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First Tidbits on F1 2011 Reveal Possible Features

First Tidbits on F1 2011 Reveal Possible Features

The release of Codemasters’ F1 2010 and the subsequent patch has barely passed but first info on F1 2011 is already shaping up.

A new article on Eurogamer regarding the future of Codemasters’ F1 franchise has some very interesting quotes, giving us an idea of some of the upcoming features new versions will introduce.

One key aspect seems to be the idea of giving players the chance to race against the real race drivers by having the real-time data transferred into the game, an idea that was largely popularized by iOpener and their Real-Time Racing technology.

Codemasters is looking for something similar as the company won’t just be adding the 2011 cars and tracks to the new version:

“You’re not going to see us on the next one just add a couple more tracks and a couple more drivers because it’s the F1 2011 version,” CEO Rod Cousens commented. “Eventually you’ll go down the line where you will feed telemetry data in real time to the consumer to let them adjust their car because they get serious about racing against their hero, who could have posted a time two hours beforehand. And you’ve got the real track sat in front of you.”

Other improvements in future versions will concentrate on Multiplayer and the “Live the life” aspect of the game as Codemasters had to scrap several planned features in these departments due to the tight deadlines. The studio will be releasing annual versions, putting the development team under a lot of pressure – Work on F1 2011 is already underway since September.

Via Eurogamer

  • nick

    im not going to buy anything from Codemsters again >:o

  • MS

    And neither will I, F2010 is such a crap, what a waste of money! Never again Codemasters!

  • mike88

    who are they going to hire this time from the former F1 driver list to promote the game claiming its an all out game that suits both arcade and simulation fans.

  • jimmy

    What about adding some vintage F1 stuff? Some legendary cars or old circuits…

  • Filg Popov

    probably not, because of the license

  • Explosive Face

    “One key aspect seems to be the idea of giving players the chance to race against the real race drivers by having the real-time data transferred into the game”

    Laser-scanned tracks and proper physics. That’s all I want.

  • Dan

    I saved my money instead of buying F1 2010, What did you guys expect from game #1? They always suck. I have much higher hopes for game #2

  • Dan

    I’m not 100% sure on it but I believe Forza 3 was boasting laser scanned tracks, and the Laguna Seca corckscrew is so wrong in that game!

    Turns out that the only people I trust with tracks and cars are modding groups 😀

  • jimmy

    The only games I am saving for now are GTR3 and rFactor2.

  • Firestarter

    People get fooled all the time by Codemasters, a F1 title on the PC means nothing when it`s in the hands of CM. 

  • jimmy

    I think every sensible man expected an arcadish game, not a simulation.

  • Wesley

    Seriously, the only thing i need in this game is an more realistic career mode and an more difficult AI, i am ownng the AI incredibly on legend, with tyre/fuel sim on on a damn keyboard

  • Wesley

    I dont believe that racing against irl drivers either, wasnt such feauture supposed to be added for WRC2010?

  • phil23

    Racing real drivers doesn’t really work or add anything to Sim racing in Real Time Racing, so how Coddies think they can make it work better or be actually enjoyable is beyond me.

    I don’t personally enjoy F12010 because of the physics, but I’ll give them their due, that for the mass market racers out there they did a good job. Just for me, I’d rather load the outdated rFactor or Race On and actually get some enjoyement from cars I can feel!!!

  • Ricoo

    F1 2010 is very good hardcore simulation with incredibly realistic physics.
    I am sure F1 2011 will be huge. THE must buy for sure.
    Thanks Codemasters for your incredibly realistic simulators. Dirt 2 and F1 2010 are just 2 magnificient jewels.
    Thank you soo much. 🙂

  • Blazerz


  • The Keyboard warrior


  • Markuz

    Oh, how about the missing water puddles and good looking rain droplets? Oh, that should be in F1 2010 but apparently they left us PC people out cold.

  • Jonesracing82

    those 2 features plus realistic/believable AI!
    basically copy the “Grand Prix” series, add new cars/tracks and thats my perfect game right there…..

  • Jonesracing82

    i dont care who they hire, a 100% sim is all i want!

  • Fudge factor

    And so it begins………again.

    [Nobody ever went broke underestimating an American audience.]

    We’re all Americans now?

  • belzebutt

    It would be nice if they fixed the 2010 game first. Last night I was doing a race and got held up in the pits for 15 seconds, ruining my race. That was supposed to be fixed.

  • Creatorex

    …And by the way f12010 IS STILL UNFINISHED. SHAME CODIES!!!!! 

  • m0nty

    Mark Webber perhaps? He looked promising right up until the point where it mattered too. 🙂