Fanaleds 2.2 – Released

Gerben Bol and Dirk Teurlings have released a new version of their very popular Fanaleds tool.

Version 2.2 makes Fanaleds compatible to the new 64-bit version of rFactor 2 and addresses a memory leak issue that has been discovered in earlier versions.

Despite the name, Fanaleds has grown to be much more than just a tool for Fanatec users as it supports Logitech wheels and other hardware as well, helping users to make most of the built-in displays of their steering wheels.

The tool has been made without any direct support from Fanatec and is a must have for all owners of compatible hardware.

  • Dirtbooger

    Any reason to upgrade if you do not run rfactor 2?

    • Morgan

      They also fixed a memory leak.

  • Dirtbooger
  • Roger Wallentin

    This is such a great tool! Recently some of the sims have been integrating native support for LED’s and rev indicators but for most sims this is great!

    I especially like how you can configure multiple indicators to the LED display like speed (normally displayed), gear (when shifting) and shift warning (flashing gear number when approaching redline)!

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