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Force India Joins Long List of rFactor Pro Clients

Force India Joins Long List of rFactor Pro Clients

Ever since the service started in 2008, rFactor Pro has quickly gained a reputation for being a very valuable software tool for professional racing teams and F1 outfits in particular.

The Force India Formula One team has recently jumped on the bandwaggon, making it the fifth F1 outfit to use rFactor Pro to improve their race cars. That means that half of the 2009 Formula One grid is now using the software.

“The 2009 season rule changes meant aerodynamics was our number one priority. When we started budgeting for the 2010 season it became clear that driver-in-the-loop simulation was a technology we had to take advantage of to build on our achievements this year”, Force India’s James Key explained.

“We have been watching the driver-in-the-loop simulation marketplace very closely over the last two seasons, during which time the quality has improved and the costs have reduced by an order of magnitude. We decided the time was right to invest in an rFactor Pro based solution as the projected return on investment, in terms of performance gain for a given spend, placed rFactor Pro right at the top of our list. It also provides higher quality visualization and a more comprehensive simulation environment than any other system we evaluated.”

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