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A First Look At Virtual Reality in rFactor 2

Studio 397 has shared a first glimpse of rFactor 2’s upcoming virtual reality compatibility.

Studio 397 has shared a first glimpse of rFactor 2’s upcoming virtual reality compatibility.

rFactor 2 will ensure VR compatibility via the OpenVR route, based on the title’s new DirectX 11 engine.

VR functionality will come to rFactor 2 as part of a major new update, including DirectX 11 graphics and a complete UI overhaul. Originally aimed to be released in Q1, the studio has decided to package all new features together for one big release later this year.

  • Depco

    “Later this year” was quoted to be May 1st.

    • Paul Maguire

      i bet Q4

      • Chillisteak

        Already been delayed once by two months, and they posted themselves May 1st. Given that they have started posting images etc I’d say it’s almost done, thankfully.

      • Roger Ramjet

        How does your humble pie taste now ?

      • Paul Maguire

        delay incoming!! 😉

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I have complete faith in Studio 397 to deliver a top shelf Sim from the ashes of rF2….Rome was not built in a Day.

  • Ricoo

    I hope they implement good multicore, since VR without it is generally poor due to low fps if you don’t have the fastest single core CPU overclocked to whatever the hell

    • JES

      VR makes no difference in CPU usage, all you have is more pixels rendered, which will tax the GPU more. It’s the same as playing in 4K, it will actually demand less from the CPU, because the GPU almost always is the bottleneck.

      • Bakkster

        VR adds a minimal amount of overhead to the rendering, but if the game is CPU limited to start with then it doesn’t matter.

        iRacing VR is absolutely CPU limited right now, even with multithreading and Dx11.

      • Ricoo

        To reach the high FPS needed in VR (90 FPS), a fast CPU in addition to a fast GPU is needed, otherwise the CPU bottlenecks. A faster single threaded CPU is needed to play in VR than to play at 60 FPS 4K, if the game is not multithreaded.
        I know that too well because I do VR with an FX9370 and a GTX1080, so believe me, I know what a CPU bottleneck is.

  • vcorp

    Wow graphically looks amazing. Maybe i can back to rf2 this year.

  • Rob Herridge

    Cross your eyes and link the two images for 3D, works with side-by-side vr vids too, try it.

  • anonymouse

    Not my cup of tea, but it looks good. At least they’re doing something with it.

  • Bakkster

    Looks very nice, might have to pick this up when it’s released.

  • fernando sobroza

    I think it’s time to buy VR equipment 🙂

    • Chillisteak

      You won’t regret it, VR changes the game completely for this genre.

      • ummm…

        looking to the apex is the biggest difference.

      • Bakkster

        Solid 3D helps a lot as well, both for judging speed and reference points, but the parallax means it’s easier to see around the A-pillar, window nets, and the like.

      • ummm…

        its amazing. im waiting on rfactor 2 and city car driving to get their support. id like automobilista too. then i think every racing or car sim will have vr support. at which point id realize i have about 1000 dollars in racing sims and dlcs, and no time to play any of them in vr.

      • Helldriver

        city car driving already has VR-Support. It would be fun but unfortunately the driving physics suck.

      • ummm…

        not for vive. im really anticipating rfactor 2 tho. Thats going to be a ton of fun, if they can make the images as clear as in raceroom

      • GamerMuscle

        Bag VR is a totall gimmic Bob from the game shop told me.

  • doug484

    The last roadmap update in March said there is a target of May 1st for release of the update with the DX11, VR, etc. It also said the DX11 stuff was done but they decided to wait until the VR was also ready.

    So… yes… technically, later this year. May 1st, or some time later.