F1 2010 – PC/Console Graphics Comparison

German PC Games magazine has released a very interesting bunch of screenshots, showing us comparisons between the console and PC versions of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2010 title.

As you can see in the high-resolution comparison shots below, there’s quite the difference between the version both in terms of crispness and lighting. While the Playstation 3 version arguably is the least-impressive looking, the PC version comes with the sharpest textures but sports a yellowish glow the console versions lack.

Keep in mind that the PC version won’t be DirectX 11 enhanced from the get-go as Codemasters will be releasing a DX11 patch sometime after the release.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

Screenshots via PC Games


  • Gaiajohan

    The CPU is more powerful, but the GPU isn’t. And usually multi-platform games are ported to the PS3 because it’s very different than a pc or X360, Name me one non-exclusive that looks better on PS3. There isn’t any.

  • F1Racer

    Agreed.  When my G25 gave up (both of them) I opted for the Fanatec GT3RS and it took me a couple of semi-frustrating weeks to get used to it (slight diameter difference and thickness etc).
    I was 2-3s off my lap times at first.   But once I got used to it which took longer than I would have preferred, i was back on my pace and even beating my old laptimes.  
    Fanatec rock and their customer support is first class from my experience.

  • Vettel

    Assassins Creed II looked better on the PS3 than on the Xbox.

  • Gaiajohan

    Looking at this:
    I disagree. PS3 has much more tearing, lower framerate and the graphics itself are moer or less equal..

  • vik15

     Console versions have a weird violet tint on some of the pictures. PS3 looks less contrast and thus a bit more realistic with a bit more sense of an ambient lighting. Pc version plagued by overexposed spots here and there ( hdr, bloom or whatever,  the same as in many other games)
     In all versions colors are very artifical: grey,violet and too desaturated . It make some “graphical” hand painted appearance , like it was watercolored on a paper.  I can understand such approach for consoles considering how awfully over-contrasted and overs-saturated most TVs come to customers but for PC version I’d prefer to have  realistic colors.

  • SergeantBoner

    When’s the Wii-version comming out?

  • stabiz

    I dont have any of the consoles either, nothing on them I want to play. (Except Heavy Rain)

  • Spaceman

    Actually the PS3 has a both better GPU and CPU but it’s the ram that’s an issue. Plus Xbox gets AA for free were it’s a bit of a hit on PS3 so they tend to go for the blurrier 2xAA Quincux option but to be fair any developer worth his salt should be able to get around such issues. It all comes down to time and an effort. You can tell Codemasters worked primarily on PC, then quick port to Xbox thanks to its DX architecture then slapped it on PS3 and then traded off options instead of optimizing. It’s what Take2 just did with Mafia2.
    Some multiplatform games look alot better on PS3 if coded correctly. Look at Vanquish, Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy 13, Crysis2. Unfortunatlely most games are made with the xbox friendly Unreal engine because it’s cheap, this doesn’t port well to PS3
    Then you look at exclusives then the PS3 really shines with Uncharted series, Killzones and Gears of War not to mention Gran Turismo 5.
    Plus I’ve had the oportunity to try 3D Motorstorm at my local PC World and my God it’s amazing, as amazing as when I first saw Avatar.
    Remeber Dev’s don’t want to show off their programming talents anymore. It’s a buisness and they’ll do it as cheaply and quickly as they can just to get cash out of you.

  • mikemav

    ^^+2, agreed, I have several Fanatec wheels and they rock! 

  • f0xx

    PC version looks great and can be greater :)

  • F1Man

    Well on the console versions you can tweak with the contrast and the brightness of your TV to make it a bit better

  • F1Man

    There is no Wii version coming out.

  • mf

    Well, I’m certainly not buying an XBOX or a new PC simply because the PS3 graphics are a tad softer. I’m not sure if I’ll even notice when I’m playing the game on my PS3, actually.

  • F1Man

    PS3 version has one plus over the other two. PS3 version has most the realistic colours. The PC version looks to shiny in my opinion, whilst the Xbox 360 version is too dark.

  • Gironimo

    Easily the best is PC, and that may not even be highest settings.

    Glad i made the right choice :)

  • speedy

    You can tweak both in terms of color, the console version through the TV settings, and the PC version with the driver control panel. But the texture sharpness can’t be tweaked on the consoles > advantage PC.

  • Raikku

    Ok. Changed my PS3-F1 order to X360-F1, due this. That PS3 really look bad. Although now I can only use PWTS and not both PWTS + GT3 RS

  • F1Man

    PS3 looks better. Xbox 360 is too dark, PC looks to light and shiny, PS3 looks most realistic.

  • Thomas Finch


  • The Thorn

    Every screen setting can be changed, and for a PC it is even better to do. This will cancel out the differences in brightness.
    But it i very game-specific if a game looks better on the PS3 or 360. This one seems to show a bit more (almost not noticeabe) detail on the 360. Another game, Assassin’s creed 2, shows better quallity on the 360 too. But there are other games that are the other way around. The PS3 and 360 are in any way just as powerfull, but the 360 costs less.
    But I will go and stay with the PC version, because I think it can even get beter.

  • Creatorex

    Keep into account that PS3 is compatible with g25 and g27 and XBOX no.

  • F1Racer

    Im going with the PC version too.  2 reasons really.  PC looked best and the DX11 patch is still to come, and also cos I don’t have a console :)

  • Ross Siggers

    I think (hope) he was joking :P

  • totalO

    I got the Porshce 911 Turbo S. So I got both consoles and PC’s covered. ;) Love the thing. Gotta be one of the few peripherials that i actually feel I not only got my money worth but got over.

  • Jack

    well i only have a PS3 and a pretty much dated computer (core 2 duo E6600 and 8600 GT)….
    i guess i will have no choice but have to go with the PS3 version

  • Gaiajohan

    And screen settings can’t be changed f1man?

  • Basement Walrus

    The PS3 version looks bad compared to the PC but I’m sure it looks fine.

  • temujin

    The tires have green borders on the PC and PS3 versions but not on the 360.  Seems like a strange difference.

  • DrTrouserPlank

    That’s because those are the option (soft tires), those without the green band are the prime tires.

  • George Foot

    PC, then PS3, with the Xbox looking very artificial.   I’m glad I got the PS3 version.   Of course static images don’t tell the whole story, I heard there are some REALLY horrible framerate dips and tearing on the Xbox version.  I’ve yet to see those problems on the PS3 version, and of course the PC version will always be shown with a £1000 graphics card and a i7 CPU (totally unrealistic spec).

    In short, unless you upgrade your PC every year with another grands worth of components, the PS3 one is the one to get.

    Well actually no, as GT5 is out soon, and there won’t be any multiplatform compromises there, it will be 100% PS3 juice powering that.

  • George Foot

    The Xbox looks really bad.  Are you sure you didn’t mix the labels up.  I much prefer the PS3 version to the Xbox one.  The Xbox has bad screentearing and framerate dips apparently too.

  • George Foot

    I laugh at idiots like you.   You fell for the media hype.  The PS3 version has better metacritic scores of Mafia II than the XBox version.

    Static images don’t protray what the entire games is like.

  • ScHiRoCk

    Only difference i see the ps3 is more dark then the other 2…

    Will PS3 version support a descent wheel?

  • Tim

    lol there’s hardly any difference between the 3 and the PS3 version is no better full stop. Stop sounding like a fan boy it makes you come across very immature.

  • Vmk

    You gotta be kidding me, on PS3 all I see its blurryness and that awful quincunx anti aliasing. Very low anisotropico settings, even the xbox 360 (that looks average to say the least) its better.

  • lee

    final fantasy blew the 360 away, stop being a drivelling fanboy

  • Bose321

    You’re saying it wrong. The G25/27 are compatible with the PS3 and PC. Not otherway around. :)

    If you want a nice wheel, that also supports xbox, get the fanatec, they kick logitech’s butt.

  • Pokiou

    you all missed the main effect on the PC version.. the heat coming off the back of the car.

  • Emperor Rosko

    LOL i just bought GT5 today and its absolute bollocks, stick to F1 2010 and maybe NFS shift, stay away from GT5, its like they have just slapped GT4 through the HD enhancing machine and stuck a 5 on the end!!

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