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Formula Reiza for Game Stock Car – Released

Following the Formula Classic, Reiza Studios have released the next content addition for their Game Stock Car title, adding a state of the art Formula car to the simulation.

Following the Formula Classic, Reiza Studios have released the next content addition for their Game Stock Car title, adding a state of the art Formula car to the simulation.

Despite coming with a fictional paint scheme, the car closely resembles a modern Formula One car as the studio got some help from a Formula One insider.

Below is a video made by hybridtheory1985, showing the car in action at Vanport. Aside from the car itself, Reiza also offers painting template and a detailed technical manual for download, giving every interested sim racer to tweak maximum performance out of this spectacular race car.

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INSTALLATION: Just point to your GSC install folder and go. The Formula Reiza will be available from the bottom left of the main menu, from where you can cycle from series to series (make sure you have Update v1.70 installed).

DESCRIPTION: The car is based on a super hi-tech modern F1 car. Feel their impressive grip and how amazingly they adhere to the track.. Until they dont anymore!

We´ve heard from someone who should know that this is “the closest experience to the real thing outside the top teams´ professional simulators.” Now it´s your turn to check out for yourself!

Special thanks to extra official GSC-credits to Koen Calleyl who modelled the car, and our man Domagoj Lovric who helped develop the sounds into their final state.


[boxdownload]Download Formula Classic for Game Stock Car Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Formula Classic for Game Stock Car Template Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Formula Classic for Game Stock Car Technical Manual Here[/boxdownload]
  • Eduardo Pimentel

    I’m Brazilian and love the fact that Reiza Studios is bringing such extraordinary content and quality to a very outdated engine… However, after becoming a full-time iRacing fanatic, and seeing the promise that C.A.R.S. has in its future… Somehow this is just not enough…

  • Anonymous

    What has your post to do with GSC? Pointless comment Eduardo!

    • Mike Oppenheimer

      What has your post to do with GSC? Pointless post SBKRacer!

      Oh crap, now I’ve done it as well.

  • johnsinclair

    Great addon. It’s awesome driving this car.

    I think too that, maybe, GSC came in a “wrong” time, actually few people will pay for a gmotor2 game, although it have such wonderful content. I don’t regret at all buying it, i thin it’s fantastic and it’s the sim that i liked most…in the day of today. But I don’t think it’s a good idea not buying it “because Rfactor 2 it’s coming”. 

    Yeah, Rfactor 2 it’s coming since a looooooot time ago…and CARS, well, i buyed Junior License and i think it’s promising, but is that, a promise, a unborn child who we will see grow, maybe will be cute, maybe ugly…GTR3 it’s the game that i expected most but, almost 2 years without knowing a litle thing…

    I say, kick your butt and enjoy GSC, it’s the best sim game today.

  • Alistair Heeley

    I’m just waiting for this to download now, is it gonna be possible to race other cars straight away or do I have to wait for someone to paint them up like with Formula Classic?

  • Alistair Heeley

    5 skins, sweet!

  • Nathan Robinson

    Downloaded this yesterday and it is awesome. I had no issues supporting these guys with buying their sim. It cost the price of two iracing tracks so it isnt that bad and they have taken rfactor and made it a real polished sim. The tracks alone were worth the money as they look amazing and have lots of highly detailed trackside objects. I really love the tree thats right near the hairpin at curitiba lol. As for the formula reiza, it is basically an F1 car and I spent a couple hours with it last night ripping around interlagos. Thank you Reiza for another great piece of content. I paid you once and you just keep giving 🙂

    • Claudio Zini

      I live in Curitiba and you said this tree which is near the hairpin is a symbol of the region (it is a pine tree – Araucaria). And it is there exactly as you see in the simulator. The Reiza guys are doing a great job, absolutely fantastic.

      • Laurent Cortier

        And they really captured the brazilian atmosphere. If you know Brazil, it really feels like you’re racing in the tropical heat. I only know Interlagos IRL but on my next trip, I’ll visit the Floripa and Curitiba tracks for sure 😉

  • Anonymous

    More free stuff !  🙂  
    This car is brilliant, it’s great blasting around Interlagos.

    Just curious about the downshift speed.  It’s not as quick as what I’m used to compared to other mods.   Changing down in the braking zones from 7th to 2nd can’t be done that quickly.  
    Is that accurate cos I thought F1’s are real quick.

    • Anonymous

      I found it faster then other F1 cars i drive. Haha weird stuff. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        That IS weird.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Amazing car. Beats the best rfactor F1 mods by far.

  • Ricoo

    This car handling is stunning. Amazing work Reiza. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 🙂

    For those who say that GSC is not worth it because based on gmotor2, it is just a terrible mistake. GSC graphics are more than enough with very good textures and objects. Really nothing more is needed for having huge fun.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, this sim is well worth the money.  The new F-Reiza car is pure icing on the cake.

  • mo raj

    can anyone describe what the grip/handling is like at low speed? And also low speed over a kerb?
    this is where rfactor is just terrible, you can spin the cars round at 30mph. In rfactor the physics don’t allow for hardly any slip at the rear at low speed, and you can’t plant your foot down and control the oversteer with the steering like you can in real life.
    how does gamestockcar handle this?

    • Ricoo

      I am not sure about what you want to know, but for me it behaves very well whatever the speed and you can ride kerbs. But to be honest with this car you are almost never under 50-60 mph.