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FIA GT4 for Assetto Corsa – Lots Of Previews

Benjamin Baron is working on bringing the FIA GT4 category to Assetto Corsa, having started some very impressive progress on several car models of the entry-level GT4 class.

While GT3 cars have become a common sight in many racing games, the lower-level GT4 class is not represented in sim racing as often, especially if it comes to cars not made by the major manufacturers.

Partnering with Guerilla Mods, Benjamin wants to change this, focusing on some of the more exotic cars the class has to offer, including models such as the Panoz Avezanno, the Sin R1 GT4 and the Alpine A110 GT4.

You can see plenty of progress shots the FIA GT4 for Assetto Corsa mod below as qxh2331 is making quick progress thanks to his background in the automotive industry.

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