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Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel – Review

VirtualR reviews Fanatec’s brand-new Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel that is compatible to all three major platforms.

Ever since Fanatec entered the upper-class steering wheel market in 2008, the company has been selling officially Porsche-licensed wheels.

After focusing on road-car replica wheels for over three years, the company is now introducing a batch of new hardware that moves away from the confinement of the Porsche brand.

The first is the Forza Motorsport-endorsed CSR wheel that bundles Fanatec’s trademark cross-comptability with proven technology and an all-new wheel rim design.

Are Fanatec wheels worth the price even without the shiny Porsche badge? Read the review to find out!


While future Fanatec wheels will be using a newly-designed base, the Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel once again uses the proven internals that have already powered the company’s Porsche line of wheels.

The Force Feedback is provided by a strong Mabuchi RS 550 motor that is belt driven for smooth effects. The motor is backed up by two additional actuators that provide vibration to simulate feedback from the engine and ABS.

Like the Porsche Turbos S & GT2 wheels, the FM CSR’s standout feature is its cross compatibility as the wheel works both on the PC and the Playstation 3 as well as Microsoft’s Xbox 360, a console which is not supported by any other upper-market wheel currently available.

The impressive compatibility somewhat limits the choice of buttons available on the rim, the FM CSR comes with the typical console button layout consisting of eight buttons, an analog stick and the console-typical „Start“ & „Select“ Buttons“.

Furthermore, the wheel comes with built-in shifting paddles and an optional available set of stick shifters. I´ve tested the wheel with the CSR shifter set that includes both a sequential shifter and a 6+1 manual unit.

The wheel also features the built-in tuning options that are accessible via the small LCD display already known from their Porsche line of wheels.

[head3]Design & Build Quality[/head3]

The FM CSR wheel features a newly-designed wheel rim that separates the wheel from the road car-oriented design of the Porsche wheels.

Without striving to be an exact replica of a particular race car wheel, the rim does look like something one would find in a competition car (save for the console-style buttons), featuring a neat-looking faceplate made of aluminum.

The wheel rim material of Fanatec’s Porsche line of wheel differed with the price tag, while the cheaper ones used plastic or rubber, the more expensive wheels made use of leather and even alcantara.

For the FM CSR, Fanatec has gone a new route, coming up with a grip solution that includes three different materials. While the majority of the rim is made of glossy plastic, the hand grips are made of rubber and high-quality alcantara with the lower part of the rim covered in rubber as well.

While this solution doesn’t give you the full sensation of Fanatec’s famous alcantara wheel rims, the hand grips provide the exact same sensation & feel (and smell!) of the full-blown alcantara wheel.

The new wheel rim also features brand-new aluminum-made shifting levers as Fanatec has finally learned their lesson in that regard. The first Porsche wheels had very wobbly levers, later models introduced screw-on plates that were still mounted on a plastic-base though.

Now, Fanatec has gone all-out, cutting the plastic out and finally providing some durable aluminum shifting levers that come with a nice click when used. While the wheel-rim is all new, the wheel’s base is known to everyone who ever owned a Fanatec wheel as the FM CSR isn’t just sharing the same internals as the Porsche wheel, it’s also using the same base design aside from the paint job.

Build-quality wise, the missing Porsche badge makes the FM CSR no less impressive than other Fanatec wheels as everything feels durable and well-made. The rubber-alcantara hand grips feel nice and provide excellent grip, the plastic parts of the rim are a bit of a letdown though, especially for people whose hands tend to move around on the rim, a matter made worse by the fact that you can feel a seam in the middle of the rim as well.

Aside from the plastic rim, the used materials even exceed the Porsche line as the aluminum wheel plate and the highly-durable shifting levers look and feel better than anything any Porsche wheel ever offered.

The improved build quality also continues with the new CSR Shifter set. While still using the same plastic casing of Fanatec’s old shifters, the new units feel more durable due to the sticks being bigger and fully made of metal now.

[head3]Installation & Configuration[/head3]

Fanatec hasn’t just come a long way when it comes to the used materials, drivers & documentation have improved tremendously over the years as well. While their first wheels were somewhat rough around the edges in that regard, the FM CSR wheel comes with proper documentation and drivers for a smooth start.

First, we have to fix the wheel to the table though and here’s an area that hasn’t improved at all. Since the FM CSR uses the same base as the Porsche wheels, it also comes with the same clamping mechanism I have complained so often about in past reviews.

I feel like a broken record pointing it out, while the clamp is very easy to fix and loose again, it just doesn’t give the wheel a very tight grip to the table compared to screw-solutions used by other manufacturers. If you like your Force Feedback strong, chances are that the wheel base will start moving on the table after a longer drive.

People who own a cockpit or wheel stand are much better off as hard-mounting the wheel is always a better choice. Since the FM CSR wheel comes with the same screw-layout than the other Fanatec wheels, pretty much all stands & rigs currently on the market are compatible to the wheel.

Once the wheel is fixed, buyers of the CSR Shifter set also need to add the shifters which are connected to the wheel by two metal tubes that are fed into holes in the wheel base. The shifters can be attached either at the left or the right side of the wheel, they´re connected to the base using a PS2 cable.

With the wheel all set up, console players are already ready to go. Once the wheel is turned on, a certain button combination has to be pressed to send the wheel in PC, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 mode.

The latter is the easiest to use as the wheel is wireless in Xbox 360 mode and ready to go with two touches of a button. The Playstation 3 requires a wired connection as does the PC mode that of course also requires a driver to be installed.

Fanatec recently released a new version driver that supports the FM CSR, the driver installation is quick and flawless. If you owned a Fanatec Porsche wheel before, make sure to update the driver installation as older-version drivers work with the wheel but only with Force Feedback disabled.

[head3]Driving & Force Feedback[/head3]

Fanatec has set quite high standards in terms of the driving experience with their Porsche wheels and the Forza Motorsport CSR wheel lives up to the brand’s standards.

The wheel’s belt-driven Mabuchi motor delivers strong and detailed Force Feedback effects with the two vibration motors adding more detail for a more realistic experience.

Despite offering strong effects, the wheel is very smooth and quick to turn, the mechanical deadzone is minimal and nothing to complain about. While being strong and precise, the wheel is also rather silent, giving you the impression of using quality equipment.

Compared to the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2, the company’s top-shelf Porsche product, the wheel feels a bit sharper in all regards, being a bit more quicker to turn, a bit stronger and a bit smoother despite using the same technical internals.

In terms of immersion, the FM CSR is a completely different beast than the Porsche wheels as the new wheel rim gives you the impression of actually using a race-car wheel instead of a road car replica.

This feeling is helped by the fact that the wheel just feels a bit quicker to respond, making it a better choice than the Porsche wheels, especially for driving race cars that require quick reaction time.

Since the wheel is very much aimed at console users, one of the most important features are the quick-tuning settings using the built-in display. While the ability to adjust things like deadzone, force feedback & sensitivity on the wheel is largely a matter of comfort with PC sims, it is essential for console games.

Most console titles don’t offer extensive steering wheel & force feedback settings, gamers are usually stuck with what the stock settings provide as other wheels don’t allow to tweak any settings independently from the software.

With the Fanatec tuning settings, console racers break free from this confinement, bringing some of the flexibility PC users are used to over to console games.


Sim racers don’t have to fear, just because the new Fanatec products have lost the Porsche badge doesn’t mean the company is losing their ways. Despite relying heavily on the proven base of the Porsche wheels, the Forza Motorsport CSR is a successful evolution in Fanatec’s line of wheels.

The build quality has been further improved, finally offering really durable paddle & stick shifters and the wheel comes with ever-improving drivers and documentation. Even though the wheel uses proven internals, Fanatec has managed to squeeze a little more out of the hardware as the wheel feels just a tad racier than its Porsche predecessors.

Of course, the FM CSR can’t quite compete with the T500 RS in terms of smoothness and force feedback strength, that’s hardly a surprise looking at the price the Thrustmaster wheel goes for though. The Forza Motorsport CSR sells for 249 Euros/Dollars and even when adding the load cell-equipped CSR Elite pedals (which VirtualR will review very soon!), the combo stays under 400 Euros/Dollars.

For users who primarily want to use their wheel at a gaming console, Fanatec’s wheel remains the top choice not just because of the unrivaled crosss-compatability but because of the wheel-tuning settings that allow Fanatec owners to have their individual needs met while others are stuck with the stock settings.

The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel is exclusively available on the Fanatec website.


  • All new aluminum paddle shifters
  • Strong Force Feedback, smooth & silent driving experience
  • Quick tuning options allow tweaking independent from game software
  • Unrivaled cross compatibility to all three major platforms
[/listpros] Cons:
  • Partly-plastic wheel rim, no full alcantara treatment
  • Table clamp doesn’t allow tight fight, hard-mounting recommended
  • No pedals included
  • Anonymous

    Inside Sim Racing has this wheel well above the much better T500RS guess Gangi has something to do with that lol.

    • Danny Bouwes

      Really? From what I remember they just did not mention the T500RS and everybody was asking for it in the comments…
      Gangi probably did have something to do with that. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Yep of course ISR’s Fanatec reviews will have some bias to it despite whatever they say.
      They’d likely rather omit certain details than criticise it now that Darin is working with them.
      In the same situation as Sean with my mate working for Fanatec, I`d find it hard to criticise them to a worldwide audience unless it was something trivial.

  • P B

    Very good review! 

    I had a FANATEC GT2 in the recent past and am nom on the Thrustmasters T500RS… Ideed, the Thrustmasters is way better, way tighter and way more precise… 

    The only things which couls be improved for me in the T500 RS are:
    – Its a bit “notchy” meaning, when turning the wheel against its internal force, you can feel very little “clicks” at each degree or so that you turn. I suppose that any mono motor design has this (I believe the nochiness comes from the motor), but the upcoming Fanatec elite wheel has two motors, so if they are clever they design it in a way the two motors “notchinesness” compensate for each other..
    – The on wheel setting possiblility a la Fanatec is very nice

    • Adam Špaček

      I think feeling clicks is not single-motor designs fault. It is probably more related to the connection of motor and steering wheel axis. In Fanatec wheels axis is connected with belt, in Logitech wheels there are gearwheels, therefore Fanatec is more “smooth”. I would say Thrustmaster uses gearwheels too.

      Maybe I am wrong (never had T500 RS in hands), if so, please correct me 😉

  • johnsinclair

    250€ wheel only…no thanks.

  • WorkWombatman

    Its a shame these reviews dont point out that in XBOX mode the wheel makes a terrible electrical noise.  Yes fanatec are going to fix it in a firmware update however – I feel that a review should be a review of all the features.

  • Marcel Offermans

    I would love these reviews to go more in depth, especially on the mechanical design of these wheels. Disassembling them and including pictures of their inner workings, reviewing the parts that were used, etc. I would for example like to learn all about the motors that were used, their specs (such as life time, torque, etc..). Also, please follow up the reviews after you’ve used the wheel for a couple of months.

    Another option on the site would be to open up the site to multiple reviews of such a product (like this dutch site does: ).

  • noro ardanto

    Can’t see any pedals? sold separately? my god! my wife would never approved me to purchase this even if we have spare money :p

    • steve farrell

      The pedals are sold seperately , but you can buy the cheap fanatec pedals that are around $30 or if you have a G25 / G27 you can use the pedals from that with an adaptor that Fanatec supplies for the CSR.

    • Thomas Jackermeier

      I don’t see any advantage if we would offer the wheel only in a bundle with pedals. Our modular system allows the choice of several pedal options and if you have a good set of pedals we are not forcing you to buy another set.

  • Vedran Sinclair

    well, all reviews I read so far are far from my experience. I had two 911 GT2 wheels, both had same fault, G25 pedals did not want to work, then fanatec decided to send me CSR to try.
    Wheel was making horrible grinding noise when turned, with power on or off, and pedals worked only the first time I plugged them in.

    Build quality and feel of 911 GT2 wheels was ok, but in my eyes CSR is step backwards.
    With all the plastic on it, and buttons that you can not comfortably reach when you need them is massive build and design fail.

    It may feel ok to people who are used to cheap wheels, like ms wheel for xbox for example, as CSR is better than £40-£60 wheels, but for any serious simmer who will use it on PC as well it is a big let down, it just feels like plastic toy.

    If you need to have fanatec wheel i would rather recommend 911 GT2 if you get one that works.
    I would recommend to save little more cash and go for thrustmaster if you want to have wheel that is going to last you for few years.

    Fanatec wheels are riddled with faults, their support is ok but not great, they are swamped at the moment as they are having huge amount of issues, i spoke to one of their guys and in one moment he apologised for slow response as he is getting 200 e-mails per day. 

  • Tim Caldwell

    I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the plastics, both on the base, and the rim itself. My wheel tends to ‘chatter’ a lot too in the Forza menus when I would expect it to otherwise be completely still, and yes there is a whining noise with the 360 which I presume is something to do with the wireless connection as it doesn’t happen in PS3 or PC mode. Incidentally by default the fans are set to ‘always on full’, although the manual tells you how to disable this so they come on when the wheel reaches a certain temperature, and this makes the wheel a little quieter too.

    I quite like the wheel itself in use, and also the CSR Elite pedals. My only gripe with the pedals is that the accelerator face place is too smooth, it could do with a few more holes in it to provide a bit more grip. The brake pedal is a lot better than the one one my old G27 pedal set.

    I would like to point out that once the wheel has been connected to the XBox, it only takes a single button press to put it in 360 mode. You turn the wheel on, press the XBox button on the wheel and you’re done.

    • Thomas Jackermeier

      We will offer a firmware update soon to eliminate this chatter or noise and the memroy issue on some wheels so this will be fixed.

  • loggylog.jon

    I had to mod mine because I couldnt reach the buttons comfortably[email protected]/6332507281/in/photostream/

  • dave demers

    I thought i would let the public know about my recent problems with Fanatec.on July-16-2009 i ordered a Turbo-s wheel from fanatec.of course they charged me at the moment i placed the order.after almost five months of excuses and waiting – according to them they were ready to ship out my wheel on November-30 -2009well recently ( dec-19 ) i contacted there service dept. about a problem with the force feedback motor.i just received a responce this morning stating that it is unfortunate but my warranty has expired as of November -30 -2011.even though i received the wheel on December-29 -2009and they also tell me the wheel is not repairable.all it needs is the motor – so basically they are saying that they do not carry replacement parts.this wheel was advertized as a limited collectors edition – am i supposed to throw it away because of a defective force feedback motor.i could easily repair it in about one hour if i had a replacement motor.for the moment i can still use it if i turn off the force basically i have lost a months warranty because they calculate that the warranty starts when it leaves the any other product or company a warranty starts when the customer has received the producti have to say that i am really pissed at them. here is the responce i received this morning.( Hi Dave,thank you for your email and video.Usually your wheel has to be replaced because it´s irreparable, but unfortunately it´s out of warranty. As you see in the invoice, delivery-date was 30.11.2009I´m sorry for thatBest Regards / Mit freundlichen GrüßenJohannes Kirsch(Fanatec Support Team) )