Formula 5000 – Alpha Demo Released

The Vermin Design Team has released a first demo of their Formula 5000 mod for rFactor. The demo includes one car in three different variants and is very much alpha.

The Formula 5000 was designed as a low-cost series for various cars not fitting into any particular formula. Manufacturers included notable names such as McLaren, Lola and Lotus, the cars were powered by engines up to five litre capacity (hence the name).

If you tested it, please make sure to leave the team some feedback in this RSC topic as the reason for the release is to get as much community feedback as possible.

Download Formula 5000 Alpha Demo Part 1 Here

Download Formula 5000 Alpha Demo Part 2 Here

  • Rolo

    Great work so far. This has the promise to be a fantastic mod. Keep up the good work, looking forward to having a spin in the McRae.

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