F1 2016 – ISR Hands-On Video

The guys over at InsideSimRacing.tv have been among the first to get hands-on with Codemasters upcoming F1 2016, showing off plenty of gameplay footage in a new video.

Below is plenty of footage of the new title, captured at E3 as the ISR squad got to try the title both in the show floor simulator and during a private meeting.

Aside from bringing all cars and drivers of the current Formula One season to consoles and the PC as usual, the new title will put a big emphasis on career mode as the title’s main single player feature has been vastly extended.

Career mode now now spans across up to ten seasons, introducing a new car upgrade system that is tied in with the title’s testing simulation component. Players can earn points to upgrade their cars by completing F1-style track testing sessions, simulating the development aspect of Formula One.

F1 2016 will also introduce full simulation of the Formula One safety car and virtual safety car rules, a first in the series.

F1 2016 will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One later this summer. F1 2016 can now be pre-ordered here.


  • Jack_NL

    I wonder if the guy next to John is distracted by the blond hottie or just a bad driver lol

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