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F1 2012 vs. F1 2013 – Silverstone Comparison

A first video comparison of F1 2012 and is successor F1 2013 has surfaced.

Codemasters recently released the first footage of their upcoming F1 2013 and it was only a matter of time until first comparisons with the title’s predecessor would surface.

Endurance League is the first one to put such a comparison together, showing of Silverstone in both titles.

F1 2013 is the next part of Codemasters’ highly-successful Formula One game franchise, coming to the PC, Playstation & Xbox 360. Aside from offering all the cars, drivers & tracks from the current F1 World Championship season, the title’s classic edition will also give players access to plenty of cars and tracks from the 80s & 90s.

  • GamerMuscle

    I wish they did the CMF1 games more like FiFa / Other sports games where the game looks like the real thing but at the same time its totally abstract.

    Maybe if they had a strategic aspect basic team management aspect nothing crazy complicated but a solid meta game. ( not the cheesy pick a team and job offers rubbish they have had)

    I guess what they have done will sell so it doesn’t really matter , as a business exercise the CM F1 games cannot really be faulted

    Also you have to commend CM on the track art and the programmers for getting what they have out of this gen of console.

  • Mike Cantwell

    I identical track models. Just a very few more objects and a texture update. Still looks good but has that strange engine sound coming out of corners and gear changes.

  • Dani .

    At least, a physics connected to the graphics improve. Traccion loose, wheel movement, bumpers affect wheel, good car behaviour in bumps, i see more raw phisics into the game. Maybe it is a good “simcade” to play.

  • Me

    Track surface looks improved.

  • Luciano

    The last EA/ISI F1 09-02 was very ugly and had a very simplified feel in the physics simulation. Yet every single aspect of the car handling was covered: oversteer, braking lockup and aerodynamic grip. It was as addictive as Mario Kart/Trackmania.

    Sony put more money for the license, and the current Codemasters lead designer, that came from Sony, is making F1 fans puke ever since.

    But the average audience love it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is a great step…o wait they are still in the same spot.

    • Luciano

      I played F1 06 for the PS2 and… it was the exact same handling of F1 2010.

      • Anonymous


      • Luciano

        Take the dust off your PS2.

        With all aids off:

        1- The steering angle is reduced to avoid the player from oversteer? Checked

        2- The car is always power understeer? Checked.

        3- The rear brakes never lock to the point of cutting all traction? Checked (2012 changed this a bit).

        4- The steering, with a gamepad, has a built in model of digital steering to make the turn delayed/smooth? Checked

        5- The torque is delayed to avoid most spins? Checked (The PS2 has no triggers but analog pressure sensitive buttons. But you can use the right thumb stick or pedals in the wheel to accelerate).

        6- No clutch (So no launch)? Checked

        Apparently, Sony Liverpool just passed the tradition of bad F1 handling to Codemasters.

        The EA/ISI F1 09-02 (Played on PC) is simpler than rfactor, but everything is in place.

  • Silvio

    I don’t see any significant difference.

  • Philip Samuelson

    No exploding left rear tyre at Silverstone? Where is the realism?? 😛