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F1 2010 – No DirectX 11 & New Preview

F1 2010 – No DirectX 11 & New Preview

As PC Games Hardware reports,  Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2010 title won’t be using DirectX 11 features for the title’s PC version but will ship with DirectX 9instead.

According to the magazine, the reason behind that is the additional development time needed to implement DirectX 11 features into the PC version, a problem that already caused the PC version of DiRT 2 to be released three months after the console versions hit the shelves. Since F1 2010 will have a simultaneous release on all platforms, the developers decided to drop DirectX 11 for the initial release.

That does not mean that PC Gamers will be missing out on spectacular DirectX 11 effects completely as Codemasters will be releasing a DirectX 11 patch at a later date.

In related news, IGN has published a very interesting final preview article of F1 2010, praising the title’s sounds, AI, weather effects and more.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

  • adrian

    For those of you who will buy this game and have a console and a pc rig… which version would you prefer to get? 

  • Philip Oakley

    I’m getting this on console, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest 🙂

  • kkacper

    getting PC.I had x360 but it broke but anyway the PC version is always nicer graphics 😉

  • Turkey :D

    That is a good question. I have a PS3 and a gaming PC. Visually, the main difference I see is that the game will run at much higher resolutions on my PC and at a higher framerate, whereas the console versions will be locked at 30 fps and won’t be as crisp looking. I’m buying whichever is cheaper though, which is probably for the PC, and I hope they will sell it on Steam. 

  • Montoya

    The Xbox 360 version runs at 60 fps..

  • Turkey :D

    My bad.

  • F1Racer

    Well, at least they are going to patch it later.  So that’s fair enough.

  • Wesley

    Well that is fair enough. IMO Codemasters is the only company to mind the pc gamers anymore, No other company would even bother to implement it later or to even fix bugs. I dont have an dx11 card so i wont mind but overall it is just great(although on the other side not really :p) to read this

  • Turkey :D

    Yes, lack of DX11 isn’t a deal breaker. I don’t own any of those fancy new video cards anyway. However, I’m still waiting for the Race Driver GRID DLC packs to come out on the PC. I’m still waiting!!!! Codemasters!!

  • Philip Oakley

    I thought all the versions were locked at 30fps?

  • Dave

    No it runs at 30fps

  • Montoya

    PC Games Hardware begs to differ, no idea if they made it up.

  • mykem

    It would be great if it’s 60fps on the console but I believe it’s 30fps regardless of the platforms (PS3 or 360) since F1 2010 is based on the recent EGO II engine that produces Dirt 2 (which ta-da runs 30 fps on either console). It’s also the number I saw on CM’s own forum:

  • Dave

     Not sure either that this is using EGO 2 ,i think that Dirt 3 is the first title using it.
    Would be silly if new engine didnt support dx11 inbuilt without having to patch it in.

  • Dave

    I have a dx 11 card, but dx11 being left out isnt whats pissing me off about this title ,its the pr where they have said there are certain features and then a couple of weeks before release its all different, 
    If PC Games Hardware havent done that report its quite likely that it would not have been mentioned by codemasters.
    Same with the damage issue ,its far less graphically that people were expecting ,(carbon fibre smashing into a 1000 pieces) and apart for the visual quality its how the cars have to be traveling at a huge speed to incur damage that should occur at a 1/4 of the speed.
    look at the speed of car in tire vid.
    Wouldnt mind even that if it was realistic at top difficulty but it seems its the same at all.
    Lower speed crashes look more like bumper cars
    When we get the game what else will be discovered to being left out.

    Turkey:D  same as you still waiting on dlc for grid on pc

  • Dave

    Didnt give correct link to vid where they say there is directx11 graphics in game.
    so here it is!
    Starts at 15.10 in

    No mention that this is going to be a patch.

  • kevmscotland

    Pretty sure DIRT2 had dx11 and this uses a modification of the same engine so its bound to have dx11 also.

  • kevmscotland

    Yup, double checked, Dirt 2 Definitely had Direct X 11 so unless they have deliberately removed it, theres no reason this wouldnt also with the same engine.


    I’m just soooo tired of Forza 3’s dead feeling when driving so i’m anxious for this to come out because the feedback in Dirt 2 felt fantastic. I was over rfactor and gtr2 a long time ago, so sick of having so many mods out there and not being able to join servers and also the shit graphics didn’t help.

  • Dave

    Check codies F1 forum if you want ,lots of grief there over this.
    People have been looking for dx11 screens for a while with no answer from codies,feel sure if it had it they would be showing it off to help make up for other stuff people are unhappy with.
    Gut feeling is its true
    Gut feeling ,it will never be patched in.
    I know Dirt 2 had dx11 but no company selling new dx11 cards like at Dirt 2 release ,feels like trying to get pc to xbox graphics ,maybe a problem with 24 cars on console,cant have pc look years in advance of console.

  • Turkey :D


  • Dave

    Feedback with what ,wheel or controller
    Didnt think much of ffb of Dirt2 on pc.
    Shit graphics on rfactor depends on your system.
    looks very good for its age but depending on the mods used
     but you like to play xbox at sub hd graphics
     No issue with joining servers on either ,maybe you dont understand how to join

  • jonelsorel

    Thx for the tip. I surely WON’T BUY a 2010 game with 2006 shader technology.

  • Rooster

    What do you mean 2006?!? DirectX11 seems pointless, look at this Dirt2 footage:

  • F1Racer

    Hmm but you’ve already seen screenshots and videos of the game.  Surely that would help you decide.  Clearly it still looks good with DX9.   Plus they said DX11 is coming in a patch later.

    I don’t think I’ve ever made a decision on buying a game based on shaders before.  That’s a new one.

  • Ernie

    The difference between DX9 and DX11 graphics in Dirt2 are quite minimal. Not “under the hood” but for the eye during a race. It looks great with DX9 and runs smoother without DX11-tesselation.

    So i don’t care about missing DX11 compatibility. Referring to the shown screenshots and videos F1 2010 looks fantastic also with DX9 only.

  • Felmer

    The “DirectX 11 patch at a later date” indicates another unfinished/Bugfest game from codies, afterall that’s exactly their philosophy.

  • mikemav

    Wow, I just read that preview article linked above. Sounds FANTASTIC! (and for a change, it’s written by a mainstream game writer who seems to know and love F1!) Anyway, I’m all in on this game. I just hope the PC version can support Nvidia 3DVision so I can play it in 3D like rFactor, iRacing, and NFS Shift. 

  • Dave

    I belive in faries
    I do
    Yes i do.

    🙂   🙂

  • F1Racer

    Unfinished maybe, but it certainly doesn’t indicate bugs.

  • Philip Oakley

    Not really. DirectX 11 is still new for many developers. Many games don’t use it atm. At least Codies are implementing it at all 🙂

  •  I couldn’t see enough difference between DX9-11 in Dirt 2, to get excited about. Once your driving your not looking for the minor differences.  I’m just hoping F12010 will open on multiple monitors, like Dirt 2. Just open in “windowed mode”, then click and drag the window any size you want.  And it runs very good.

  • melanieuk

    Agreed…funny how choices can spoil one.   petty

  • Uff
  • scouse_paul

    well weve all waited patiently for a new f1 sim…and it seems were gettin a half hearted single player console focused arcade eyecandy effort

  • jonneymendoza

    You guys are such babies. i’ve been playing f1 sims since the dawn of time on my beloved rfactor.

  • jonneymendoza

    30fps on the console versions? its blooming obvious which one people will chose.

  • vik15

    Never understood why people are so focused on directx number. I believe the graphics depend more on a taste and quality of art.  Those last direct x advantages are basicaly are slightly better shaders and effects and nothing revolutionary which you have never seen before.

  • free2game

    It’s more about how you use it, you can do more with DX11 than 9, but Codemasters only added DX11 to Dirt 2 because ATI paid them to. Their PC games are console ports.