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F1 2012 – SRT Video Review

The guys over at have released their video review of Codemasters’ F1 2012.

The guys over at have released their video review of Codemasters’ F1 2012.

The extensive 40-minute video review starts out with Shaun Cole & Darin Gangi introducing their test platforms before showing us plenty of gameplay footage and sharing their opinion of the title.

The guys have also decided to not give formal ratings in reviews anymore, watch the review below to find out why!

  • GamerMuscle

    Really good and entertaining review video, I love the work ISR put into there videos.

    In terms of the review itself Its strange that they think the physics are good.

    Sure they are not arcade or bad ,bad . but there are massive holes in how the cars handle , I suspect part of it is just that Darren and Shaun don’t really drive single seater cars so maybe don’t notice the more subtle handling characteristics that people who race them allot depend on.

    The crux of driving a Single seater car is it being incredibly sharp and being able to place it on a dime yet all the code masters F1 games seem to dislocate the driver from the car with not just some lag in the stearing but lag in how the car responds when on the limit of tire grip , The game also has strange physics when you clip curbs or take low speed tight corners.

    If you are a decent sim racer used to the depth found in some RF1 F1 mods , the NKP SK2 or The F1 cars in FVA then you will find the physics in the CodeMasters games simply annoying and imposable to justify putting time into.

    They say that F1 2012 its not good for noobs but it is if you put the assists on it is and probably plays better that way and that’s probably how most people play the game anyway especially the bulk of people that play with a game pad.

    So The reason “Hard core simmers” dislike the game is because the core fundamental physics (for people that can drive an f1 car on the limit in ( RF1 and FVA) ) are broken.

    I don’t think anyone dislikes the arcade game stuff and missions. In fact I love that sort of thing and I WOULD LOVE FOR MORE SIMULATORS TO HAVE THAT FOR OFFLINE PLAY ( Assetto Corsa looks like it will have some really cool fun modes just for messing around with) But only if the core physics are up to scratch , or if the game is an out and out arcade game.

    If A game cannot do a simulation up to the standard of RF1 , LFS ( which themselfs still have many issues) then Id rather they just did a solid pure arcade physics model that’s at least consistent without holes in the handling.

    • Chris Wright

      Can I ask if you actually own the game?

    • Howard Motz

      “I said for the casual racer that wants to pretend to be a F1 driver for 20-40 min a week this game is AMAZING.” Do you mean, as opposed to those who want to pretend to be a F1 driver 20-40 hrs. a week?” But I understand what your getting at. I doubt if we’ll ever see, state of the art physics on games made for the masses. In fact those physics still aren’t available for the public in any form.

    • Anonymous


      OTOH, fun is usually furthered with a reasonably accurate rendition of whatever reality is supposed to be being modelled. And we all have excellent a priori understanding of gravity and momentum, etc. As do hunting lions, birds, fish, whatever. Get it wrong and everyone should notice.

      But there’s obviously nothing wrong with fun.

      However there is something wrong in pretending to have an ever-so accurate model of xyz when in the most critical places it really is no such thing.

      From my perspective Codemasters’ stuff sucks scarce resources out of the market – and they always fail to stand-up to their promises. They never deliver. So ….. they’re a bad thing.

      • Kevin McDonald

        Depends on your definition of a better game.

        From a sim racer perspective, then sure, those other titles are the ones we love.

        But the mere fact the CM games sell better tells you that the general market that is buying them feel the CM games are the ‘better’ games.
        Another good example is the Call of Duty game series.

        Richard Burns in particular when it came out gathered fairly good reviews, but the difficulty curve was a steep mountain for anyone looking to just play it occasionally and enjoy a rally experience.

      • Anonymous


        I don’t see why anyone would expect rallying to be dead easy.

        I was brought up with “an extra man at 10,000” — kids today don’t know they’re born.

        How long would they last in Defender?

      • Anonymous

        Another factor to keep in mind, when i only played arcadey racers, i literally didn’t know sims like rfactor even existed to play. If someone mentioned rfactor to me, I’d almost instinctively forget it was ever mentioned, i was that disinterested in listening about an old game that appears to have graphics from 1980 (not so with the modded content). But when i did eventually triy it, i was blown away and have never looked back since.

        Looking back, i realize that when gaming i would judge games on graphics first, meaning older titles were simply ignored for anything coming out that year, or the year before. Shallow, yes, but i think this is how many in that group of racing fans think about all this. Must be thousands of potential sim enthusiasts out there who simply don’t know what they are missing!

      • Eric Zehnder

        I agree with most of this (shockingly) but not in that Codemasters is taking scarce resources from some kind of sim community pool. They employed (previously) zero physics experts and I think they got like one guy this time around. The best in the business are already working for SMS, ISI, and Kunos.

        Unless you’re referring to the FIA F1 license in which case none of the aforementioned could afford it.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking more about market-segment. Sure, not everyone whom bought Codies’ stuff would buy one of the other (better) titles if F12012 were somehow not on the market. Nevertheless, I’m sure plenty would.

        As I say, look at the demise of Mobil Rally and RBR versus ColinMcRae/Dirt. The competition wasn’t decided on the merits of ‘realism’ in either car-handling or track-environment, nor the interaction of both.

        Can’t blame Codies for giving the public what they want, I suppose. But let’s not pretend it’s anything like a decent simulation? It’s Tony Hawk versus Microsoft Flight.

        I find it a little shocking that tosh such as this is some sort of market-leader. Just drive around…’s nothing like a Formula car.

  • Chris Wright

    There’s no question that the ISR team’s move to Spokane has coincided with a huge improvement in their programming.

    They’ve wisely recognised that the audience most needs reviews as soon as possible after release, or preferably beforehand.

    I’ll stick my neck out and say this was their best ever review. I completely agree with them that the Codemasters F1 franchise fits into a niche of its own and is definitely more sim than arcade.

    Darin and Shaun avoided the controversies about no tyre scaling and reduced practice time and instead focused on what is actually in the game.

    • hansip

      I don’t really think that a single practice session should be classified as a major problem because the restart session option was always there (Is it still there on F1 2012?) and i had just keep to press it myself if the practice is not enough. About tyre scaling, maybe CM decided to do so to remove any flashback issue scenario. shouldn’t be a problem because FIA still have the 2 tyres per race so pit stop should be executed nonetheless.

      • Kevin McDonald

        They’ve said they took away the tyre scaling so they could accurately model differences between teams with regards to how the cars handle tyre wear.

        They have said if there’s enough call for it, they can patch back the old system and we’d lose that difference and go back to a default tyre wear model that fits all teams.

        Personally I prefer the differences between teams.

  • Howard Motz

    I was very glad to see the guys finally distance them selves and come down hard on the, “Hardcore simracing snobs”. These people in some misguided attempt to keep the purity of simracing, do more to slow it’s evolution. “Simracing” hasn’t arrived. The simracing ship hasn’t even found the harbor yet. Even less is it ready to set anchor on any particular system of representation of auto racing. Keep the doors open to simracing innovation, is my plea. IMHO


    Great review, guys. Any game that brings more Sim racers to the community, I’m all for it. I started Sim racing with Nascar Racing 2003 season. Then moved on to the GT mod by Simbin (before they were an actual company) and the rest is history.

    We need more gateway games like this to bring more people in. The reason Sims are so popular these days is because of games like this. It sucks you in, leaving you wanting more. Then you’ll start to search for Sims like rFactor, iRacing, and GTR.

  • David Wright

    Nice review guys. Very few simracers could drive a real F1 car for 90 minutes without going off track at least once. I see nothing wrong with producing an F1 sim which lets you do a full race and have the result down to your basic pace, strategy and race-craft and not to how many spins you have. My own preference is to drive sims which simulate cars I could potentially race without spinning every other lap.

    • GamerMuscle

      The irony is as the quality of the simulation goes up so does the ease at which it is to drive the car.

      • Luciano Saraiva

        Thats what I always say to people: “have you really followed the racing-line in rFactor and iRacing and the car just spung from nothing? ‘Cause if this happen to me in a real F1 I would call Pirelli and ask my money back: ‘You have almost killed me for god sake!'”

      • Luciano Saraiva

        By the way: you also right about his with a gamepad: F1 cars could be driven with remote control. And again: its easier with a gamepad in a good sim.

  • F1Racer

    Although the FFB I experienced felt numb and a little lifeless (not counting feeling the kerbs etc) I think this is a very fair review. As Darin said, the scoring is a but pointless here because what are you comparing it to ? Well after watching this is made me want to have another go on it so I guess that’s something 🙂

  • Howard Motz

    Grandma insisted that her’s was a 100% simulation.

  • Anonymous

    if its on a console its not a sim IMHO.. left console 2 yrs ago and will never look back
    pc sim racing all the way

    • Sam Stratten

      How incredibly elitist of you. Gran Turismo is widely acclaimed as an incredibly accurate simulation of road cars. The sounds and gameplay just let it down. Forza does sim better than a large chunk of PC only sims too. A blanket statement like yours is practically trolling.

      • Anonymous

        tell some1 who cares im entitled to my opinion like you are FANBOY

      • Sam Stratten


        Look up the meaning of fanboy. If I like PC sims, Forza and GT5 for all their own reasons I can only be seen as a fanboy of racing games. Your argument has flaws, I’ll be honest with you. 🙂

    • Kevin McDonald

      Richard Burns Rally is as much a simulation on Playstation as it is on PC.

      • Eric Zehnder

        I fight this fight a lot. There are few that agree, it seems, as any mention of a console gets people in a tizzy.

        PC sims these days are certainly pushing the boundaries of what current gen consoles can do but whenever the next Playstation and Xbobx consoles are released I’m sure they’ll be power houses.

      • Anonymous

        you are probably right with your statement but until then PC sim all the way 4 me

    • Karri Keskinen

      I’m guessing you also think RBR is not a sim, considering it was released on PS2 and XBox?

      Honest review by ISR, keep up the good work!

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    I can’t believe to be such a big sim racer as you claim to be, Shaun needs to use the TV cockpit view, and is cutting the hell out of the corners….lol
    you should be a shame of yourself.