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F5000 Alpha Demo Update 1 – Released

F5000 Alpha Demo Update 1 – Released

The Vermin Design Team has released an update for their Formula 5000 Alpha Demo for rFactor. The update brings some improvements such as tweaked tire files, the full list of changes can be found below.


Added different cockpits colours for each car.
Tweaked the tyre file slightly.
Tweaked the engine file to stop overheating.
Added specular and cube mapping.
Adjusted the tyre file so that the car sits properly on the track.
Changed the rev counter redline to 7500rpm

Attention: This is just an update for the alpha demo, you need to make sure to have the original version installed.

Download F5000 Alpha Demo Update 1 Here

  • guy

    ugh, I hope the final product doesn’t have such low poly models 😳

  • F1Racer

    but why would the cars be remodelled for a final release ?
    Of course its going to have these cars.

  • guy

    This could be a low poly test-run on a machine used to make the mod but doesn’t have the power to run it fast enough to have playable FPS. The people making this are after all amateurs and probably don’t have unlimited money for equipment.

  • anonymouse

    wtf u talking about?

    the guy who made this mod was trying to make u happy