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F1 2015 – New Patch Available

Codemasters have released another patch for their F1 2015 title.

Codemasters have released another patch for their F1 2015 title.

The studio continues to address several of the problems that have plagued the newest edition of the official Formula One game form the get-go.


  • We’ve addressed many of the causes for various crashes and hangs.
  • Fixed the issue causing a deadzone on your wheel after setting your wheel and pedals up.
  • The grey flashback filter will now clear correctly
  • Reduced motion blur
  • Snag removed from turn 4 at Melbourne
  • Car model for Manor will now display correctly all the time
  • Cars can no longer retire in the pit lane
  • Assist settings will now save correctly
  • Vote to skip added to Online practice
  • No longer disqualified when resetting to track
  • Allow the user to customise their Championship Season weekend.
  • Fixed Fuel Mix levels appearing to produce incorrect vehicle performances.
  • Car can no longer become stuck in second gear when exiting the pit lane.
  • Fixed the Chase camera angle sometimes becoming permanently tilted after changing control bindings on supported controllers.
  • Leaderboards will now be updated without having to go back to the main menu

The new version of F1 2015 is now available for download on Steam.

F1 2015 features all cars and drivers of the current Formula One World Championship season, using a new version of Codemasters’ EGO engine.

The title is available for purchase here.

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