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Fanatec Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel Unveiled

Fanatec Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel Unveiled

Fanatec has added a new product to their line of Porsche-licensed steering wheels – The Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel.

The wheel is an original reproduction of the original Porsche 911 Carrera wheel and comes with a three-pedal system, realistic 6+1 shifter and LED display which can be used to display game info or to change wheel settings.


  • High Quality wheel rim made of TPE rubber
  • Extra large wheel rim diameter (30 cm / 11.8 inch)
  • 6+1 Speed gear stick with correct dimensions
  • Gear stick is interchangeable and can be mounted on the left or right side
  • Realistic clutch pedal with declining resistance
  • Strong table clamps with quick release, special non-slip rubber pads, and Velcro strips on the pedals keep everything in place. Integrated nuts allow the strong fixation on a gaming cockpit
  • Powerful Mabuchi RS 550 ForceFeedback motor
  • High resolution wheel sensor
  • Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel to 900°, 360° or 180° or in 1° steps by software
  • TUNING functions with LED display
    • Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
    • Adjust ForceFeedback strength during game play
    • Adjust sensitivity independent from the game
    • Adjust damper strength

The wheel is designed for Windows PCs but will also work on the Playstation 3. The best news is the price tag as the wheel sells for 129,95€, making it the cheapest of the Fanatec Porsche range of wheels.

In similar news, Fanatec has also announced a special limited edition of their Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel and the matching clubsport pedals. More info can be found on the Fanatec website.

  • MarkusM

    interesting wheel, especilly for this price.
    seems to have less buttons than the Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel, and 1 FFB motor instead of 3.
    like to know how the shifter is compared to the G25, which seems to be a weak point of the G25. would also interesting to know how the FFB acts, with one motor.

  • Gaiajohan

    Porsche 911 Turbo has 1 big motor, and two vibration motors. It’s the same motor (Both Mabuchi RS550), but you’ll miss the vibration motors.

    As I have the 911 Turbo I can say the shifter from the 911 is 100x better than the one from the G25. And force feedback is smooooth. I like it more than the G25’s.

    And yeah, the price is REALLY interesting. In fact competing with Driving Force GT, Thrustmaster F430 and MOMO Racing. While it has much more features..

  • MarkusM

    hopefully the shifter is the same qualtity as the one from the bigger brother, and it has also a smooth FFB.
    well, maybe i’ll pick on up if it’s available here in germany, and compare it to the G25 of my friend. if you by online in germany you can send it back to the store within 4 weeks, without any serious reason. nasty law for the online stores, but good for the costumers. 😎

  • Gaiajohan

    Hmm here that law is only one week for online stores 🙁

  • tezuka_18

    “Porsche 911 Turbo has 1 big motor, and two vibration motors. It’s the same motor (Both Mabuchi RS550), but you’ll miss the vibration motors.”

    i always thought the vibration motors wasn’t needed anyways. this wheel is a STEAL for what you’re getting!!!

  • Fanatec

    Hey we are offering 30 days money back guarantee to anybody and independent from the country. You can test the product and if you are not satisfied you send it back.

    One thing I would like to mention on this product is that the Carrera comes with a gear drive which is similar to other wheels on the market but not with the smooth (but very expensive) belt drive. You still get a lot for your money.

    The shifter quality is the same beside the soft touch coating.

  • pascaljackson

    how many buttons are on this wheel?

  • Fanatec

    14 plus two paddle shifters on the back of the wheel. You can map it in GT5 to use the instant setup changes during gameplay.

  • MarkusM

    @fanatec: on the fanatec website it is listed for 129 €. on your blog, and in the pw_overview.htm the price is between 150 and 200 €.
    on the photos it is hard to recognice, that there are really 14 buttons. some more detailed photos, with maybe some kind of legend would be nice 😉
    i’m VERY interested in this one. will it be available in december, as written in your blog ? and can you tell anything about it’s noiselevel ?

  • six.degrees

    Does look very nice, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Fanatex wheels 🙂

  • six.degrees

    Sorry, Fanatec, damn typo :tongue:

  • Fanatec

    The carrera will be available in our webshop for 129,95 USD in the pre-order period and afterwards 149,95.

    In Europe, the wheel will be sold through retail distribution and the price depends on the country and distributor so there will be a certain price range. Keep in mind that in EU we need to add VAT as well. The button layout is the same as on the Turbo wheel and you can download the manual from the support page. The noise level is certainly higher than with the belt drive but about the same level as the competition from the other wheel makers.

    Delivery will be Q1 2009.

  • MarkusM

    @fanatec: thanks for the info :happy:

  • Gaiajohan

    At your left thumb place you see two buttons, which you can press aboven and down.. So, 4 buttons total on left thumb.
    On the right the same.
    That’s 8.

    And on the spoke under there’s two buttons.
    One is a hatswitch which is 4..
    And the other has two parts. Total 14
    2 at the back = 16.

  • MarkusM

    @Gaiajohan: thanx, sounds handy :sd:

  • Dave


    what is shipping on your cockpit to the US? Also..I already own a G25..would it be able to be fitted to the cockpit or is it only for your wheels?

  • Fanatec

    It depends on where you are located but it is around 50 USD to 200 USD. You need to drill holes in order to fit the wheel but the shifter cannot be attached. But if you spend already so much money for the Cockpit you should also get the new Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel or the GT3 RS wheel with it. If you want to save money and use the pedals of the G25 you can just order the Pure edition. You will enjoy the smooth belt drive and the extra Xbox360 compatibility among many other features.

  • RKipker


    First, it’s great to see a OEM paraticapte in a blog and actually redpond to questions with real answers.

    I’m very interested in a cockpit and extras, please look for my email. But here is my questions:

    1) Is the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel Pure Edition a belt drive and does it offer the same motors/FFB as the Higher priced Turbo wheel? Also, does this wheel come with shifter?

    2) The special RennSport cockpit and accessories state you have an Adapter to use the shifter for the G25? Please tell me if I want to use the cockpit I only need this additional adapter plate?

    3) If I want your wheel and separate pedals, the clubsport pedals (Clubsport Pedals for Porsche wheels
    [PWGT3RS CS P]) will I just need the Pure Edition? Also, will these work with Simbin games/GTR2/Evo.

    4) I may spend over $1753.00US please send me a coupon code and the deal is done [email protected].

    Thanks for your time and help with these questions.

    cockpit w/triple monitor stand (I have 3 22″ screens can I mount these?)
    Pure Wheel with Club pedals
    RF dongle, keyboard, and G25 shifter adapter (incase I like G25 better vs your wheel)

  • RKipker

    sorry for the typeO’s, typing in the dark/early morning…no edit feature 😉

  • Fanatec

    Please have a look at the feature comparison list as this will answer most of your questions and more…

    1) The wheels are identical on all 911 Turbo S editions.

    2. The Shifter adapter is for the RennSport wheel stand and not the Cockpit. We have to make that more clear on the website. It is not compatible to the Rennsport cockpit.

    3. yes. or you use the pedals of your G25 or MS wheel if you already have one. The Clubsport pedals will work fine with the Simbin titles.

    4. We will do so! Thank you very much.

    The triple monitor stand is designed for the Dell monitors but if you have some mechanic skills you might be able to adapt it.

  • Dave

    Fanatec..thanks for the reply.

    Actually I use Todd Cannon pedals and will never use a different set again as they are simply the best made..period.

    I cannot use a wireless wheel and don’t arcade race (xbox,ps3,wii) so that is of no use to me. I do need a place for the G25 shifter so maybe your cockpit is out. A shame really as I like the look of it.

    Again..thanks for the response.

  • RKipker

    Thanks Fanatec, I figured out #3 after posting. Maybe you guys can make an adapter plate for the G25 shifter, maybe you don’t want to :weird:

    I sent in a inquiry yesterday with my info and potential purchase options.


  • Fanatec

    we will change the design for you and other users who want to attach a different wheel or shifter so that the design will be more universal. It will take a little but we can do it.