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Fanatec Products – Feature Overview

Fanatec Products – Feature Overview

Fanatec has revealed a big batch of products in the last week weeks, showing off no less than three different new wheels, a wheel rim, new pedal sets a a new shifter with even more to come.

The new wheels differ a lot from each other. While two are cross compatible to all major platform but have to sacrifice other features for that, the PC-centric Clubsport Wheel comes with what’s probably the larger set of features ever packed into a single wheel including replaceable wheel rims.

If you head is already spinning from all the technical details that have been revealed in the past few weeks, Fanatec has put together a neat feature comparison list of all new and current products, allowing everyone to find just the right upcoming product for them.

Click the image above to get to the full feature list and check out all the details of the upcoming hardware.

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