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First Automobilista Gameplay Video of Imola Surfaced

First gameplay footage of the upcoming Imola tracks for Automobilista has surfaced on Youtube.

First gameplay footage of the upcoming Imola tracks for Automobilista has surfaced on Youtube.

Called the Legendary Tracks Part 1 DLC, the pack will introduce no less than four decades of Imola as Automobilista players can look forward to racing the iconic Formula One venue in 1972, 1988, 2001 & 2016.

The 1972 & 1988 layouts are already available for beta testing for users that backed Reiza’s crowdfunding campaign and thankfully, the beta testers share footage of it with everyone as you can check out a video of the historic layouts below.

The Legendary Tracks Part 1 DLC will be selling for $5.99 once available.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Tried out the 1972 version of Imola and I would have to say it is a fast flowing track…liking it a lot.
    Reiza’s Automobilista gets better with every update and with the addition of the Formula Trucks coming soon it will possibly be the most varied content Sim on the market….well done Reiza, keep it coming

  • David Wright

    Imola is a great track and Reiza continue the high standard of modelling shown with the British tracks. But if I were them I’d re-think the visual side of the marbles – they are far too large and too intrusive for the vast majority of cars in the title.

    • Alex Sawczuk

      The track appears to be in maximum usage state in the video, which would put it much more extreme than would usually happen if it was allowed to progress naturally. (I think)

      • Marc Collins

        I never see those extreme marbles because I always start with a green or “light” usage track with natural progression. Many people dive immediately to the heaviest rubbering (in rF2 as well). Sure, the marbles are patterned after F1 tires and a bit extreme for some other cars, but at least we have a changing-track scheme in AMS now. More than good enough for me until Reiza ’17 arrives. Same for time of day scheme.

  • Kev

    ’72 Imola has completely dominated my life since released in beta. I’ve been so addicted to the Ultima GTR 720 but this made me pull some of my other favorites out of the garage. The modern track was never one of my favorites but this is another story altogether. Brilliant.

    Reiza’s instinct for what is fun and continued commitment to consistently high quality of both content and features is unmatched.

    • Marc Collins

      Agree completely

  • Ernie

    I’m not really a fan of the (modern) Imola, but …… WOW … this ’72 Imola is absolutely amazing. I wasn’t really aware of how an awesome and fast track it was in the past. Fast and (of course) dangerous corners and no chicanes. It’s a lot of fun to drive with the historic cars. Thanks Reiza.

    • Marc Collins


    • Kev

      It’s funny how many times Reiza has thrown my plans out the window. Most recently, it was the GTR 720 which totally caught me by surprise because for whatever reason I thought the Ultima was only going to be a race car but I’ll never forget the shock and excitement I felt starting the video with Niels driving the GTR 720 and HEEL-TOEING!!!!!!!!

      I was like “What’s this!?!?!?!?!” and completely came unglued with anticipation.

      ’72 Imola was the same although not as dramatic. Before driving it, I was like “well the modern track is OK and surely the historic version will be better but all the same maybe there will be too many flat out turns like many historic tracks have…”

      Then BAM! Whoa what is THIS! I sincerely can’t thing of a better track.

  • Richard Hessels

    Hey, guys the curbstones are coloured as the italian flag for quite some time now. Red and white is not used for at least 2 years, maybe even 3.