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Ferrari Virtual Academy Winners in Fiorano – Videos

Ferrari Virtual Academy Winners in Fiorano – Videos

A week ago, I posted a very popular story about the winners of the Ferrari Virtual Academy hotlap competition and their big prize, a visit in Maranello and the chance to drive a real Formula Abarth race car at Fiorano.

Now, Ferrari has released a bunch of videos, allowing us to follow Italians David Greco and Matteo Vecchioni, Spaniard Jon Tanko, German Martin Kronke and Portugal’s Jao Nunes all the way from the airport to the medical checks, the simulator and finally to driving the real racing machine.

Unfortunately, the videos are partly narrated in Italian, part of the interviews with the winning drivers are in English though. Like most sim racers that got to try out a real race car, the drivers emphasize on the difference between driving a virtual car and hitting a real track, they also praise the accuracy of the laser-scanned track though.

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