F1 2011 vs. iRacing vs. Reality – Spa Comparison

A few days ago, RacingLineAustralia put together a comparison video, showing iRacing & F1 2011 footage side by side, creating a very interesting discussion in the community.

Now, a new comparison video is available, showing a lap around Spa Francorchamps featuring the Williams FW33 in F1 2011, the FW31 in iRacing and some real-life footage of Rubens Barrichello tackling the Belgian Grand Prix venue.

Who comes closer to reality? Codemasters’ polished mass-market product or iRacing’s laser-scan powered simulation? You decide!


  • F1Racer

    I tell ya, if there was one of thos anti-corporate greed protests near me I`d be there !   Good for them and many more should join.  Damn those clucking bankers !

  • Ken Campbell

    WOW!!! I enjoy all racing sims…er..games…whatever! Not one of them is perfect. Nothing is. But, damn! Ain’t racing fun?!

  • miklay.gabor

    maybe a bit lower, but should have some effect on the car, at least slow down the car a little bit. the car behaves like nothing is there. which is not the case.

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