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Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 Video Manual

Fanatec has released the video manual for the new ClubSport V2 pedals.

Following the video manuals for the ClubSport wheel and the CSR Elite wheel, Fanatec has now released detailed video instructions for the new ClubSport V2 pedals.

The video shows off the several adjusting tasks that can be performed on the highly adjustable pedal set.

The new version of the famous ClubSport pedals have been introduced with the new ClubSport wheel and sell for 249 Euros/Dollars on the Fanatec website.


  • Paul Mullins

    It can’t be long before one of the upgrade companies out there bring out a mod kit to bring V1 pedals to V2 specs since Fanatec have stated they will not be offering such an upgrade package. 

    Thomas has said that a V1 owner could sell their pedals and buy V2 cheaper than any upgrade but then forgets they (still) have no Aussie distributors so we are forced to pay stupidly high marked up prices (yes, I am talking about you Pagani Imports) for their product which negates sell & upgrade idea..

    • Les Roche

      I feel your pain Paul. I want to buy a set of CSR Elite Pedals to replace my G27 pedals. Fanatec charge $150USD for US customers,and Pagnian Imports charge Aussie customers $298AUD ($312USD), for the same pedals.

      I can understand that being the middle man, Pagnian need to add some profit for their effort, but adding $162USD doesn’t really seem like a reasonable deal. Especially when I imagine Fanatec ship individual sets to US customers, and then probably ship in bulk to Pagnian, which has to minimise the shipping cost per unit. 

      I cannot help but wonder how much more revenue Pagnian would be making if their prices were more reasonable. I’m thinking there a lot of Aussies out there wanting to buy some Fanatec gear, but cannot justify the price, especially when the G27’s are going for about $200AUD if manage to get them on sale. 

      • Morgan Henstridge

        I hear that.  I was looking at a Fanatec wheel and pedal set in AUS a while back, and it was very pricey.  For slightly less I got a G27 and the Perfect Pedal kit which is an Awesome combo.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, this looks so good, can’t wait till I’ll get the money, still 5 months left. Sometime Late January or early February is going to be the happiest day is my sim racing life 🙂

    I love how everything in this is adjustable and looks like if it was hit by a rocket, it would survive 🙂

  • Cedric Cornelis

    Does it cooperate well with the logitech drivers?
    I mean, I have a DFGT and would like to buy the clubsports, but does the fanatec driver work well together with the logitech driver?

    • Anonymous

      Can’t speak to the V2 (though I don’t see why it would be different), but I use the original CSP’s with a G27 no problem. The only trouble you’ll run into is the odd game that doesn’t support mapping multiple input devices (all of the proper sims do and the better arcade racers do, so that’s no problem).