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F1 2012 & iRacing Deals – 50% Off

There are two interesting new deals out for sim racers right now as both F1 2012 and iRacing can be picked up for half their regular price.

There are two interesting new deals out for sim racers right now as both F1 2012 and iRacing can be picked up for half their regular price.

F1 2012 sells for 19.90€ on Steam right now, which is just 50% of the regular price – Click here for more info.

Meanwhile, iRacing is running a discount as well as 1-year memberships are available for $49 instead of the usual $99.

While most of iRacing’s offers are usually limited to new members, this one is targeted at existing subscribers as well, simply use the code PR-BF2012 when renewing your account.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say existing member deals are rare in iRacing, they’re just less glamorous so people forget about them. This is the third for existing users I believe this year, I used the one earlier this year that was 50% off all memberships so I grabbed a 2-year.

    • Anonymous

      i would wait until AC and a couple of titles were out to then commit to a long term deal with iRacing the game is outdated on all aspects specially tires and physics and we don’t know if they will ever fix those issues much less have proper day/night transition different weather track built up heck they don’t have even on and off headlights!

      • Anonymous

        No other title is promising to beat iRacing in online multiplayer, I will get my money’s worth even if I buy another title. I mean, other titles may get user controlled headlights, but that’s hardly the dealbreaker.

        They are working on dynamic lighting, FYI. The thing that has been holding them up is the tree shadows.

      • Anonymous

        Everything is holding them up! Let’s not forget iRacing 2.0 was a major lie and their new tire model is worse than the old model. DK is trying something new it clearly didn’t work and we never know if it will in the future and iRacing has no plan B. Once you fire Power and Glory for GTR2 or HistoricX for rFactor you can see clearly what a scam iRacing really has become now. And as said by iRacing their title is an 10 year project so I’m not continuing to pay to be their Ginny-pigs! If AC support future laser scanned tracks I’m be very disappointed to have WASTED more than 1 thousand dollars with iRacing!

      • Anonymous


        PS, bagging on them for lacking user controlled headlights sounds desperate. Like you couldn’t think of a real problem so you had to make one up.

      • Anonymous

        Ill add the low speed=no grip flaw and also the new “fix” which was added for the logitech owners who now they say they can feel a bit more..

        Dont know if they are scam but definetly their goal is the income.
        When theres investment the goal is the money,everything else comes second..

        Im the only one that thinks that they know how to do things and they release updates slowly on purpose so they can give to members bit by bit an update so they can take as much money as possible?
        Its a company and its their strategy,we choose.

        Im sure they have plan B…When AC is out and if its solid as a package then prices will fall and aewsome updates will come except if they are happy with the oval fans.

        Edit:btw this is my opinion of course 😉

      • antracer

        Is it 10 times better than any other sim?. Yet they charge 10 times as much. Mull that over for a bit & then tell me its not a rip off.