F1 2012 – Patch 6 Available

Codemasters continue to update the PC version of their F1 2012 in a quick fashion as the sixth patch has been released.

The patch fixes a variety of small issues as listed below, it can be obtained by updating the game via Steam.


  • Made Pro level AI quicker so that the time gap to Legendary AI is smaller. We’re keen to get community feedback on this change.
  • Fixed the weather system so that:
  • Cars will no longer start the race on the wrong tyres.
  • Cars will need to change to intermediate tyres when it has been raining with sufficient intensity.
  • Fixed a crash in Co-Op when disconnecting on the results screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the point’s totals on the Constructors Championship table were incorrectly doubled.
  • Medals awarded in season challenge now update the player statistics correctly.

In related news, below is a cool new reality check video as AdrianF1 has paired up F1 2012 footage from Melbourne with real life footage from the Australian Grand Prix.


  • Stuart Fields

    As much as this constant patching is annoying the hell out of me I have to say that the fact that Codemasters are showing support and are actually responding to community feedback is encouraging and is tempting me to take the plunge and buy the full game (I had the previous 2 and one of the biggest issues was simply the disdain Codies seemed to show their customers regardless of how many bugs we all found). Although, I would have far more respect for them if they just put their hands up and admitted that they released an unfinished game that had not been tested to the extent they would have liked and that they are doing all they can to correct this issue. Complaints aside these guys must be under some SERIOUS pressure with the F1 license and the ever watchful eye of Mr Ecclestone to release their game on the exact date specified with no room for movement whatsoever. Keep up the support codies, I suspect I am not the only person who is increasingly impressed with your new attitude.

    • http://twitter.com/Michael_42 Michael

      “Although, I would have far more respect for them if they just put their hands up and admitted that they released an unfinished game that had not been tested to the extent they would have liked”

      Software development simply doesn’t work like that. There’ll always be bugs in software no matter how much testing you do or weeks you wait doing extra testing.

      Sadly software development for years premised on this very “cut features and test more” fallacy and game development, in particular, is one of the few remaining areas that still have this daft “release software then forget about it” concept behind their products. Which generally means games are always buggy.

      It’s better that developers release patches to fix things (and that’s more or less what Steam was invented to do – to keep one of Valve’s games up to date, albeit it grew beyond that)

      Valve have done it for years now. It’s good that codemasters are (although you have to ask whether that’s a change in attitude or simply the fact the non-racing game part of their business that may have taken developers away from the F1 project in previous years, has simply gone)

      Presumably they’ve dumped GFWL too? If so that may explain why they’ve been able to release 7 PC patches.

      I’m still not convinced they’ve got the chops to write a decent racing game though (and, of course, whatever improvements or fixes they make to the game, the demo isn’t updated, so there’s no way of finding out)

      But for those that can stomach the handling, at least they may get a game that works this year.

    • http://twitter.com/goingto_k Full Ambition

      Not exactly. A lot of patches on F1 2012 only prove that Codemasters (and the whole industry of game too) are increasingly lazy and precipitates, releasing games with a lot of bugs.
      Before the rising of the Internet, all developers went to great pains for solve the problems of the games before releasing it. Because there was no way to fix it AFTER this.

  • Anonymous

    Save Game corruption is back since the patch 4.
    It now just stops loading the profile on start up and quits, after 1-2 races already.
    This is even after a new profile was created with patch 4.I must say it’s simulating buddhism very well, although life expectancy is a bit short. Getting reborn every 2 days here.

    • http://racingrenders.com/ F1Racer

      Don’t worry, they might fix that in patch 7 tomorrow 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Onboard on the left looks too arcade to me… Bad physics 🙂

    • roy

      you dummy the one on the left is the real one lol

  • http://www.redlinesimracers.net/ George RSR

    Has the 2012 PC version fixed the G27 wheel locking in one
    direction bug, which plagued the previous 2 versions.

  • http://twitter.com/pk500 Paul Kelly

    Is a console patch ever coming?

    • StarFoxySxv550

      Best to let them figure out as much issues as possible before a console patch, the more it costs them doing multiple expensive sony/microsoft patches the less likely they are to want to bother.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-White/655487760 Alex White

        At $40,000 a patch I’d be patching my games as little as possible, but with as many fixes and updates I could manage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/silviocamolesi Silvio Carlos Camolesi

    Is there any preview for a patch to make this game feeling like a F1 car?

    • Luciano Saraiva

      Thats the one Im waiting for too!
      If only the average F1 fan believed that F1 cars are the “easiest” and “arcadiest” ones…
      When I get people to try F1 in rFactor or iRacing its always:[Spin] “WTF did I do?” “Theres no TC in current F1” “OK… WOW Its so much easier to handle. The car is like glued to the track” [Spin] “WTF was that?” “You put a wheel on dust” “Its much easier, but I cannot do any mistake!?” “Why do you think Massa is slower than Fernando? Cause he doesnt know where the throttle is? No: cause thats what happens”

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