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Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit Unveiled

Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit Unveiled

From Fanatec, creators of the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel, comes a very interesting piece of new hardware for sim racers – The Rennsport Cockpit.

The Rennsport Cockpit is made of an aluminum roll cage, housing an extra wide fiberglass race seat. The cockpit comes with support for three 24″ or a single 37″ monitor, a 5.1 sound system, Fanatecs Porsche wheel as well as the clubsport pedals. The race seat, wheel and pedals are fully adjustable for maximum comfort, the shifter can be switched to suit left-hand drivers.

The cockpit sells for 1295 Euros/Dollars on the Fanatec website, not including wheel, pedals, monitors, sound system, PC or the optional keyboard slider. If you really want this new piece of hardware and are quick to decide, you should hurry up as Fanatec sells the first ten examples for just 995 Euros/Dollars.

  • Raikku

    Can you attach G25 to this?

  • Dave

    Can you put the CST pedals in this? do you get in it?

  • Darman

    1295 Euros/Dollars 😯 x_x
    wait a sec.. since when is 1eur = 1$ ?

  • RKipker

    1,295.00 EUR = 1,676.60 USD

  • Der_KHAN

    interesting. i had a chance to try that seat together with rfactor at the games convention in leipzig. i had no idea that they had intentions to mass produce it. i thought it was just to show off the wheel.

    well i guess i can give you guys a short review then.

    first of all i’m a very tall guy (about 6’4″). i had a hard time fitting my long legs in this thing. the seat is adjustable but i couldn’t get it far enough from the wheel to be comfortable. also the seat is very tight, kinda like the seat of a kart which could be a problem for big guys or people with a wide hip bone.

    but once you get seated, the immerson just blows you away! i don’t know what kind of 5.1 system they used but it looks exactly like that in the pictures. the screaming of that pcc gt3 was just awesome. 😀
    seriously! i’ve never heard such good sound in a game before!
    it really felt like i was in that car! i would say it’s so realistic that you might even get a tinnitus after a few hours of racing. just like in a real gt3 car. 😀

    the 3 screens are nice, but you will need a very fast system to power that. i don’t know exactly what they used to feed these screens. they are 1920×1200 monitors and i couldn’t see much of a downscale blur. i guess it was a matrox triple-head connected via dual-link dvi, so they could get 3x 1680×1050 out of it. and i have to say the framerate was pretty low. but i was more interested in the steering wheel, so i didn’t ask about the video card(s) they used.

    the wheel itself i very nice. none of that cogwheel-feeling you get with a logitech. but i guess there are more than enough reviews of the fanatec out there already. i can’t say much about the pedals really the guy at the fanatec booth had disabled the clutch.

    btw, Dave you have to climb inside.