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Formula 5000 1.1 – Released

Formula 5000 1.1 – Released

st has released the Formula 5000 mod for rFactor, adding the 1971 season of this rather exotic American open-wheel racing series to the simulation.

The Formula 5000 was designed as a low-cost series for various cars not fitting into any particular formula. Manufacturers included notable names such as McLaren, Lola and Lotus, the cars were powered by engines up to five litre capacity (hence the name).

Download Formula 5000 1.1 Here

  • Rantam

    Great to have another classic cars mod.

    Thanks indeed! 🙂

  • Deano

    Looks pretty good. Love the old stuff….But I wonder how long before we see some painted up to look today’s Brawn, McLaren and Ferrari. :weird:

  • dumrick

    Is there any other server to download this from? I was so eager to get it, that apparently I downloaded the wrong (1.0) version and now NoGripRacing doesn’t allow me to download the file until tomorrow…

  • dumrick

    Ok, it was my screw up, when doing a stand-alone installation for it.

    Concerning the mod, IT IS BRILLIANT! Best fun I ever had in a long time sim-racing, just in a test drive at Österreichring 1970. The cars take some learning and setting-up, but afterwards, it’s sheer pleasure. The tyre physics feel fantastic, you can -and sometimes must- drift at angles that most rFactor mods can’t reach and the driving technique needed is very specific and rewarding.

    Too bad the AI struggles so much in cold tyres (like the player does), that they smash their cars all around and can’t be trusted to be raced against… After 15 years of sim-racing and with the AI problem, this is a mod can could even lead me to race online… anyone knows where to play F5000 online?

  • st

    As mentioned in the readme
    Monday Night Race League run F5000’s with a fixed setup (all the same physics) on a regular basis.
    I think that they will be running their series in March so plenty of time to practise