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Fanatec – Xbox One Compatability News

Fanatec has released a status update on Xbox One compatability of existing and new wheels.

A few months ago when news broke that Microsoft’s Xbox One would not support Xbox 360 controllers such as Fanatec’s Porsche & CSR wheels, the German hardware maker announced to look into the possibility of providing existing customers with an adapter to make their wheels work with the new platform.

Things seem to be even more complicated than that though as Fanatec has now announced that the adapter is most likely not going to materialize:

So far there is no adapter solution to make an Xbox360 wheels compatible with Xbox One and it is unsure if this will be possible.

It’s not all lost for existing customers wanting to switch to the Xbox One though as Fanatec is working on a new Xbox One wheel that will most likely allow users to at least make use of their existing peripherals such as shifters and pedals:

But there is a high chance that you can use your pedals, rims and shifters with a potential new Fanatec wheel for Xbox One although we cannot confirm a launch date yet. This will save you a lot of money and you can keep using the equipment you prefer.

The mentioning of wheel rims indicates that the new Xbox One wheel will be a farily high-end affair, supporting detachable rims like the current Clubsport top of the line model for the PC & Playstation 3.

  • Marklar

    That is why I am moving to PlayStation in this console generation. Hope my old good G25 will work with the new system.

    • kenpat .

      I haven’t turned on my Xbox or ps3 for about 6 months so guess I wont be going down the next gen road. Happy to stick to my pc and G25.
      Feel sorry for the people who’ve shelled out for Fanatec wheels and are now being shafted. I also have difficulty in believing that Microsoft couldn’t solve any problems fairly easily.

  • Anonymous

    One Thousand Euro will get you up and running and playing Forza 5 on X Box one.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Still cheaper than a decent gaming rig with a decent wheel 🙂

      • Realkman666

        But then you’re playing Forza.

      • Anonymous

        Well the difficult part is the fact that Forza 5 looks as good as it does and Turn 10 has kept up our interests in the title with some great trailers. So much so that the cost may be 2nd guessed.

      • Ben

        No, it isn’t, and you aren’t buying the steering wheel exclusively for one application until developers take mercy on you, either…

  • GamerMuscle

    If I was going to partake in this generation of consoles I’d certainly go for a PS4 , I think Forza looks interesting especially its presentation and as a general game , but the whole MS ecosystem is a joke.

    Not sure what MS are doing its like they are utterly clueless recently , windows 8 though under the hood is very good the interface is a disaster and generally worse than windows 7 for power users , windows phone is a total flop , windows tablets though in principle could be good are all over priced.

    MS need to have some upper management heads roll and get the company back on track.

    • Anonymous

      Also please keep in mind that Forza only looks good- that’s the only feature. Changable weather, time of day, new physics – it’s PS and their Gran Turismo series. Forza just upgrades graphics since FM2.

    • Gumshoe

      Actually Windows 8(.1) is better for ‘power users’ and windows phone is pretty close to iPhone outside the US. And if you hadn’t noticed the CEO is moving on too. Rejoice!

    • kahel grahf

      …sure the MS ecosystem is bad in the consumer perspective…but let’s be fair, sony was planing to do something similar. Until they decided to exploit the rant growing strong against the xbox and made an obvious but still really efficient marketing strike.

      If you think that MS is off track (i’m not suggesting they are not)…
      Compare to microsoft, sony as a company should be mention as a mess…

  • Anonymous

    MS is run by a bunch of profiteers since Windows XP. They give as little as possible and demand as much as they can get. I hope the new Steam OS will replace Windows as a gamers operating system. Remember, Xbox 1 had no force feed back wheels! While Playstation supported most existing computer wheels. It shows the company’s philosophies are different.

    • Realkman666

      I’d rather use Mint or Ubuntu, as opposed to a Valve-made OS.

      • Mika Kivi

        Steam OS uses Linux like Mint or Ubuntu.

      • Realkman666

        Which is why I’m not interested in a branded version.

      • Anonymous

        Why? If it is free!

      • Realkman666

        Mint and Ubuntu are also free.

      • Anonymous

        But do they have all the other free services of Steam?

      • Realkman666

        Like restricted access to my games? No, I guess.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      Before MS got involved with FFB there were no FFB wheels for home use.

      • Anonymous

        The reason I bought the first Xbox. Was the fact MS made and sold FF wheels. When it turned out Xbox wouldn’t support FF. I was totally disappointed. The story at the time was. MS didn’t own the rights to FF. And were not willing to pay for a Xbox license. True or untrue, they are without excuse for their unfriendly business philosophy.

  • Jim. C

    Entirely predictable. It was clear to me that there would be no adapter for ‘legacy’ Fanatec wheels. Nice little earner for Microsoft and Fanatec.

    Any wheel user with half a brain will avoid the Xbox One.

    • The Dark

      an earner for fanatec? that they now have to go down the costly path of making a new wheel just for this console ? i doubt it puts money into microsofts pockets either.
      dont see any earners here.

      • Jim. C

        Fanatec don’t ‘have to’ build a new wheel for Xbox One. They are perfectly entitled to walk away from the Xbox and concentrate on PC and Playstation wheels.

        To be clear, I’m not blaming Fanatec here. I’m sure they are less than impressed at their entire wheel range being frozen out by the Xbox One. The fact that they are working on a new wheel means there is money to be made. Fanatec are a business like any other. Good luck to them.

        Ultimately it’s the consumer that suffers, not MS or Fanatec.

      • The Dark

        yes i agree completely. i wasnt saying anything to oppose that.
        Fanatec have to decide now whether it is financially worth it for them to make an xbox1 compatible wheel or freeze microshaft out and concentrate on PC and PS4.

        i am sure them will make the right decision for them.

  • Anonymous

    If the video game industry was run from its inception as Microsoft is running it now, it would have ceased to exist decades ago. Microsoft sucks.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    OMG… I can not believe that… what a shame for MS…

  • Anonymous

    MS sure tries everything they can to make “the One” unsuccessful.
    They forget they don’t have Apple status or audience that will keep buying everything MS puts on the market.
    Their USB implementation does not accept any legacy equipment, it should not even be called USB port..

  • kahel grahf

    More and more poor decision. They really don’t think it trough…And i’m talking on the business point of view, not the consumer one…

    6gb of artificial ram restriction for call of duty ghost when the game never goes over 3gb…i get that someone at some point on the top came up with that…having a narrowed view on the subject…but pushing the joke as far as actually release the game in that state…pretty bold.

  • StarFoxySxv550

    I’d like to know about the Playstation situation. As it stands now no wheels apart from thrustmasters t500 and T1’s work. Fanatec hasn’t said a word about that yet and that console is available to buy already.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      It’s up to the developer to support the wheels but if they do, all the PS3 wheels will work.

      Unlike Xbone PS4 is still using the same controller coding as last gen. Just for some dumb reason the PS4 UI doesn’t support other controllers yet.

  • RobertH

    And to top it off.. FM5 will be released with less tracks and cars than FM4 and additional content is only available as paid DLC..!

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      PS4 is already confirmed to support PS3 wheels. It uses the same coding or whatever, it’s just up to the publisher/developer to provide support for the wheels.

      The wheels don’t work on the PS4 UI but they may patch that, but if not, it’ll still work with games though as long as the developer supports it

  • Tim Brokaw

    cool, that means some people will be selling their nice wheels, I’m in the market 😀

  • Anonymous

    Fanatec makes a good product……..but they can’t support them. Their US customer service is non-existent/horrible. You know how they calculate their spare parts inventory? They don’t. They recycle parts from returned products. Try buying a belt from them. I’ve got $500 wheel that’s useless because they don’t have a custom made $5 belt and that’s per the manufacturer Gates.

    • Anonymous

      So what did you do to upset them? I have always gotten the best service from Fanatec when I have shown them the respect and appreciation they deserve. American’s can have that “The customer is always right” attitude and I don’t know how respected that is in Europe which is where these people are from.
      As far as a belt if you make a video of it good chance they will send you a belt and directions on how to fix it if possible.
      Treat them with respect and they are willing to work with you.

      • Anonymous

        You have no idea. Literally. I never said I was always right. Why don’t you pick up the phone, call Fanatec and tell them you want to buy the Gates belt #GT 3MR/270/11 Call Gates and see what they tell you. Or you can email Fanatec and get a response like I got. You don’t have to apologize, being a European I understand why you are defensive, lol. By the way, I don’t need a video, I know more about the electronics of the wheel than you ever dreamed. Try me.

        thank you for your inquiry.

        Unfortunately we can´t provide you new belts because that are no official spare parts and we don´t have them either.

        Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

        Johannes Kxxxxxx

        (Fanatec Support Team)

      • Anonymous

        So where’s the $500 wheel your talking about? and yes I was right you do have a chip on your shoulder. So what is that the GT2 wheel? Also is it even in warranty anymore?
        If all else fails try fixing it with a bungee cord!

        Oh by the way I am an American and have no complaints with Fanatec support. On a softer note I am sorry they were unable to help you but your situation seems like an out of warranty one. Try and see how far you get with an out of warranty G27? They might fix it but will cost you as much as the wheel is worth in it’s used condition

      • Anonymous

        Porsche Turbo S. You fail to grasp the concept that Fanatec is run by Thomas and he could care less about good business practices. Your way of defending Fanatec is to compare them to someone else with poor support? Right on! And it’s not about “me” it’s about anyone seeking support from Fanatec. Read their response and tell me that isn’t another way of saying FU. “No official spare parts” so what difference does it make warranty or not? This isn’t recent, this was from 18 months ago. I don’t need someone to fix electro-mechanical devices for me, all I need are the replacements for faulty parts. I ended up buying another trashed wheel to make one working good one. No more Fanatec for me. I think it’s poetic justice that MS didn’t enable them for F5. So I guess yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder but it’s a direct result of Fanatec’s failure to be a responsible and supportive business.

      • Anonymous

        You live in LaLa Land that is a 5 year old wheel that never cost 500 bucks to begin with and is worth 100 bucks Max. Honestly I am LMFAO over your gripe. Get Real Dude!!!!
        As far as you being done with Fanatec with that attitude good your a problematic individual to begin with. I have gotten nothing less than stellar support from Fanatec..

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure what planet you live on. So you resort to name calling because you can’t support your contentions? I supported mine. The wheel came in a kit with the Clubsport pedals and was indeed over $500

        So put your mouth to bed – I’ll make you a deal – I’ll buy every WORKING Fanatec Porsche Turbo S wheel in good condition you can get your hands on for $100 through Christmas. “Max” to use your words. Glad your laughing and now you can laugh all the way to the bank if you can support your position. So start supporting it.

        And why if Fanatec is so wonderful did you require their support? Isn’t that for problems? Please share with us. My guess is you’re simply a zealot that is blinded by his own reality. Regardless, if Fanatec is so wonderful why are they being left out of the launch?!?!?!? MadCatz has a F5 wheel and they are known as the pillar of quality and support (sarcasm ~ so we’re clear).

      • Anonymous

        I live in the current disposable world that corporations around the world have created.

        It’s okay if you don’t like it but you choose not to accept the reality of it and instead choose to try to damage the reputation of an individual trying to run a successful company in the midst of all this corporate greed in their 90 day warranty world(Which Fanatec exceeds the warranty expectation of electronic devices in this day and age.

        You however are such a cheap skate you probably recap your motherboard before buying a new one. Your complaint is totally ridiculous when compared to the reality that replacement parts are common thing and easy to get. Maybe on Uranus where you are actually from or where you head actually is.
        On a 5 year old product also I am sure your 200 dollar CSP’s are fine so try shooting me another load of what you think you lost and you think I am from another planet.

        Also here is your words
        Fanatec is run by Thomas and he could care less about good business practices.

        Who is name calling.
        Oh you want more of your words here they are.

        . Read their response and tell me that isn’t another way of saying FU.

        (Edited by moderator) – Please cut out the insults.

      • F1Racer

        Calm it down guys please.

      • Anonymous

        Once again, you fail to support your position.
        Fact – Fanatec does not stock spare parts.
        Fact – the Gates belts are a one-off for Fanatec.
        Fact – Fanatec’s response was “we cant’ help you”.
        Fact – Fanatec was not included in the wheel dev for F5. In your world we’re better off if Chevrolet, Maytag, Hewlett Packard, Trane etc did the same? I’m glad I don’t live in your world.

        Sorry to everyone on here. I wanted to make people aware. I like their wheels ~ I have no respect for their back end of the business. Caveat emptor.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry if the world I live in does not revolve around you. I am not in the outter limits! Fanatec has brought up the possibility of having spare parts offerings. Also there are items along the lines of spare parts they do have and I have gotten them shipped to me. So your argument does not hold weight. Your wheel was quite dated when you made your request and I am sure you would have been willing to pay for the belt and sadly enough they did not have any of the part you needed. (It’s not a perfect world).
        Also the fact they did not is not uncommon in the game controller industry. It is considered a disposable market in which kids end up breaking them on a high percentage due to misuse and your crying about a belt?
        What I have a problem with is you unfairly trying to tarnish the reputation of this small company that in many cases has better customer support practices than many of the larger companies out there.
        I’ll say it again your expectations are unrealistic also if Fanatec would have been able to accommodate you there is a good chance they would have. So in my mind you deserved every bit of the trashing I gave you and would suggest you wake up join the real world and get out more. Seemingly because you have quite a sheltered opinion on what a company should and should not do in regards to supporting their products and still making money. I do not think I would spend a dollar to support a startup company of yours cause your beliefs date back to the 50’s

      • Anonymous

        Your assertion that a $500 Fanatec wheel setup is disposable speaks for itself. What is unfair about my experiences with Fanatec? Specifically. And what start up company are you talking about?!? I founded and run a charity for wounded veterans in the secondary electronics industry leveraging their skill sets. I build simulators with them as a ‘hobby’ and diversion. We have a lot of experience with all the wheel manufacturers. I know more about the inside of the Fanatec wheels then you could ever hope to. And I still don’t hear you coughing up $100 Porcshe wheels for me either. If my belief that a quality product should be supported by quality service is rooted in a 50’s mentality I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Firstly thanks for your support of our troops got no problems there.
        Secondly I assume your CSP’s still work? Mine do as does my GT3 rs v2 that Fanatec has sent me replacement fans for while the wheel was still under warranty. I would be stupid if I expected lifetime support for this wheel. It is clear your wheel was well out of warranty(Go Cry me a Bucket) but stop trashing Fanatec for not supporting a product outside of it’s warranty period that is 100% idiotic thinking it would be on your part.
        All your doing is crying the blues and using Fanatec as a scapegoat GTF over it. Also do I need to start posting ebay or forum used hardware ads to prove a point with you? I suggest you continue with your good works with those who served and move forward.

      • Anonymous

        The first P wheel was 2 months out of warranty. What you fail to understand is the bases are interchangeable/identical except for the 360/PS3 electronics. Same belt(s). Fanatec didn’t stock them per their own words and substantiated by Gates. In/out of warranty doesn’t matter.
        Endor AG is publically traded. If I were a Fanatec zealot I’d be very concerned. Look at their financials. Sales peaked after GT5 and F4 in 2010/11 and have declined since. With no F5 solution on the horizon, no USA post sales support (although I know they were talking to fulfillment houses like Suddath) and being highly leveraged their future is tenuous at best.
        All fact, not opinion.

  • phw8255

    Here’s an adapter the size of a flash drive that lets you connect a bunch of different types of older controllers to the Xbox One both wired and wireless. So what’s so different about making one for the Fanatec wheels that they say it’s so difficult that it most likely won’t happen???