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F1 2012 – Patch 8 Available

Codemasters continue to keep a high frequency with F1 2012 patches as the eight fix for their Formula One title is now available.

Codemasters continue to keep a high frequency with F1 2012 patches as the eight fix for their Formula One title is now available.


  • Added an option to turn the Parc Ferme rules on or off in online Custom Race, Co-Op and LAN games.  This option can be found within the Simulation Settings and defaults to on.  Setting this to off will allow players to set up their cars in Qualifying sessions and will also allow players who join in progress during qualifying to edit their car setup before the race.
  • Fixed an exploit in One Shot Qualifying where users could post impossibly quick lap times.
Furthermore, Codemasters have released some advice for people that run into the “Error 41” issue, a problem that is most likely related to graphic memory:
  • Users with insufficient memory on their graphics cards.  In this case we believe that running the game in safe mode should allow the game to be booted.  From there the player should be able to change their graphics settings until they find some that work for their card and they’re happy with.

To launch in Safe Mode:In the Steam library right click F1 2012.

  1. Click Properties.
  3. Type –safemode.
  4. Click OK.

This will reduce the resolution to 800×600 and force all settings to Ultra Low or Low with MSAA off.

PC users can obtain the patch by updating the game through Steam.

Console users still have to wait a little longer as a big Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 patch is in the works, combining all PC updates that have been released during the past few weeks.

The developers aren’t done with patching the PC version yet though as Codemasters are still working on fixing other issues.

  • F1Racer

    As a heads-up, patch no.255 will actually be F1-2013. My prediction is patch 9 before next Thiursday.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    Are they trying to set a world record or something?

    • Peter Koch

      No they can’t, another game has the record.
      326 patches in one year.

  • Silvio Carlos Camolesi

    I’ll be back in patch 103

  • JJ

    All the biggest bugs are now fixed. Thanks CM! We only need 1 last patch wich will get rid of the save game issue that some people have.

  • Garga

    I’m glad to see these updates, but i hope that the f1 license for 2013 will come to another company. Talking in bug? Lost Connections problems, lack of replay save for multiplayer, standings and times in spectate mode, only 16 players, can’t join during a qualify it’s just some basic stuff that this game doesn’t have. So, for leagues this game don’t worth the deal… But we’r having some fun with it and hope some fixes for what a mentioned come in next patches. Congrats codemaster but i don’t want your game in. 2013. FIA ,please take a look at SMS Cars and give the license to their coders.

    • Anonymous

      The License only goes to the company that PAYS for it… F-1 does not give it to the company they think will make the best game; they give it to the company with then deepest pockets!
      I love it when folks say this… like any other company can just pick it up next year…LOL! Codies had a 5 yyeardeal, which they’ve renewed… not sure how long is remaining. But actually at least they’ve at least got the game playable and with sim’ed race lengths and pit stops plus all tracks!

      • Anonymous

        Bingo, same with how Forza holds the official ALMS license, despite only having four of the series tracks. Why? Because they have the cash!

  • Ross Siggers

    I’m never taking the piss out of codies for lack of support after this…but then again I never did