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Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel To Be Released This Year

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier has shared some hot news on the iRacing forums recently, confirming a long-running rumor in the sim racing community.

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier has shared some hot news on the iRacing forums recently, confirming a long-running rumor in the sim racing community.

Whispers about Fanatec developing a direct drive wheel have been around for a long time but now the head honcho himself confirmed the existence of such a development program!

Even better, Jackermeier confirmed that Fanatec’s take on the much-discussed direct drive technology will be made available later this year.

Build from the ground up, the new wheel is not meant to replace the current ClubSport offerings but become a new top-end product above them, full compatibility will ensure that existing Fanatec rims work on both platforms.

Other details are sparse as Fanatic is in no rush to release more details but once more the German hardware maker is at the forefront of making high-end technology available and accessible for regular sim racers.

  • Richard Hessels

    OSW bases DD wheel is taking big bites out the top-end from Fanatec.
    With a bit less luxurious wheel but a much stronger, better and indestructible base the price-point comes quite near. So lets see what the Fanatec’s DD pricepoint will be.

  • 0100

    Nice, can’t wait for this to come to market! My plan was an OSW mige later this year, but if the Fanatec’s DD has similar torque, resolution and the price is right. I will probably buy one.

  • Dave Hiles

    I failed to see where Thomas mentioned there would indeed be a direct drive wheel coming. It is all speculation. The next wheel could be another belt drive for all we know.

    • Chillisteak

      He didn’ state there would be a direct drive wheel. But it is implied that they are working on one as he stated
      “we actually even considered to use you for our beta test programme and send you a free direct drive wheel”
      While he may not have confirmed it’s coming a business doesn’t develop a product with the intention of never selling it, so you can safely assume that given it’s in beta testing and they are sending them out to people that a launch is on it’s way.

  • Chillisteak

    Intrigued by this, but my Clubsport V2 base is more than enough wheel for me.

  • Roy Rki

    Four digit price tag? No thanks

  • Leeman

    Meanwhile some of the better sim racers online are using a Logitech DFGT. So you know…

  • Fabio Pittol

    I’m curious to know the percentage of simracers that use DD wheels and those fancy-ass pedals as well. If it’s the majority, geez, I’m in the wrong hobby! lol

    • Lower Level

      I don’t know about percent, but I can say I do. Accuforce here. And ECCI pedals. Next:……….

      • Fabio Pittol

        Lucky you! This combo would cost me around R$ 10.000 with taxes, which means ~11 times the minimum wage here! :'(

      • Lower Level

        Lucky yes. I am grateful as life at the time went in a way I got something I never thought [possible. So, possibly, you may have something happen too. Never stop dreaming as dreams are free and sometimes happen. Cheers!!

  • joe pineapples

    I’ll dish out for a ski mask and the rest should follow.

  • steve30x

    I’m still waiting for the affordable wheel Thomas said we were getting over a year ago. I don’t class that CSL Elite wheel affordable at all. Even if they made a standard CSL without the quick release and but with the CSL rim and make it around €300 – €350 it would be much more affordable. I am not willing to spend a lot on Fanatec wheels because I don’t have a good experience with the wheels I got from them. My CSR (non Elite) only lasted about two years before it started giving trouble. Now its not doing so well. On self calibration the wheel turns very very slowly , the USB on the side is loose and the button that the right paddle shifter doesn’t click anymore , feels mushy and sometimes needs to be pulled twice before it recognises its been activated. On the other and I have the CSR Elite pedals with original Load cell with about four or five years now and the pedals still work perfectly.

  • Delicious Points

    I saw the video but what exactly does the Direct drive wheel provide besides having more NM of torque as opposed to belt driven? Is it the fact that just turning the wheel feels more like a real car?

    • steve30x

      Direct drive is far better because the the wheel is connected directly to the motor which means you feel all the FFB effects. With wheels that connect to gears or through belts you lose some of the FFB effects that the game

      outputs. The biggest drawback of direct drive wheels is the massive price they cost.

    • 0BZEN

      It’s not just power, but accuracy. A belt / worm gear / planetary gear(?) system dulls the FF. The signal transmitted gets amplified through the gearing, and all the micro-stuff gets lost in the noise inherent to the system.

      Plus the added complexity (meaning more things that can go wrong), latency (however minimal, there is some ‘flex’ added, and loose tolerances introduce noise and ‘wobbly’ FF), durability (strain on the gears), and also some alignment problems (when the belt slips).

      The motor will still need to be of very good quality to be able to accurately represent the smaller amplitudes, with a good high resolution controller, and sturdy hardware to minimise flex,

      Big industrial motors should quite comfortably handle the forces required for a car simulator. These things output a lot of torque, and accurately (they are used for driving high precision cutting machinery).

      I’d love to see a direct drive wheel from a manufacturer. Basically, a compact OSW.

  • Wilsch

    As i have had about every Fanatec product ive owned break at some point im hoping this might be the way for them to finally make a reliable product.