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F1 2020 – Formula 2 Is Here

Codemasters have released the 1.4 update for their Formula One 2020 title, adding Formula One’s main support series to the title.

The free update adds all cars from the 2020 Formula Two series to F1 2020, the final step on the career ladder towards Formula One was recently won by Germany’s Mick Schumacher.


  • Added the F2™ 2020 Season Vehicles
  • Addressed an issue where French and Spanish audio would not be available for specific regions.
  • Addressed an issue for Xbox One X users where audio could cut out when near other cars.
  • Tyre wear will now correctly be tracked when leaving/joining a session.
  • Weather forecast is now correct in full qualifying.
  • Tyre icons are now aligned on the spectator HUD regardless of the number of laps completed.

The free 1.4 update is available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 now, with the Google Stadia version to follow soon.

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