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Ferrari F1 Wheel Rim for Thrustmaster T500 RS Unveiled

Ferrari F1 Wheel Rim for Thrustmaster T500 RS Unveiled

In a surprising move, Thrustmaster has unveiled an officially-licensed Ferrari Formula One wheel rim for their T500 RS steering wheel.

First photos of the new wheel rim surfaced from the Italian Formula One Grand Prix at Monza as Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa showed off the new wheel rim. The wheel is closely modeled to the real F1 rim, coming with plenty of buttons, rotary switches but lacking the display and rev-meter of the original.

Replaceable wheel rims seem to be the new thing among upmarket steering wheels. With the new rim, Thrustmaster is answering Fanatec’s challenge as their upcoming ClubSport Wheel will support replaceable rims and will offer a F1-style option as well. The Fanatec wheel isn’t licensed, comes with working displays though.

The new wheel rim for Thrustmaster’s critically acclaimed T500 RS wheel is already listed on Amazon, selling for 149.99โ‚ฌ at a yet undisclosed date. The wheel will also be sold bundled with the T500 RS base, it remains to be seen whether Thrustmaster will also offer the current GT rim as expansion for those buying the wheel with the F1 rim on.

Right now, more information is not available, Iยดll fill in the blanks regarding features and store date once we know more. Until then, you can enjoy first photos of the new wheel below.

Update: Added a video for those who wonder how replacing the rim on the T500RS works. The wheel does not have a quick-release mechanism as one screw needs to be loosened to get the wheel off, the process is wireless though.

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    Now I’m torn, that looks great! Just add a Rev display.

  • Raymond Tsui

    A f1 wheel without the rev and display isn’t a F1 wheel at all… Nice try but if I wanted something that looks like a F1 wheel, I’d get the Fanatec or a custom made one.

  • sandboxgod

    I personally think this rim looks much more realitic than the Fanatec f1 rim. I personally can’t wait to order this rim. Thank you Thrustmaster for looking out for us T500rs owners! Now I can stop eyeballing that CSW with jealous eyes  ๐Ÿ˜€

  • sandboxgod

    In real life a rev display makes a lot more sense because you want everything on your wheel. But you are playing a sim; so you can just look at the rev meter on your screen ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Raymond Tsui

    No, if you’re a real sim racer, you don’t have those meters displayed on your game if you have a wheel that can show you the gears and the rev.

  • Raymond Tsui

    If I remember correctly, Fanatec’s going to later release a wheel with true sponsorships with a F1 team.

  • sandboxgod

    A real sim racer can hear the engine is ready to be shifted right?  I know thats how I know when to shift in my real life cars with a manual

  • sandboxgod

    Yeah but you know how that goes. People have been waiting on the CSS for a long time now as well. But I am sure that it will be very cool when they do

  • Eduardo Kissilevitch

    So too bad for the Red Bull Racing F1 Team. They don´t have rev leds/Lcd screen on they wheels.

  • kuato

    “No, if you’re a real sim racer..”

  • Raymond Tsui

    “A real sim racer can hear the engine”

    We’re not talking about a street car… ffs.

    “So too bad for the Red Bull Racing F1 Team…”

    This isn’t a Red Bull wheel now is it…

  • Volz

    Agreed on the highhorse idea but uncool pic

  • Raymond Tsui

    aren’t they shipping the CSS around December?

  • Philip Antonia

    I’d be more interested in this if they did a proper GT style wheel like Fanatec are doing. I don’t like the GT5 GT wheel much as it still looks like a toy wheel. This F1 wheel looks gr8 though, but I’m more interested in the Fanatec one if (BUG IF!!) I can save up enough pennies and get the GT wheel version of that ๐Ÿ˜‰ .


  • Philip Antonia

    I’d be more interested in this if they did a proper GT style wheel like Fanatec are doing. I don’t like the GT5 GT wheel much as it still looks like a toy wheel. This F1 wheel looks gr8 though, but I’m more interested in the Fanatec one if (BIG IF!!) I can save up enough pennies and get the GT wheel version of that <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif” title=”Wink” border=”0″ alt=”Wink”/> .  

  • sandboxgod

    They haven’t confirmed yet

  • F1Racer

    We are getting spoiled these days in the wheel department. 

  • F1Racer

    Red Bull drivers have a beep that goes off in their earpieces to tell them when to upshift.

  • F1Racer

    @kuato:  bad taste man.  even for my standards that mine are pretty low when it comes to humour.

  • F1Racer

    @kuato:  bad taste man.  even for my standards and mine are pretty low when it comes to humour.

  • Erick Nagy

    Looks great, but I did not find it on Amazon… Anyone has a link? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve Mongrain


    The battle for the best sim wheel continues…

    Great for us customers!

    Thrustmaster just pulled a very good move.

    I can’t wait to compare Fanatec’s CSW GT Wheel with the T500’s one.

     Keep at it Fanatec & Thrustmester!

  • Chris Costa

    Looks pretty cool, the lack of display/rev lights is a bit of a let down. Although most people interested already drive in cockpit view anyways I would imagine. The real question is how many of these controls will actually function in the game?

    Also, why does Massa have that goofy look on his face?

  • Steve Farrell

    Maybe they should include a cockpit for you too >:o

  • f1racing

    @F1Racer Red Bull drivers do have rpm leds but they are not mounted on steering wheel. They are mounted on a cockpit itself as rmp leds and leds which represent flags (yellow, blue, red) are standardised and mandatory for all cars

    you can see them here just over steering wheel column

    and that beep story, that was few years ago for McLaren, that their engine made that sound, but not intentionaly, which they could hear in their ear.

  • Erick Nagy

    Man, I have had several formula like wheel rims over the years, using either SLI-M or SLI-PRO, Momo 29C, Roso F1 wheel (a piece of art), etc… I can tell you these displays IN the wheel rim are almost useless. Nobody has time to look at them (unless you are in the boxes), and the focal point changing from the screen to the wheel can make you crash easily. However, the shift lights help for sure.

    IMHO, the best position for a SLI display is right below the screen, in the LCD frame itself. Or, fixed right above the wheel (like some F1 teams use).
    Nevertheless, I can see there is enough space in the wheel to throw in a SLI device, the PRO looks exacly like Ferrari display… So, no big deal here! o/


  • Chris Wright

    When you consider how few players there were in the wheel market even two or three years ago, it says a lot about how our hobby has made a pretty big comeback. In fact, it’s never been better.

    One cannot underestimate the impact of a decent formula one game, after so many years of inactivity under Sony.

    This announcement is clearly designed to tie in with the release of F1 2011, which does look to be a huge upgrade on last year’s game, judging by the comments of those who attended the testing day at Codemasters yesterday.

  • Floptickle

    Looks cool! But I’m still going to order the Fanatec one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Austin White

    massa always has a goofy look lol

  • Samuel Korthof

    Anybody more info on this?

  • WiZPER

    No rev-meter or working LED display on the Thrustmaster, that is just lame – who are they targeting as customers I wonder ?

  • Samuel Korthof

    I am ร  t500 owner and think this is ร  great initiative of thrustmaster. No revmeter on THE wheel is not very important too me. I have bought a revmeter on my g25 but eventualy I made ร  frame for it too put it in ร  better position. Revs on THE wheel is not THE best option. RB knows this thats why they don’t have it on THE wheel. So stop nagging.

  • Silly(c)One

    PS3 owners of course. You need a PC to get a working rev-meter and/or in game led display, because console games can’t make use of those. Nothing inconsistant there, mate, stop whining.

  • Silly(c)One

    Also we’ll be spoiled soon on the software department too ๐Ÿ˜€

    The economy is collapsing, petroleum has peaked, but we keep driving like there was no tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

  • WiZPER

    Oh well, TBH I didn’t even consider consoles – but obviously you are right… “sims” om console fits the average standard of this wheel just fine.

  • Steve

    And it can’t be that hard to mod one of either of these wheels to work with a G25/27.  At worst case open it and use a SLI board.

  • sandboxgod

    His post never even mentioned the word “sim” nor did your post. You ask what their intended market was well of course a large segment will be console it is the “official GT5 wheel” that just happens to work great on the PC. Since you are obviously on the PC then you can just buy an aftermarket rev limiter which is what some real teams do anyway (mount the rev in the cockpit not on the wheel which turns making it much less useful)

  • WiZPER

    Correct, and yes I prefer static display aswell – Red Bull style ๐Ÿ™‚

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