Formula Armaroli for rFactor – Released

Four months after officially opening for business, Reiza Studios are giving everybody a sample of their talent by releasing the free Formula Armaroli car for rFactor.

Made in co-operation with Armaroli Simulators, the Formula Armaroli car is a fictional open-wheel race car modelled after 80s Formula One machinery. The car weighs 540 kilos and is powered by a 650hp turbo engine, bringing some of the best action in Grand Prix history to the simulation.

The car comes with RealFeel-compatible physics and several upgrade options, including the choice of either analog or digital cockpit gauges and three different shifting options.

Based in Brasil and founded by Renato Simioni and Fernando Oliveira Jr., Reiza Studios have managed to recruit some of the rFactor community’s most talented modders, including The Lonely, SLN, afborro and Niels_at_home.

Download Formula Armaroli for rFactor Mirror 1 Here

Download Formula Armaroli for rFactor Mirror 2 Here

  • f0xx

    Brilliant work!


  • logos

    What a wonderful mod this is! Great physics, great “realfeel” FFB, very good looks!

    The feeling of the downforce in the fast bends is just awesome. And to add to this the brilliant tyre and suspension physics – “trademark” of Niels. :happy:

    IMO, this is the best reproduction of a pre-modern open wheel car in rFactor!

    Great work guys! Can’t wait for your first commercial title. :happy:

  • logos

    GonZo: … Do you happen to know if the Fanatech Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheel is any better in this area?

    I think the Fanatec GT3RS wheel is better suited for “RealFeel”, since its FFB is 1.5x ~ 2x times stronger than G25 (by my subjective feelings), with similar control panel settings (100% FFB strength).

    Basically, this allows for much higher absolute values of MaxForceAtSteeringRack, which leads to a more detailed FFB.
    In example, I’m using for this mod MaxForceAtSteeringRack=-3500 with the GT3RS wheel. And could go even higher to -4000 or more (in absolute value).

  • Vettel

    amazing job, a youtube video willbe grat

  • smokey

    Great. The tire physics in this mod have ruined every other mod I have. :cool:

    In other words, this blows them away, hands down.


  • NitroStar

    I installed a bunch of Armaroli skins from NoGrip and I went to Barber and game “blips” every so often when lapping with AI cars. Causes cars to blip to the left about a foot and I spin out. Gonna uninstall skins and retry. Will give update in a bit.

  • NitroStar

    UPDATE: I uninstalled skins and went to Birmingham and Mid Ohio. If you race along side the AI cars, when you are going thru some of the turns, the cars jerk to the left. Not turns left but the whole car darts to the left. Seems to happen when I am in the second lane from inside and an AI car is on the inside. I can see cars ahead of me jerking also tho. Not sure if it does it going thru a left turn or not. Can anybody else replicate this? This is installed in a “clean rFactor” install.

  • crash

    Niels_at_home: Its partly a personal preference, but with max force at -1500, the forces are clipping in anything faster than a hairpin turn, i.e. your wheel simply won’t be able to make fast bends feel ‘tougher’ than a hairpin. You’re missing quite some info, probably in an attempt to ‘firm it up’. Sadly our wheels are just far too weak for proper single seater FFB. :)Smoothing adds sort of a lag to the FFB which could affect things, plus the harshness of the -1500 can be masked a bit by smoothness and damping.Use whatever you want though, it seems FFB is the favourite ‘play’ area for people and mods. I always have smoothing at 0, damping at 11500, and the only number I change is the max force, which I set to whatever number the telemetry shows me in a fast bend (about -3000 in this car). Anything thats then wrong with it is because of the relatively wimpy G25 :)

    I know this is going off topic a bit, but this idea sounds clever and intrigues me, Niels when you say “whatever number telemetry shows me in a fast bend” what number are you refering to – the tyre load? if realfeel uses steering rack forces, do you add the load from both front tyres or anything?

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