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Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel – SRT Review

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel – SRT Review

The guys over at have released their video review of Fanatec’s upcoming Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel as Shaun Cole takes a closer look at Fanatec’s newest creation.

The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel is the first of many new Fanatec products to come in the next months, the wheel is cross compatible to the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

Watch the full review below as Shaun Cole talks about the pros, the cons and shows off plenty of footage of the wheel in action. The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel sells for 249 Euros/Dollars and will be available in mid-October, Fanatec is accepting pre-orders now.

  • Cristiano Trabuio

    I see that there is some delay in moving between the real and the steering wheel on the screen that I don’t see with my G25. How can you use it?

  • mykem

    In my opinion, it would be ethical if SRT mentioned at the beginning of any review of any Fanatec product, for the sake of its viewers, that one of SRT members work for Fanatec. 

  • Gnomie

    Yes.. it even says “Directed by Darin Gangi” at the end there. Tricky!

  • Dave A.

    Forget about SRT, its almost comercial only show. Only with Fanatec and iRacing (all the “i” products out there disgust me) you get the REAL .. blah blah…

  • Tomaž Meglic

    Hard to beleive but we see a time delay betwen turning wheel and wheel on screen. For hardcore simracers that is unacceptable.

    Can anybody confirm if that is the wheel problem?

  • aaltomar

    Most likely it’s the software combined with the input lag with the TV. They are using an Xbox aren’t they? I don’t think it’s the fault of the controller.

  • nineeleven2012

    Unfortunately Shaun was reading something he clearly did not write. I wish ISR all the best but this was wierd!

  • Tyrone Frith

    he is using a higher wheel rotation. That is the common thing you see when you use the full 900 deg rotation.

  • Jim Eagan

    It’s also a function of camera frames per second versus monitor frames per second. They refresh at different rates, so what the wheel does in Shaun’s hands happens ‘faster’ than what we see on screen.

  • Tomaž Meglic

    Hmm i saw many videos with G25/G27 wheel, but i dont remember any with time delay between monitor and player? Lol

  • Big Ron

    What, it´s cross compatible? So we will see some guys playing Gran Turismo 5 with the Forza Motorsport wheel?

  • Silly(c)One

    Djeez, what a bunch of trolls and whiners…

    Get a life, guyz !

  • Mike Stinchfield

    I tried this wheel myself at the Forza 4 booth at ALMS Laguna Seca 2 weeks ago.  In my opinion the FFB feels exactly like my GT2 and the wheel itself feels cheaper, particularly the buttons.  I realize this may be because the demo stations Turn 10 has setup get a lot of abuse, but did you notice the ‘A’ button in Shaun’s review?  It is a little twisted.  The D-pad on the CSR feels very flimsy.  But having said that, my GT2 also has a power button that gives me fits.  Whatever Chinese firm Fanatec uses, QC is obviously an issue. 

    I plan on picking up the CSR-Elite whenever that is released.  I think a GT2 owner would be foolish to pick this base CSR wheel as an upgrade.  It seriously feels like an inferior product to their GT2.

  • Samuel Korthof

    THIS PRODUCT IS NOT YET AVAILABLE or AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER! Or NEXT SHIPMENT Jan 2020. These are the sentences I relate with Fanatec.

  • lemming 77

    Is it maybe a problem which is exaggerated by the wireless connection? I’m not sure, but that does really put me off.