Fanatec ClubSport Shifter – Pricing Announced

Fanatec has announced the pricing for their new ClubSport Shifter that will be available for purchase soon.

The new shifter comes in two versions,the normal version that only features the 7-gear H-pattern and the SQ version that comes with a sequential mode an additional sequential shifting knob as well.

While the H-pattern version sells for 149 Euros/Dollars, the SQ version will be available for 179 Euros/Dollars. Since the shifter is designed to be fixed to wheel stands and cockpits, users who want to fix the shifter to a table can buy the additional table clamp for 29 Euros/Dollars.

The shifter will be available for purchase soon, more info can be found on the Fanatec website.

Features (SQ Edition)

Full metal construction
Ultra realistic shifting experience
7 gear H-Pattern mode
Reverse gear with inhibitor to prevent accidental shifts and makes handling it, more realistic
Very realistic sequential mode with strong haptic feedback
Easy to switch between sequential and H-Pattern mode
Shifter knob made of solid polished aluminum
Exchangeable gear knob, compatible to popular automotive standards
Adjustable shift feeling and resistance
Multiple mounting options on all 4 sides and bottom

In related news, it seems like Fanatec is already working on a new product – A Fanatec button box! The company is looking for suggestions on what kind of features such a box should have, share your ideas here.

  • Paul Mullins

    While I am sure these are really nice (and I am keen to get one), why is it that Australia gets bent over again with pricing??

    The CSS SQ is $230AUD ($236US) which is $57US more expensive than our US brothers can buy it for…!! The H-pattern version is $175US – a delta of $26US.

    That is ridiculous..!!

    • Anonymous

      I am Australian too and I agree it is ridiculous – but it’s even worse in Europe! 200€ = $261USD! (Although, the EU version does say including 19% VAT, I don’t know if the US price includes tax, nor does the Australian one I think).

      • Paul Mullins

        SimRacer007 – Legally, any goods or services sold in Australia must include the GST amount included in the advertised price UNLESS it is stated as $xxx + GST.

      • Anonymous

        Ah ok, I always just assumed that unless it said ‘including GST’ it didn’t include it (I’m not yet of an age where this really concerns me so I wouldn’t know).

        EDIT: Just saw Thomas’ comment, so the rest of the post was irrelevant.

      • Jason Cooper

        no it does not i was told

    • Thomas Jackermeier

      US Prices are without sales tax and the Prices in EU and AUS include VAT / GST.
      There are other factors like localisation, certificates, logistics etc. which influence the price as well.

      • Jason Cooper

        its a little bit more but remember we are at the bottom of the earth. just glad to be able to buy through fanatec and not some1 else with a great big mark up.

      • Jason Cooper

        hey thomas any news on some new wheels coming out ?

      • Janne Nordhus Kråkenes

        Is the prize 179 euro or 199 euro?

  • Ghoults

    From what I’ve read from iracing forum is that the shifter only supports fanatec wheels. No usb.

    • Paul Mullins

      Ghoults – on the Fanatec website it states: “7th gear only detected if the shifter is connected to a ClubSport Wheel”.

      I am guessing that means there might be a USB converter box somewhere down the track for it? Assuming there isn’t such a product coming, I’d guess it wouldn’t be too long before someone produces something..

  • WaitingForAC

    Interested in the sequential one, assuming it us USB compatible of course.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, sorry. Although, there is some hope/discussion on that maybe someone will come up with an adaptor at some point. For now though, no.

      EDIT: I’m also ‘Waiting for AC’ ;D

      • WaitingForAC

        welp count me out unless there is a usb converter for less than $20

  • Nabil Abdool

    Australia is still lucky with that pricing, we pay R10000 (+-$1000 US) for a CSR elite, R5000 (+-$500 US) for the BMW wheel add-on and R7000 (+-$700 US) for a basic CSR. Madness but no choice 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Man, don’t complain… You live in Australia !
      Any idea how boring it is to live in rainy Europe ?
      We have to stay inside 6 months per year, if we didn’t have Fanatec we’d be dead 😉

  • Anonymous

    For 150 euro’s you can get a T8 wich is a solid H-patern AND SQ. And paying 30 euro’s for a tableclamp (wich is needed for 90% of the customers) is a joke. “Ultra realistic shifting experience” What is wrong with just realistic. Nowadays stuff needs to be ultra realistic?!?!?!?

    • Andrew Male

      Nowadays you need to put at least 5 exclamation or question marks at the end of a sentence on the internet?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Anonymous

        Ouch. Touché 🙂

    • GuessWho

      Dont forget that this shifter is noit USB and will only work with Fanatec wheels.

      • Anonymous

        Cue the electronics tinkerers that will have it working via USB in a month – tops.

      • Jos

        great. another 10 bucks…

      • Anonymous

        Well, yeah. I’m a huge fan of how well Fanatec products function, fit into proper groups of users and generally how they have created products for our niche market. That being said, I think they’re always like 30-40% too expensive no matter what it is.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree with you there!

      • Anonymous

        30-40% too expensive based on what ? What you are ready to pay ?
        Quite arbitrary numbers…

      • Anonymous

        Yes. We all have amounts of money we think something is worth based on our knowledge of the products, processes used and COMPETITION. These small time sim guys making things one at a time are more expensive and I’d expect that based on their lack of manufacturing capabilities. I would likewise expect more plastic, mass produced versions to be far cheaper (and they are). Fanatec’s “all metal” stuff is worth a premium, to be sure, but in my opinion it’s always far more expensive than the competition at only slightly better experience.

        I’m currently trying to convince myself that the Clubsport Wheel and V2 Pedals are the “mack daddy” option but there are plenty of experienced reviews to the contrary. I have yet to see anyone thing the V2 pedals feel as good as the G27 with Perfect Pedal mod (I already own G27). As a package the G27 lacks but I’m using this as an example.

        Fanatec stuff isn’t without drawbacks (shifter can only be used with Fanatec wheels, for example) so it’s up to each person to work around that plus the price.

        Lastly, I said “I think they’re always like 30-40% too expensive”. I can answer your original question as…

        TL,DR; My Opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Nice constructive reply. Totally agree with your point of view.

      • Frans Brink

        Basherboard, basherboard… only $89 if in the states. (should be sung)

    • Frans Brink

      Easialy solved – get yourself the T8RS. Fanatec is only mandatory in North-Korea…and in

  • Anonymous

    Wow cheap! (good price). …from my perspective, that is.

  • Roger

    AWESOME, can’t wait to get mine!

  • Silver Arrow Raider

    FYI Fanatec’s website is quoting the SQ price as $199

    • Frans Brink

      Oooh noooo…. that is outrageous. Start suing for faulse marketing.

      • Anonymous

        Spot on ! Enough with whiners already !

  • Racing jason

    Seems to be a must have as the actually avaible fanatec shifters are not of good quality…

  • Frans Brink

    This is a tennisracket $150 and tennis balls $10 for a fourpack. Rackets usually lasts for a while, but balls has to be replaced quite frequently. Then you need shoes and someclothing and… a tennisparten, but most of all you need a court to play on and some transporttation to get there. Will most certainly cost you at least 20 bucks to play an hour. Healthy activitety I guess. Have you guys ever had any except playing videogames??? …and this said without taking the cost of Reallife racing as an example. I have and I also done some pro r/c car racing and I wont take up youre time presenting you the figures of a 1/10 electric touringcar season. (not sure how to upload pics)

    • MCUSA

      This is a troll – $0.00. Someone who keeps posting pathetic responses to other people’s comments in an attempt to cause trouble, only for people to tell him to go find some other forum to mess with to fulfill himself. is one of the premier sim racing news websites and not a troller’s paradise, which I might add isn’t a healthy lifestyle.

      • Anonymous

        lol, no, you are a troll. It’s the one who says it who is it.
        Grow up, kiddo, he’s just giving you a little well needed perspective.

      • MCUSA

        When a guy comes onto a sim racing site to cause trouble by assuming that all sim racers have no lives and that sim racing is a bad hobby, he’s just asking for trouble. Newsflash, sim racers do have lives outside of sim racing. This is simply a hobby we enjoy like what Frans was saying with tennis or RC cars. We don’t say your hobbies are stupid, so don’t try to lecture us as if we are always wrong with your supposedly earth-shattering perspectives to “enlighten” us. We’re sim racers, that’s our hobby. Get over it. If you don’t like what you see here, then don’t waste your time here or mine.

  • José Borges

    Hi all!

    The price announced here for EU is 179€ but in fanatec’s website the the price is 199€! How much is it going to be?

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