Formula Truck 2013 – Now Available

Reiza Studios have released the brand new 2013 version of their Formula Truck title.

Reiza Studios have released the brand new 2013 version of their Formula Truck title.

Despite coming with plenty of fresh content and features and being a completely separate title, the new version is free for everyone who bought the initial Formula Truck title!


2013 trucks & New Tracks

As the name suggests, Formula Truck 2013 simulates the 2013 season with the new trucks, some of which have been extensively modified relative to their 2012 counterparts.

2013 also adds two new extra-calendar tracks – Campo Grande and Santa Cruz do Sul. More is to come.

Extensive graphical revamp

Advanced, in-depth shader development, new & improved models and textures, various adittional trackside objects and details all add up to provide a much more vibrant and lively environment to Formula Truck 2013.

No stone unturned

Every front has received some level of attention to smooth any remaining rough edges from the original Formula Truck.

Physics have been adjusted to latest 2013 specs and data, with wear&tear of engines, tires and brakes also fine-tuned for more realistic behavior.

AI has also been adjusted so the AI trucks behave better and more consistently, adopting more reasonable strategies – no more pitstops in full distance races with normal tire and fuel multipliers,

Audio is now more balanced and new environmental sounds have been added – park trackside or cycle through the revised TV cams and hear the “buzz” from a Formula Truck race – from the announcer on the loudspeakers, to the birds twirping from a distance.

Extra detailed track surface, terrain and special effects

A lot of work has been done to enhance road surface and terrain details, in general and specifically to each track – bumps, grip levels, grass, curbs – everywhere you can put a wheel in has a greater depth of detail – and depending where and how you put it, the smoke / dust clouds can be massive!

Another new feature is a (non-dynamic) racing line – step offline, and feel the loss of grip through the FFB as you kick up a cloud of offline dirt – careful not to outbrake yourself there!

System Requirements

Minimum Configuration:

  • 1.4 Ghz Processor
  • Windows XP or superior
  • 1GB RAM
  • Directx 9.0c compatible video card with 128MB Video RAM
  • 4 GB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection for online activation

Recommended configuration:

  • 2.8 Ghz Processor
  • Windows XP or superior
  • 3GB RAM
  • Directx 9.0c compatible video card with 512MB Video RAM
  • 4 GB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection for online activation

Formula Truck sells for $24.90, more info can be found on the Formula Truck website.

  • Mario Strada

    Awesome. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with 2012 but this is indeed better. Also, the trucks are drivable off the lot and do not require weird rear ARB settings to turn.

  • Jardier

    Well I paid for it, got all successfull but still waiting for email with key and everything…. hmmm 🙁

    • Guilherme Cramer

      Have you checked your junk mail folder?

      • Jardier

        Yes, nothing there. I am gonna write to the tech support….

  • Anonymous

    Reiza my Antivirus does not like your .exe files and actually blocks them when extracting the install package. This is common with all your game releases as concerns to how Symantec antivirus products handle these. Is there any way you can contact this company and offer the files to be analyzed and safe listed? Because they tag them as suspicious as most likely not enough history for them.

    • Brock Samson

      Honestly, I would say you’re better off just not using Norton as it’s not really very good at its job as it is. Off topic I know, just thought I would offer a bit of friendly advice

      • Anonymous

        I’m happy with it. The game is installed even with the little bit of painfulness but AFAIK there are other AV programs that act the same with these files and possibly license their virus data base support from Symantec.

      • Realkman666

        Which is why they are a problem.

      • Anonymous

        Having these types of problems with my Norton product are very rare so I do not see it as a Symantec problem I see it as a Reiza problem. Let us remember they are charging money for their game titles and compliance to AV guidelines is a support issue. A problem that is possibly easy to remedy on their end. While I know what to do to work around the issue others may not and those who do not their first impression cannot be good and just creates a lot of support tickets from upset people. I would think doing something about this issue would be a no brainer on Reiza’s part because the satisfaction level of their titles is very high once installed and running on users PC’s.

      • Realkman666

        The problem is the scammers who sell shoddy and useless anti-virus programs, not Reiza.

      • Anonymous

        Well I may tend to buy into the strong muscle behavior by big companies like Symantec or Microsoft and such that try to force a channel leading directly through them as in concerns to the smaller software development companies trying to force digital signatures or charging to analyze software to be safe listed and these companies are expected to play ball or get blocked. Yes it’s wrong but the fact that my AV administers the actions it does suggest the program itself is doing it’s job. The problem lays in the AV data base and what has been safe listed and what has not.
        My AV program is in no way shoddy or useless. I cannot blame Reiza for not wanting to bend over for these companies but they and their customers pay the consequences with these annoying false positives.

      • Realkman666

        The antivirus programs create false positives and do not look at all for the more modern and more prevalent threats to PCs that exist today. It’s a bit weird that they still matter at all to people even today, especially the heavier and more bloated and expensive ones out there. They seem to create lots of problems and not helping very often.

      • Anonymous

        I agree and the biggest worry for me is threats passing themselves off as legitimate.

      • The Dark

        i’m happy with my norton too. norton used to be pretty bad not so long ago but since 2009 i think they did a complete rewrite of the software. norton today is one of the better av programs you can buy and just because it picked up a problem with an file of reiza doesnt make it crap.

        i prefer my av to be cautious rather than ignorant.
        i had the same problem with you with the reiza execatable but it is not hard job to tell norton to restore the file and ignore it in the future. i think you can even submit the file yourself for symantec to analyse and possibly add to the safe file list.
        norton, bitdefender and kaspersky are the top dogs now imo.

    • Big Ron

      Just ignore the alert or set the game to the ignore-list. My antivirus (Antivir) didn´t like it, too.

      • Anonymous

        I still think Reiza can do something to get their files safe listed Problem solved.

  • Ozan Ülkügil

    Game Stock Car 19.90$

    Formula Truck 24.90$


    a little expensive because rFactor-based …

    • David Wright

      Half price seems a fair discount for an ageing engine to me.

    • Anonymous

      No not expensive and very well worth the money. If you really care about your hobby the price Reiza is charging is in no way an issue.

      • The Dark

        you got that right!

  • Sigmatc

    Very good update from Reiza. The trucks look and drive really well

  • Anonymous

    These Guy’s are simply Fantastic….! THANK YOU Reiza