F1 2011 – PC & Console Graphics Comparison

MotoGamesTV has put together a very interesting comparison video, showing the PC & Xbox 360 versions of Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2011 title side by side.

With the current generation of consoles aging and PCs becoming more and more powerful, the console versions are starting to fall behind in eye candy. Check out the video below to see the differences in F1 2011 as the console version does not just come with lower-resolution textures and less details but also different lighting as the PC version.


  • Ross Siggers

    These graphics comparisons barely show any difference like alot of other ones floating about out there. The consoles have a bit more saturation and contrast, but graphically? Barely any difference. Only in a far higher quality video would you be able to see big differences.

  • Mark

    When you consider my Pc stands me at £1400+ and my Xbox 360 at £250 can you really slag off the small difference ??

  • Ross Siggers

    Well…I’m not. So I don’t know what you’re trying to prove…

  • Mark

    ??? My post was an observation only and in no way related to what you had written, wind in your ego ?

  • Erick Nagy

    The biggest difference is Dx11 stuff…

  • Markuz

    The drying line looks like tetris even with the patch on PC. That’s one big difference.

  • Ross Siggers

    Okay I read it in the wrong context, apologies. No need for the retort though.

  • Eduardo Pimentel

    XBOX 360 version, at 1:06, right upper left corner the van is glitching like hell…

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