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F1 2012 vs. Project CARS – Reality Check Video

AdrianF1, maker of many excellent reality check videos has come up with a new video that compares F1 2012 with Project CARS and real life footage.

AdrianF1, maker of many excellent reality check videos has come up with a new video that compares F1 2012 with Project CARS and real life footage.

The video below shows a lap around Silverstone both in F1 2012 as well as Project CARS, side by side with real life Formula One footage.

Check out below how Codemasters’ recently released F1 title stacks up against the pre-alpha Project CARS and the ultimate benchmark – Reality.

  • Eric Zehnder

    I really do think F1 2010 had the best graphics of the three Codemasters games. Anybody else?

    Love the pCARS graphics and the sound is coming along nicely. I like that they are going for an actual engine noise and not a TV engine/replay engine noise as they are completely different for all types of motor racing.

    • Anonymous

      “TV engine noise”, makes no sense, CM obtain actual onboard recordings from F1 cars. So, SMS cars should eventually sound similar, it better!!

      • Eric Zehnder

        My opinion based on the few races I’ve been to but the many many on-board videos I’ve watched is that there is a massive difference between the two. So if the replay of an F1 on-board sounds exactly like it does when you’re playing the game (virtually in the cockpit) then it’s a bit wrong.

        Is it a big issue? Not really and certainly not for F1 games where modern F1 cars don’t really sound all that great. I certainly prefer a pack of Grand-Am cars or GT1/GT3. There’s a big difference there and you see this with pretty much every game in development right now.

      • Anonymous

        When I record myself karting, what I hear on video play back, is pretty much what I hear in real life, with exaggerated wind noise. I don’t really buy into that “big difference” in sounds real vs video recorded, so long as the video is high quality. I also think there are plenty of high quality YT videos of race cars that provide a great example of what race cars sound like.

  • Kris Baxter

    Pcars looked much better than F1 (I know I’m disappointed with 2011), but the sounds aren’t quite there yet.

  • John Krisfalusci

    Engine noise on F1 2012 sounds very much like real life but then pCars graphics look very much like real life.. Oh why can’t we merge both for Ultimate realism? ^_^

  • Mike Cantwell

    The track accuracy in F12012 is very good. Pcars has many, many errors and missing objects, trees etc. (particularly the Bathurst version)
    For me F12012 has the best look. The track in real life does not have the dark drive line either. That is over done in many cases.

    • Rodrrico

      CARS has not yet finished those tracks. The closest track to finished is Imola 2010 layout. Have a look at that and tell us what you think 🙂

    • Big Ron

      Many many missing objects and errors that will be fixed within the next nine month of development till release date 😉

  • Rodrrico

    F1 2012 track accuracy is probably better than 2012 and even the more accurate sound, but CARS is only an alpha which leaves F1 2012 for dead when you consider it in the grand scheme of things.

    • Mr Banana

      When pCars is finished it’ll be exactly how everyone extrapolates how good it will be, right? RIGHT?

      • pez2k .

        Why wouldn’t it be?

  • GargaTeste

    The F1 title of codemaster it’s a total disaster. Many of us don’t have time to spend with setups, and F1 was our hope to get some fun. But like always, the game came totally bugged! They cant release something with a good base code game. And that they haven’t. 2010 force india pit-stop bug. 2011, 11-11 setup bug, penalty game lags etc. 2012 since i’ve buyed i can’t configure my g27. or i drive straight, or i don’t make corners. Why a gamer have to fix the game, look in forums, why the game didn’t came ready? Because this game its a total waste of time. If they fix something another breaks. Its a shame to see FIA let they develop this game. This license should be totally with pCars. I don’t even waste my time posting on codemaster forums because they erase who talks something bad of the game. The game is pretty, the physics its good, the connection its better but its the same totally bugged base code. This was the last time i spent my omney with them. For sure! Hope next year FIA fix this in a different way. just a disappointed f1 FAN.

  • sargentjack86

    F1 2012 vs. Project CARS – Arcade Check Video******
    ******Title correction.

    • Eric Zehnder

      inorite?!?! derpderpderp

      Obvious Troll is trolling, obviously.

      • sargentjack86

        Mission Status: Troll is a success…….repeat…….Troll has been a success. Wrap it up boys, we’re going home!!!

  • Big Ron

    God, please stop those ridiculous comparisons between released and unfinished games. And why the hell always taking tracks of pCARS that are not even reworked but in a basic layout mesh?

  • Max Pautov

    On the right is very brutal, left cartoon!
    pCARS +1!