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F1 2013 vs. rFactor 2 – Comparison Video

FTRRacingTV has put together a very interesting comparison, putting Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2013 title side by side with rFactor 2.

FTRRacingTV has put together a very interesting comparison, putting Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2013 title side by side with rFactor 2.

The two titles couldn’t be much more different, on one side there’s Codemasters’ big-budget mainstream F1 franchise and on the other is rFactor 2, very much a product aimed at the sim racing community.

You can watch a lap around the Portuguese track in both sims below and decide which one does it better!

  • Juhan Voolaid

    So different.

    • Kai

      still waiting for the day when codies will get their physics right or ISI their graphics…

      • Anonymous

        They got together one drunken night and Kunos Simulazione was the result.

      • Walter


  • Anonymous

    Actually this video was made to highlight the colour difference in ISI Gmotor engine games, compared to other sim racing engine.

    Quote from the author of the video: “Forgive me for saying, but this video is a good example of what I find the mayor flaw in rF2 ( and rf1 in the past) graphics department. The colours used.
    While the Formula One 2013 version clearly shows a good resemblance to the ambient colours we see in the real world, The rFactor 2 version seem to stand out as a rather cartoonish looking environment. Not due to the modeling, or overall shaders, but by the simple choice of colours. I realise it can easily be changed, but still the initial choice surprises me.” End of Quote

    I agree with him/her, ISI’s colour pallet is basically hanna barbera inspired.

    • Sway Dizzle

      Somehow the rF2 track looks closer to the real thing.

      • Jordan Meagher

        Yes RF2 colors look more closer to the real thing … even more so after build 300 the colors have changed majorly.

  • Jim. C

    rF2 looks almost looks a generation behind in this video. The colour palate at Estoril is atrocious.

    • Anonymous

      yup, and if you look at the Codemasters Singapore f1 track video, its just fantastic. it looks like AC is the only game that will have the framework for someone to make tracks that look as good as they do in the codemasters f1 games.

      just hope someone does. I’d happily pay a £1 or £2 for a track if the quality was as good as that Singapore track.

      • Jim. C

        I am a big fan of rF2 but the visuals are such a let down. Recent tracks like Silverstone and Mores show a good improvement but they are nothing exceptional. Older tracks such as Estoril and Sepang really need to be brought up to acceptable standards but knowing ISI it will either never happen or take years.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Who cares, its about the driving, and even game stock car using rfactor 1 engine should be good enough as long as the driving is great. If you need to rely on the graphics then obviously the pure driving isnt giving you enough pleasure.

      If it was a movie then id agree but after driving real sims I couldnt care less how much better the colour palette or whatever is of these regular car racing games.Codies in the end like grid, shift, wrc, dirt, forza, gt, etc all feel just like a video game, it doesnt feel like you are really driving, its just a cool fun game, on a completely different level than rfactor 2, iracng, netkar pro, rbr, piboso etc. etc.

  • Walter

    Yet another topic on here that invites flame wars.
    Track comparisons should be vs real life track footage. Blog owner doesn’t seem to give a feck about dividing the small race sim community tho’.

  • Pablo Coronel