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F1 2012 – Patch #12 Released

Despite announcing they`re done with patching F1 2012, Codemasters has released a final update for their Formula One title.

Despite announcing they`re done with patching F1 2012, Codemasters has released a final update for their Formula One title.

The new patch addresses a single issue with the PC version as listed below:


  • After completing an R&D objective the upgrade was not applied to the car and the same objective would have to be completed again at a subsequent race weekend.

PC users can obtain the patch by updating the game through Steam.

  • Kareem El Buckley

    Hmmm why am I not surprised?

  • Dave_E

    i think releasing a game that requires 12 patches in just over a month is a joke, especially given that some of the bugs that required fixes were also bugs in both previous codies f1 titles.

    based of how bad f1 2012 was early on with bugs i was hesitant to buy 2011 but ended up getting it anyway only to find it was filled with more bugs & based off my experience of the 1st 2 i’ve yet to buy 2012 & based on the number p patched required it seems i was right not to buy it.

    2010 & 2011 were fun games to play & i’ve no doubt 2012 will also be fun but the number of bugs in them & the number of patches required is just ridiculous.

    • perfectparallel

      On the contrary, a developer that releases multiple patches has to be congratulated, There’s not one game out there that doesn’t have bugs it’s just a shame most developers never can be bothered to fix them

      • Dave_E

        Ite true post-release support should be congratulated, However F1 2012 is there 3rd F1 title so the list of bugs should not be as large as it is.

        Plus as I said there are many bugs in 2012 that were also present in 2010 & 2011 (Save game bug for example). That sort of thing is ridiculous, A bug that was patched/fixed in F1 2010 shoudl not be showing up 2 years later in F1 2012.

        I also believe it shows a lack of any proper pre-release testing as most of the bugs that have shown up are things which anyone doing something like beta testing would have spotted & could have been fixed pre-release.

        When your spending £40 on something you expect it to work & not have to wait 1-2 months for 12 patches to fix all the bugs to make the game work right.

        We never used to have to put up with this yet now it often seems most games are released before there truly ready & Im always surprised that so many people accept buying games that are full of bugs?

      • perfectparallel

        The answer is in your comment – games these days are so huge in scope often comprising of millions of lines of code that it’s impossible to release anything bug free. That’s why every game is released with bugs and then hopefully patched which at least ‘codies’ have done a good job with this time around. With PC’s it’s complicated as the variety of OS, drivers and other software on peoples machines mean that everybody’s PC is a unique system and problems that affect only some users are difficult to pin down and reproduce in testing. This is the reality of modern PC games I’m afraid so it’s either understand and live with it or stick to gaming on consoles. BTW how many patches has Grand Turismo had?

      • Dave_E

        But the problem is that a lot of the bugs are fundamental issues which could have been detected & fixed if proper testing was done before the games release.
        Most of the bugs in F1 2012 (As well as 2010/2011) would have been detected within a few hours of beta testing & could have been resolved before release.

        Plus it doesn’t explain how the exact same bugs turn up in all 3 games, If you see a bug in the 1st game you don’t expect to see it again in the 2nd & 3rd.

        Gran Turismo has indeed had a lot of patches & considering how long it took to develop & how many times it was delayed its ridiculous that in needed a patch within 2 days of release.

        I’ve been gaming since the days of the commodore 64 & am getting fed up with having to fork out my hard earned cash on games which are unfinished at launch & have to be continuously patched.

        I would much rather a game be delayed & released when it been properly tested than what we have to put up with now where you buy a game & find it doesn’t work right for a few weeks untill things have been patched.

      • Michael

        “However F1 2012 is there 3rd F1 title so the list of bugs should not be as large as it is.”

        And this is based upon what? Your experience of watching Blue Peter?

        It’s a simple fact that all software has bugs. It’s created by imperfect human beings.

        People should accept buying games that have bugs – only because the developer provides ongoing support. Your complaint is completely arse about face.

        There has never been and never will be whilst code is created by humans any period in history when games were released that weren’t buggy. None. It never happened and it never will.

        The only way to develop software – any software, games or not, is to release it and fix the issues with patches. The idea some had in the 1970s to “test, fix all the bugs and then release something that’s not buggy” simply does not work.

        There probably not a single industry left that uses software, except the game industry, that would even consider this stupid idea of trying to fix every bug, then releasing the game as finished and never patching it.

        The idea that anyone has to “put up with” updates is moronic beyond belief. It’s as stupid as saying you’re annoyed by the existence of medicine and hospitals.

        You use windows or you use linux, there are literally thousands of bug fixes and patches for these. You use a browser? It’s updated all the time. Your graphics card driver? Will have had a new version, at least once a month, for several years.

        And that is why anyone who is sane buys or uses the hardware and software that is patched – because of that support.

        Simply put, only complete morons and game developers (with some overlap) think you can release software that doesn’t need patching if you “test it enough” or “delay the release for a bit longer” – pretty much everyone else caught on at least a decade ago if not longer.

        Unfortunately many game developers think they are in the movie business and they can finish the launch day champagne and start the next game.

        On consoles, of course, MS and Sony get in the way, with all kinds of silly limits and charges)

        Steam and the open PC give a unique platform for canny developers to support their games with patches and updates – and this makes their games better as a result and more worth buying as a result.

        Codemaster with earlier version had signed up some MS halfwittery (GFWL) which no doubt stymied their ability to release patches like this for earlier F1 titles. This time they got it right.

        To be fair, many game developers today release patches and the fact codemasters did for this title is to be applauded. Indeed, your complaint should really be that they are stopping…not that they did 12.

        I’ve played around 4000 hours of Team fortress 2, that’s had hundreds of updates, new content and bug fixes and as a result, it’s far better than most games around, 5 years after its initial release.

        The other more obvious issue is, of course, they’ve spent all that time fixing the game but anyone who tries the demo gets the original buggy version. Perhaps the thing for them to do would be to offer a free weekend showing off the improved title (and to keep patching issues they find too, of course)