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F1 2010 – Five New Previews

F1 2010 – Five New Previews

Codemasters has released five brand new preview shots as the release of their F1 2010 title for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is nearing quickly.

The new shots show lots of racing action with various cars, including a first preview of the F1 2010 field racing on the nightly Singapore track.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

  • Alfa GX

    in stills every game looks amazing,only when you start playing you realise how much deceiving
    all those “Previews” are.

    ps: No safety car lol

  • Loetkoe

    Are a couple of those from Korea? I don’t seem to be able to tell which track they are so they must be Korea

  • DeDios

    mmh i don’t like the colours..imho are not real.

  • Vettel

    Don’t like the colours either. Cars seem a bit vague to me. Hopefully with some brightness adjustments in the game, it will be better.

  • Simosimosimo

    look at the mclaren, funny!

  • mf

    “in stills every game looks amazing,only when you start playing you realise how much deceiving  
    all those “Previews” are.”

    And you’ve never played this game, so your post has no value.


  • Aleksss

    Mclaren 3D Model looks not nice 🙁

  • DeDios

    In last shot i see some cars it only my impression?

  • Jermaine

    Little bad grafischs settings i think. Because the cars look a bit strange in colors and i think they setted the quality lower

  • Damon

    Surely you mean games look better when you’re in them and on track rather than unedited stills which usually look crap – especially without anti-aliasing?

  • Pleb

    Why bother releasing low quality images?  The Mclaren looks odd..

    We are a few weeks away from release and we’ve still had no pc/full 1080/full graphics quality screenshot.

  • scouse_paul

    any news on the physics…or is this all shallow front end stuff

  • jonelsorel

    This obviously are DX9 PC shots, unlike previous previews that used to be console, better shaders for the latter being the main difference.
    I can’t possibly understand the Codemaster guy/gal that took the decision to make the PC version of the game the WORSE looking out of the 3. Thumbs up! My wallet stays closed for this one.

  • Dave

    Think these are xbox shots as thats the lead platform.
    Also look as the res 1280 x 720 .

  • RKip

    It surprises me how quick folks are to criticize this game and the efforts of Codies…. when many other Sims/Driving Games get a free pass on the same exact images/videos!

    First, it’s only 50 Bucks, you can rent it first on Game fly or wait for replies from folks who actually try it.  But to simply call it bad as so many have done here… is almost laughable IMHO!

    I will be trying both the 360 and PC versions, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

  • Uff

    On IGN these images are listed unders PS3.

  • Dave

    RKip ,just as a matter of interest where can you rent a pc game that has serial number thats tied to GFWL account.
    Just out of interest 🙂  .

  • Dave

    Yep you are right ,PS3 ,should have copped from the grass,looks like Mafia 2 🙂

  • Chad Smith

    I hope this has good seat/FOV adjustment. I hate driving from the back seat, especially with 3 screens. 

    If it is like Dirt 2, where there is no cockpit adjustment view, I won’t be buying it. 

  • kevmscotland

    Yup, these are the first bad looking preview images ive seen so far, which is a shame given its closer to release.

    I still have the PC version preordered tho, so hoping it’ll be great.

  • mf

    I think that no matter what pictures Codemasters put on the web, people will bitch and moan about the game. I don’t understand this kind of attitude, but hopefully, the people who made the game do not read this site.

  • Wesley

    seriously, these pics are nothing more then bad photoshopped pics, look at the vids, these are way to different to not be photoshopped

  • rich1701

    The Mclaren looks particularly bad, it has no reflections at all. This is what happens when consoles take priority in the development process. 

  • Alfa GX


    Actually I do have played the game in the last Gamescon and let me tell you it doesn’t look THAT great in motion,basically it’s the same stuff we have seen in dirt and grid.


    Don’t be an aS$

    i was talking in general

  • jonelsorel

    @ RKip: other sims get a pass on these F1 2010 screenshots?! Must be a new trend I wasn’t aware of.
    Why I criticize (stupid) coporate decisions is entirely a matter of opinion; but since you wonder, it’s because they’re stupid, mainly!
    It elludes me how a studio the size and reputation of Codemasters, the first PC game maker to hold the F1 licence since ISI, can make the next F1 installment LOOK WORSE than the present NFS TITLE (made by Slightly Mad, a much smaller group) when they have a GREAT DX11 engine (EGO) in use with 2 other franchises.

    Whether this next F1 game handles better than it looks remains to be seen. If we judge after the backwards flat tyre simulation we noticed last week – a month before release – which is supposed to be an integral part of its physics (and not just a simple visual effect), I think I’ll stick to GPL.

  • Vettel

    True, the same thing was the case in F1 CE with the McLaren having no reflections.

  • Michael

    Well no, that’s not “obvious” at all.

    For one thing, the xbox 360 doesn’t have Direct x11 capable graphics hardware and for another, shaders run just find under DX9. How good your shaders are is, how good they are, they don’t have “better shaders” for dx 11 or xbox.

    The only thing you might have is more processing power to run a particular shader, but that’s clearly not the case between xbox and PC (and a fairly modest PC, at that, these days)

    Given that these shots are labelled ‘gamescom 2010’, the PCs they had at that event were set to run the game on medium settings.

  • jonelsorel

    Are you telling me DX9 offers the same as DX11 in terms of eye candy potential?