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F1 2014 – First Gameplay Video

Codemasters have released a first video of their F1 2014 Formula One title.

Codemasters have released a first video of  their F1 2014 Formula One title.

The video shows a lap around Bahrain in Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari, allowing us to listen in on the distinctive and controversially-discussed sound of the 2014-spec F1 turbo engines.

Codemasters’ F1 franchise will make the next-gen console jump with the 2015 version that is due to released early during the 2015 F1 season, coming with planned weekly updates as the season progresses.

F1 2014 will be released on October 17, coming to the PC, Playstation & Xbox 360. The title will come with all cars, drivers & tracks of the 2014 season, including a refined career mode, scenario mode and improved handling.

F1 2014 can now be pre-ordered here.

  • Jim. C

    They’ve done a good job in recreating the crap engine sound.

    • Pe11e

      I can’t stand that engine sound! Sounds like Gran Turismo, lol. I’m aware that they probably done a good job on engine sounds, and I simply can’t get over that crappy sound, kills the immersion completely.

      • Mario Strada

        I actually think their sound is better than the real one. At least what we get on our TVs. it’s like watching a riding lawn mower race.

      • MatzeLoCal

        And when it accelerates out of the corner it sounds like a automatic transmission …

      • Ghoults

        To me it sounds like the car had open rear diff…

    • RangaTanga

      I do like the sounds of this years engines(not as much as previous seasons though). But I think codemasters have screwed the nut too much on this one as I’ve never heard that amount of turbo effects on the real deal. The engines this year are highly efficient with various energy recovery systems, thus making the ‘turbo wastegate/spooling’-sound almost obsolete.

    • gt3rsr

      Engine sound is the last thing that bothers me about modern F1.

      • Jim. C

        Agreed. There’s a whole list of things.

  • Thomas Boyle

    Good job, but I doubt it will be better than the F1 mod for AC…

    • MatzeLoCal

      Honestly, I have respect for nearly anyone who makes a mod.

      But except for a very few mods (e.g. P&G) you can’t compare a mod with a dedicated game like F1 2014.

      I’m not a fan of the F1-series (real and the official game) but the codemasters F1 gives you all cars, all tracks (in a very high quality, even though not laser scanned) plus something that could be described as atmosphere.

      I have to say it again: Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge respect for modders, but most of the time you can’t compare their work to the work of a team of nearly hundred people who make one game.

      Both, the dedicated game and the mod, have a their place, but the intersection is just the series the cover.

      • dd101

        Can’t compare? What are they afraid of then ( warns/bans for F1 mods news)?
        What were they thinking of F1 fans, with mid-season announces + end season releases of arcade oriented games all those years?

        I’m glad PS4/Xbox1 will get their game early next year, but really wish their PC version be “converted” into some proper mod. Fans want racing on PC, not wannabe cut-scenes.

      • dd101

        The video is garbage as promo, btw.

      • MatzeLoCal

        Full ack …

      • MatzeLoCal

        Codemaster initiated the ban? I thought it was the FIA …

      • dd101

        FIA would be happy that someone else make F1 more popular.. It’s EA who must warn them – they loosing money and can’t pay as much for a license as a result.

        To make it clear – I would support EA’s F1 even its arcade versions, buying the thing to get some mood before a real GP. But all those pathetic “past season releases” and FIA warns/bans made me 100% mods (AC/rF2) supporter.

    • ftrracingtv

      He puts so much effort in to that mod if you look at his YouTube account he has about 5 live streams of his build that are like 11 hours long

      Thank you Formula Corsa

  • 0x00

    I’m kind of curious how Codemasters has to approach this season. Is the Mercedes going to be a world beating wundercar? Is the Ferrari going to be a twitchy, hard to drive POS? Do they have to make all the cars relatively uniform in performance?

  • Velocity25

    Didn’t hear ERS off throttle sounds.
    attention to detail is important for immersion.

  • Christopher Trees

    I know mythbusters proved the saying wrong… But seriously codemasters you can’t polish a turd

  • Christopher Trees

    Add to my previous comment… S¥@t sounds dreadfull.. Nothing like the 2014 cars

  • Magics

    F1 2014 as DLC ok. But 40€ for new skins and new sound? Sorry who is a better netcode or a complete Grid in multiplayer?

  • Magics

    Or a free multiplayer practice?

  • svdb

    Awesome sounds.

  • ipitydafool

    Those physics look pro.

  • fatalabarth

    Looks like an old f1 game….no thanks codemasters…God bless the sims[AC, pCARS, rFactor2 etc etc]…. 😀

    • LogiForce

      I feel as Codemasters games get worse with every single game they release. Is that just me, or does anyone else have the same feeling?

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        I don’t really think their games gets worse, it’s more that there is zero development in it. You are still playing the exact same thing as you were playing in 2006 when they released DiRT.

      • LogiForce

        Strangely enough the old stuff was less buggy than the newer stuff though.
        For example you can’t get Simvibe to work in Dirt 3 but you could in Dirt 2.
        Also the FFB has gone worse with every release in my opinion, even though it still is the same system they use.

        So yeah, they are fiddling with it but breaking and not fixing things in the process. With those new bugs and so on they are making the whole thing worse than previous games. At least that’s my opinion.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Haven’t really had to deal with such issues or bugs in general.

        My experience with Codies games is that they take out stuff compared to previous games and seem to do as little work as possible. Codies comes over as lazy to me and taking out bugs and not updating the engine(which apart from a slight update with DiRT2 seems like the exact same thing they started with in 2006) only shows this more.

        Where there was quite a bit of content and variety in DiRT, it became less and less to virtually nothing. DiRT had you do a variety of things. while DiRT was pretty much doing the same thing over and over again, in cars which all behave similarly. They didn’t even bother giving you a reward anymore for all your hard work doing the exact same thing 50 times over again.

        They went from a full experience to something where they took out literally anything interesting and just made it a simple, empty racer that isn’t even enjoyable online since they didn’t even bother to add in a good way to race with friends for example.

        They apparently tried a bit with GRiD Autosport but i don’t believe that was very succesful since it looked to be more of the same, again.

        Looking forward to what F1 2015 brings though, which would bring a new engine.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Slamming the throttle even before the apex, lol.

  • Mauserrifle

    This is a promo? I’ll pass

  • Mauserrifle

    This is a promo? I’ll pass

  • Max Pautov

    What is this cartoon???

  • Almacca

    The F1 license is wasted on Codemasters. The yearly release schedule is a real millstone around their neck. It’s Madden with cars.

    What they should have done is made it into an online service similar to iRacing. Proper organised racing and F1 would be a perfect fit, but Codies seems to be more interested in sticking to a business model aimed more at extracting money from children and other morons than providing a service that respects both the brand and it’s fans.

    • Paul

      Formula One Management wanted a casual officially licensed F1 game for the masses. It’s designed to push the brand, not to provide an ultra realistic simulation of an F1 car. FOM only granted the license to a software developer because they wanted a computer game in their brand portfolio, with as many people paying and playing as possible. You are absolutely right to compare it to Madden – it’s all about brand awareness.

      Creating a realistic F1 experience with authentic handling would have catered for us sim racers, but would sell very few copies. It would be a niche PC product only and that would be unacceptable for those who market F1. They want something on all platforms pushing that logo as much as possible.

      Codemasters have always created accessible racing games which was ideal for FOM because that was the type of game they wanted. They were chosen to produce a product that would appeal to a larger casual audience and those ‘children and other morons’ really matter to them I’m afraid.

      You’ll never have that F1 game that you really want guys while FOM is pulling the strings and awarding that license.

      • RKipker

        I disagree that they can not make a better game and still meet FOM criteria. Also, no way of knowing this is the specifics and simply giving Codies an out.