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First GTR3 News Coming Later This Month!

Details on Simbin’s GTR3 title are due to be revealed later this month as confirmed by the studio.

Back in March 2010, Simbin announced to be working on a new GTR title that will be based on an all-new engine.

Since then, the Swedish studio has released several content packs for their RACE07 line of simulations but remained tightlipped on the progress of GTR3.

This is apparently due to change very soon as Simbin’s Jay Ekkel has hinted at first news of GTR3 becoming available later this month before Christmas as one of his postings in the RaceRoom forums reveals:

Haha yeah, the whole team cannot wait to start showing and telling what we are working on at the moment. Soon ( opps i said it again) we will start telling like there is no tomorrow!

But why wait till christmas!

First details on the upcoming title are much anticipated as right now nothing is known regarding content or technical specifications. Since the title is named GTR again, it’s seems logical that it once again simulates sports car racing but other than that there are plenty of blanks to be filled – Hopefully soon.

  • Anonymous

    After Simbin’s low-budget addons for the heavily outdated Race 07 I was wondering if they would even survive as a company.
    Very much looking forward to news on this, hope it’s good.

    • Anonymous

      Outdated it may be, but Race07 and it’s addons provides one of the best sim experiences out there imo.
      Putting GTR3 on a new engine seems like they are just on the right track (excuse the pun)

      • General Rush Hour

        Not really… It´s an ok experience but above that not so much.

      • Alistair Heeley

        It’s definitely one of the better ones if you like racing with the AI.

      • Alex Ball

        I agree. It’s not as nice to drive as iRacing, but for offline use it’s got a great feel.

      • pascal lallala

        haha race 07 and  its addons is more arcade than mariocart

      • Alistair Heeley

        It is very forgiving, having played Game Stock Car pretty much from the initial release date until I got my hands on Race Injection a week or so ago I did find myself ramping up the AI a lot just to get a decent race out of them.

        However the AI are competitive once you tune the settings to your liking, they take good lines around the many circuits and will overtake you if you make a mistake.

        Even on tight, twisty circuits with slow first corners you can count on the AI not ramming you up the arse as soon as you hit the brakes for the first time which is my main annoyance with rFactor and its mods and variants such as Game Stock Car.

  • Adam Mansir

    Great news. Hopefully we’ll find out from SimBin soon enough, but any rumors or speculation what engine is being used? My guess would be ISI, but maybe the revived their Lizard engine, or maybe something else?

  • Anonymous

    I love GTR2! I can’t wait for GTR3! 

  • Marcus Hwang

    was going to buy GTR 2 but not on sale anywhere in this planet. no wonder, they are holding it off for GTR 3, thanks simbin, getting this as soon as it’s out

    • Marek Szymanski

       hello , send me a email ill give you copy of GTR2 for free, i have spare one never use it.

    • Gabri El

      There’s also a german site giving serial numbers for free which can be used for online registration. ( I don’t know if I am allowed to post the link here ).

  • Arnold Carter Kingpong Wong

    If it is Lizard engine and with some Porsches, it would be perfect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    GTR3 ,OMG !

  • Robert Gödicke

    After GTR² and with the release of Race and Race07 I lost my faith in SimBin. Somehow, the whole Race07 platform and its content packs never felt right for me. Maybe they can surprise me again with the new GTR sim, but I definitely won’t run into a store and buy it blindly since all of their last sims didn’t really suit me.

  • Todd Lai

    If GTR3=FIA GT1+FIA GT3, then it will become a must buy for all sim racer~

  • Anonymous

    GTR & GTR2 was written by Ian Bell and a lot of his crew that are now over at SMS. Is this a cause for concern?

    • Ricoo

      My only concern is that SMS guys are a bit rusty after Shift endeavour…

      • Kris Baxter

        not at all, C.A.R.S proves they are bright and shiny, not rusty at all. Unfortunately the results we saw in Shift and Shift 2 is down to EAs dictatorship, hence why I think CARS is being done, SMS realized they had something good and could do much more with that than a company that insists on releasing an incomplete game, just look at what happened with BF3, EA is what happened.

  • Wim Bries

    i always spot good news from miles away  🙂

  • Ryan Rilley Leonard Clark

    this is good news but FIA GT 2011-12

    Will have porsche an EA hold the rights to that in games

    and EA also have the rights to FIA GT1-3 sooo what will this game have?

    • Wayne Reed

      They wont hold it all as you have the cars in forza 4 they will just have paid to use the car in there games

    • Anonymous

      Is there such a thing as exclusive rights if you have the money though ?  Who’s to say that EAs licence is an exclusive one just for them ?  That surely would cost quite a bit extra.    Well, we shall see I guess.

      • Anonymous

        This is what I was raising regarding SimRaceway – they claim to have signed up “exclusive” deals to licence a whole slew of cars.

        This “exclusive” worries me.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Don’t worry too much, SimRaceway is much more known for their abusive marketing than efficient licensing 😀
        Also they’re playing with words… Exclusive to the game makes no sense, as all those cars can already be found in other games (mostly console though, think GT5, Forza, NFSS, etc.)

        Don’t believe everything you read, especially coming from the marketing department… Their GOAL in life is to LIE to you.

      • Anonymous

        well, let’s hope so…..

    • gt3rsr

      The brand new World Endurance Championship :). It would make sense IMO.

      • Trux1

        I swear I saw a World Endurance Championship as a series in a video for rFactor 2 on inside sim racing. The one where Gjon is interviewed in their studio. 

  • Ricoo

    I am really eager watching what SimBin is working on.

    In fact I have higher expectations from them than from ISI or any one else.

    Race 07 with its addons is the racing game I played the most after LFS.

    I am confident GTR3 may be my next main racing game.

    SimBin I believe in you. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand – SimBin have made stuff built off ISI’s engine.  What expectations could you have for them building an entire engine?  Have they done it before?

      • Ricoo

        SimBin Tracks have always been a lot higher quality than ISI’s ones. Engine is not everything. Artistic skills and devotion to deliver high quality product is more important.

      • Anonymous

        Not when you’re building your own engine.  

        A ferrari wheelbarrow isn’t really a ferrari – it’s a wheelbarrow.

        Moving from making ‘supermods’ (a la GTR or RACE etc) out of someone else’s engine (ISI’s) to producing the whole shebang is surely a very big step.  

        I’ll believe it when I see it.   😉

  • noro ardanto

    I wonder whether GTR3 is based on rF2 engine?

    • Niksounds B

      why not ? 🙂

    • gt3rsr

      NO. It’s gonna be a whole new engine created by Simbin itself.

  • Chris Wright

    Simbin is, in my view, a victim of a lot of competitor hype that has tended to overshadow their own exceptional programming achievements. They have the potential to put every other race sim developer in the shade and one can only hope that the endless regurgitation of Race 07 will ultimately prove to be understandable if they can release a truly game changing sim in GTR3. I have every confidence in them.

    • Anonymous

      what are simbin’s programming achievements?

      • Chris Wright

        Extremely realistic simulation. Their games have always felt right. The Master Series in Race Pro is just exceptional. And, yes, I’ve tried iRacing and hate the driving on eggshells feel it has.

      • Anonymous

        Race (and all the others) are really just rFactor mods.   

        I’m amazed they want to make their own engine.   

      • Anonymous

         They’re not mods. They’re full retail games. Simbin aquired the license to use the engine for it.
        And about “programming achievements”, the game RACE PRO for the Xbox 360 features a in-house developed engine, called LIZARD. While it doesn’t looked as good as other modern games, it looks decent and provided a very good physics model. No doubt that on modern PCs and without time constraints, the lizard (or whatever tech simbin is using on GTR 3) engine will provide a great experience.

        I’m tired of Simbin gmotor2′ rehashes and all that, but give them a break.Simbin is not a simple mod team. They’re a company known (with all the justice) to provide excelent quality products, so that’s why people trust them. 

      • Anonymous

        They are full retail games – but they’re mods.  Uber mods, and pretty good ones, granted – but still essentially mods: it’s ISI’s engine, and SimBin licence it, SFAIK.   Just like Reiza with their Brazil game?  

        SimBin have done some decent stuff – I’m not on their case.   It’s just this idea that SimBin are “developers” that’s a bit iffy.  As Simbin have never developed a game engine for PC (and only one for x-box?) then there’s very little reason to expect much from it, if and when they make one.  They make decent stuff, but John Carmack they ain’t.  😀

      • Anonymous

        John Carmack is the guy that helped create and popularize a entire genre. It’s hard to be on his league anyway 😉

        but check Race Pro videos and reviews, the game sufered from some graphic problems due to hardware limitations and time constraints, but it played well and has great physics. Its 100% developed in-house. It has potential, and with it simbin proved that they can build a good tech.

      • Anonymous

        Well, we shall see….


  • Anonymous

    the only way any studio will be able to compete with iRacing first must provide laser scanned tracks like they do until then everything else is just the rest! 

    • Stuart Becktell

      Not sure you have to have that to compete. Will the tracks be as accurate? No, but it can still be fun.

    • Richard Hessels

      Well iracing racks have their flaws too.

      They look very sterile

    • Chris Wright

      I can’t help but think that laser scanning is over-rated. It might produce highly accurate contours, but there is a lot more to creating the feel of a track than laser scanning. At the end of the day there’s a lot of coding that goes into aspects like the amount of grip a track affords, the effect of the track surface on tyre wear etc, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Chris I can assure you once you drive laser scanned tracks there’s no going back. The only way your simulation will have accurate tracks  is laser scanning them period. Whether you want realism and accuracy or not that’s another thing.

  • Anonymous

    This is great news. Hope the game actually looks good unlike previous games. Good career and driving license should be there and release date or something like Q3 or Q4 2012 should also be revealed

  • Nathan Robinson

    I think this is good news as any new sim is always exciting to test out but is this some kind of joke? Releasing news to say that there will be news in a month seems a little ridiculous. Why not just release the real news when you have it and forget about this. Seems like a silly way to drum up interest 🙂

    • Stuart Becktell

      They’re going to make an announcement before Christmas, which is less than 20 days away, not in a month.

    • Anonymous

      All aboard the hype train!   Choochoo!

  • Petros

    Hi guys! is online…
    Let’s see what happens next.

    BTW you can use the switches 😉

    • 刘博宇

      All it has is some sound, but they are ridiculously amazing…

  • Rustik Prodius

    its same ARTWORK from rFactor 2 😀 MUAHAHAHAHAHA 😀