FIA GT3 for rFactor 2 – BMW Z4 Previews

Team Apex Modding has released new previews of their FIA GT3 mod for rFactor 2, showing us a brand new addition to the mod’s car lineup.

The previews give us a first glimpse at the BMW Z4 GT3, BMWs very successful weapon of choice for GT3 style racing.

The Z4 will meet competition from various cars in the finished mod, including the Audi R8 LMS, the Porsche 997 GT3 R and the Lamborghini Gallardo among others.

  • Jay Ekkel

    That RaceArt team always cracks me up for ripping of our Race logo, including the crooked “C”×131.png

  • Ricoo

    This should be kept secret until release. 🙂

  • Christopher James

    Did you say the P word? SHHHHH! Don’t want the Porsche swat lawyer team cracking down. Keep it quiet!

    • Christopher James

      Seriously though, do you think modders are going to try to streamline their GT cars with the cars of the same classes that ISI releases, so that they can be used together?

  • Wayne Reed

    I bet that car is a shift car for a start. other note is i hope its better then there GT3 mod for rF1 its not good to drive at all. Almost as bad as the NAGT mod one of the worst mods ever

    • Yoss Apex

      100% scratch made by me , no shift car start

    • Noel Hibbard

      I know this is an old post but this comment just blows me away. NAGT is regarded by many, including me as one of the best mods ever for rF1. The models aren’t that great to look at but the physics and tires are amazing. The way you compare the rF1 GT3 mod to NAGT gets me excited. I need to give it a spin.

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