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F1 2011 vs. iRacing – Suzuka Comparison

F1 2011 vs. iRacing – Suzuka Comparison

Both and Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2011 title feature virtual Formula One cars and the Japanese Grand Prix venue Suzuka.

While iRacing’s online racing simulation offers a laser-scanned version of both the Japanese track and the 2009 Williams FW31, F1 2011 gives players the chance to race the 2011 FW33 that’s being driven by Rubens Barrichello & Pastor Maldonado.

RacingLineAustralia has put together a very interesting comparison video, showing a lap in both titles at Suzuka side by side. Which do you think looks and sounds more realistic? The all out simulation or Codemasters’ mass-market hit?

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